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October 18, 2019

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  1. PostLab is the way to go for Library management, sharing and collaborating. And then for the Media storage. Sweet setup.

  2. Ah, I got it! and Jellyfish is a software/hardware solution for collaborative Video Editing projects. Wish I had a “team” to delegate to… but just me! I’ll be shooting and cutting as time and $$$ allow. But I do come at this as a PM who does software/hardware weekend installations – while the Production System has to stay LIVE for the duration of the outage – so I am familiar with many of these issues (albeit for Other applications)

    FYI – I need to use Microsoft Project to keep my Resources and Tasks in sync and on schedule. IF I ever do get to a point where I can delegate and coordinate workflow, I would be curious How you run a project?

    Initially, I’ll be starting out with one or two or three actors in the theater space for each shoot… but I will reach a point where ALL 12 will be on stage at the same time, requiring multiple cameras, mics, lights… and the quicker we can cut it the faster we can upload it (esp IF that turns out to be a LIVE recorded performance than will need be upload ASAP for a subscription audience!)

  3. Thank you Patrick! This is a big help, and couldn't have come at a better time. For us, remote workflows are something that will become more and more significant.

  4. Is there a way to download remotely from the jellyfish using Kyno without using Can you only use jellyfish locally? Is there no way to have remote access to your media and download natively with Lumaforge tools?

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