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Frame Rate – How Does Frame Rate Affect Gameplay? – Extra Credits

August 23, 2019

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  1. Some types of games require 60fps or higher for instance twitch shooters, fighting games and precision platformers

  2. I swear i get ask every other week the " how many frames a second monitor should i get to enjoy the game" or " is my game play gonna be affected by the FPS" or "if my graphics card/monitor can't handle x amount of FPS, should i upgrade/buy a new monitor for 699 to get 240 MZH for the x fps to play my game??".

    The Answer I always give them is as long as you can get 60 hz you are fine. To many people claim that 70zh, 85, 90, 120 more etc… do this, that " is the only way they will play" or " you lose a advantage if you don't" and other nonsense reason to buy a graphics card/monitor that does those huge refresh numbers isn't really worth it (at least not now when it comes to price).

    So fellow reader I just wil give you the same answer, if you refresh rate is important to you then aim for a solid 60. Any one tell you that you need a higher refresh rate because there is no other way to enjoy a game is simply a lie.

    Solid 60 is always a good choice.

  3. Super Smash Bros. for 3DS runs at 60fps, but the assist trophy animations run at 30fps due to technical limitations. I'm not sure if I would be able to tell the 30-60 difference in other cases, but I can't help but notice it whenever it happens in SSB3D.
    (Allow me to clarify that I don't see this as a bad thing; it's just something that always sticks out to me when it occurs.)

  4. A new friend of mine got into an(friendly) argument over games. He’s a huge Xbox fanboy and I’m partial to Nintendo and when the topic of frame rate came up he was like”if you don’t know when a game is blurry or not you’ve never played a true game.”(and other various “hahahah I’m better than you because I’m an asshole” type things.

    I left the voice chat right in the middle of him ranting about something. I kinda feel good about that. He was really getting on my nerves with this “you’re not a real gamer” shit.

  5. Everyone can tell a difference between 30 and 60fps while playing counterstike.30 fps is awful.My graphic card fried so the frame rate dropped.something it go to 14 fps😂😂 can't play shit.

  6. When I had a laptop i would be fine to play some games at 25-40 fps, then I bought a pc that could run stuff at 60fps and everyting under 55fps just looked awful. Now I have a 75hz monitor and 60fps looks and feels like shit to me. Guess it's just a matter of what you're acostumed to

  7. the part he explains about vsynce helped me fix my monitor issue cause i forgot at one point turn it off and forgot to switch it back. this channel keeps making my life better.

  8. I remember a few years ago watching "Mirror Mirror" being played on a high-def blu-ray on a tv at Walmart, and there was ZERO suspension of disbelief. It was like standing ON THE SET of a stage play being only feet away from the actors… it was horrible. There is a line that must not be crossed. Not sure what that is with videogames, but soon we'll know.

  9. I have what I thought was a pretty powerful Alienware laptop which would play Mass Effect 1 pretty seamlessly, but nowadays, I have to make Witcher 3 look completely pixelated and still get less than 30 fps. It's nuts.

  10. so…
    If I were to be developing a game with pixel art graphics, my frame rate doesn't really matter, because graphics can drop really low before you notice. Is this what is being said?

  11. I never used to care about framerates until I started playing competitive FPS games. In Counter-Strike especially, 100fps is the absolute minimum for me, even if it means lowering the settings all the way on a lower range rig. Every time it drops, it's massively noticeable, and at higher graphic settings where it can run consistently at around 60fps, I notice a lot of visual lag when I'm aiming and don't tend to make important shots as accurately.

  12. Games use motion blur to simulate higher framerates, not to simulate film. 24 fps is only acceptable in film because of motion blur; without it (e.g. by using a much higher shutter speed), it looks bad. Games without motion blur suffer from this problem. The blur is no more added to simulate the feel of film than anti-aliasing is. It is to make the image look more accurate.

  13. Also, frame-by-frame (and even scanline-by-scanline) calculations were standard on systems like the NES because framerate was totally standardized anyway and it can be a space- and time-efficient method for coding in 6502 assembly. This often resulted in releases in NTSC areas (including U.S. and Japan, at 30 fps) being materially different from releases in PAL/SECAM areas (including Europe and South America, at 25 fps). But yeah, it would be a disaster in modern games.

  14. If you multiply the result of the each frame calculation by the time between each frame (time. DeltaTime) the speed of the enemy remains constant

  15. Would a reason for some MMO game to frame lock be for play fairness? If a player can react better with higher FPS then it might give them an [unfair] advantage against a player with slower H/W (that still meets the minimum requirements). It would be like forcing one person in a western duel to wear LCD glasses that flicker to lock in an artificial FPS view of the world.. and chances are that person is more likely to die in the gun fight.

  16. Nioh has a great feature that allows the player to prioritize graphics or frame rate
    By choosing which mode aka theater mode or not theater mode

  17. i know this video is rather old, but as a fan of shmups i thought id point out that fps is a VERY big factor in bullet hells! bullet hells can get really cluttered with bullets and would thus slow the game down down – this doesnt need to happen with more modern software, but the effect is still an essential part of higher difficulties in most games, as it gives you time to react to the bullets in a way you wouldnt otherwise. plus, it feels really satisfying to watch yourself in slowmotion dodge bullets by a pixel. i cant say i would enjoy bullet hells as much as i do if the occasional low fps didnt happen
    (this is, ofc to say that it cant be so low the controls get unresponsive, usually just 0.75-0.5x as fast as it normally would be, which wouldnt break the illusion. sometimes newer games purposefully slow the entire game down to mimic the low fps count whilst still keeping it smooth)

  18. My favourite example of the fps lock was dark souls 2 (or was it dark souls 1?), originally programmed to run at 30 frames, but the PC version was unlocked, the drawback was that each frame was coded to run a check to see if your weapon had hit a wall or object, and reduce its durability if you hit something hard, resulting in your weapon breaking super rapidly (sometimes instantly) if you were running at the higher frame rate and happened to hit say, a wall or a statue.

  19. people insist fortnite switch is unbearable because of 30fps but i litteraly need to put it directy next to the ps4 version to see a difference in frame rate

  20. That's cool but… My laptop can run overwatch at 90-100 fps, and even that isn't very high relative to what is ideal, so surely any game at 60 fps should be easy for any modern computer?

  21. I come from the FUTURE. From the land of 120+Hz and adaptive sync. And let me tell you, it is a glorious place for gaming!

  22. Your mention of "better graphics" touched on another nerve: I feel as though games in the last 10 years have sacrificed story and content in favor of graphics. Personally, I'm okay with limited graphics at 30 fps if the story is deep and engaging. Hence why I keep trying to run old Win 95 games on my Alienware laptop… (Actually, none of them work. I have to keep my old Win XP laptop going so I can play those games).

  23. In my opinion, for 2D games, locking at 60fps is a great idea. Programming the game for a specific frame rate means that the programming is easier, the game runs faster (because it doesn't need to run multiplications against the frame time), and the motion is usually not too precise.

    In 3D games, a variable frame rate is essential because you often need some very precise control over the camera, and because for many computers 60fps might be too much on 3D.

  24. To someone that's used to 60 fps or even higher, anything lower can feel reaaally choppy. I'm hardly a 'pro player', but it's definitely noticeable.

  25. This reminds me of the game medal of honor for psx, why?, because any time that an enemy was loaded, the frame rate dropped and once you noticed that, there was no way back, your brain adopted it as a survival cue, so no more ambushes or surprises.

  26. But for cutscenes, why try and fake 24 FPS when you could actually lick the FPS to 24 and have access to more processing power to create more stunning visuals?

  27. 6:42 i don't quite understand that. If the enemy just checks if he should shoot at the player more often that doesn't mean that these checks would return "true" more often. Aren't there other conditions that must be met before actually shooting? Why does the game produce different results merely by running a calcuclation more often?

  28. I want 90 fps. I can deal with lower frame rates but if there are options I can turn down that don't make it look like someone put Vaseline on my monitor then I usually take it

  29. 4:00, this is wrong. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be a "pro" gamer or even an experienced gamer to notice a difference between 30 and 60 FPS. Anyone can notice that difference, even people who never played any games can notice it. You would need to have some mental defect to not notice a difference between 30 and 60 FPS.

  30. don't know why people are still talking about the "is 60fps a standard" question when a lot of people already have 144hz monitors and over.

  31. FPS is life. I play Dirt Rally VR and I dropped all my graphics settings to low so my rig could run the game at ~ 120 FPS. Ensuring it never drops below 90.

  32. Generally the faster something is moving the higher the frame rate needs to be lots of Europian cartoons run at 12fps the backgrounds in anime often run at 5fps.

  33. I have never known a person to not see motion blur turned on and then immediately say "oh god wheres the video settings"

  34. I'd do whatever it takes to keep my games framerate as high as possible. Otherwise, the game could feel unresponsive if frames dropped halfway through and it definitely would be jarring for the player. Thankfully, most of my game ideas can be potrayed in 2 dimensional, 16 bit styles with small amounts of sprites so I wouldn't have much of a problem.

  35. Anyone watching and interested in learning about frame rate. Please don't listen to this guy. has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

  36. 60 fps looks terrible to me, and often hurts the game experience.
    Street fighter 5 is locked at 60 on pc and it looks awful.
    I need my 165 q~q

    In my experience if you only ever play 60fps games it won't look and feel bad, but when you're used to a smoother experience 60 fps just doesn't cut it. Variable refresh rates also make a huge difference when the fps might dip

  37. That means Kojima Productions did an incredible job optimizing MGSV to run at 1080p & 60 fps while having amazing graphics

  38. I don't understand motion blur in games. When we choose to look at something our eyes snap to it quickly. The only motion blur we see is turning our heads really fast, or if we're moved in a way we don't expect very quickly, like being tripped or spun around. All it does is make everything look like ass.

  39. I think what more games on pc should do is give the player an fps option. 30, 60 or a coustom number.
    so players can select what framerate they want to use to fit with their pc, I hate it when I play a game like sonic generations and the game constantly jumps from 60 to 50 then 30 and then to 50 to 60 again because it doesn't have a 30 fps option

  40. "Sometimes it's contractual – they're prohibited from making a PC version definitively better than its console equivalent" – yeah, going to need to see some credible sources on that….I think a far more likely explanation is that they've coded the physics etc. around a 30 FPS framerate and don't want to put in the time/expense to tweak their physics system for a PC release.

  41. I never understood the motion blur thing myself, thanka for clearing that up. But I guess I recall seeing aliem vs predator or super street fighter 2 in the arcade being a pinnacle of graphical tech, and everything aince then has been so much water under the bridge

  42. 2:14: Talking about more accurate representations, but draw the image of a camera not filming the C on the pulpit…

  43. This may sound a little bit of a confirmation bias of mine getting in action, but editing videos at a different framerate of the video may be done, but may cause a lot of trouble, I'm used to film at 60 fps and my monitor can work at 144hz, sometimes it just feels like I'm making some unfixeable mistake, while actually there is nothing wrong, just the frames are being show at slow motion by your editor at your monitor, if your editor works fine at a higher framerate than 60 fps .
    This is a personal problem, I've heard of people who had the same problem and people who never noticed anything, one time I've even tested it showing the video to a friend, I've saw it slow, while he saw it normally, same monitor, same video, same time, we watched a lot of times to ensure it.

  44. (1:25) And Europe somehow settled with 25 fps … it's slightly smoother, but really doesn't matter. 25 fps better fits the metric 100 system (100/25=4), and 24 fps better fits systems using 12, 60 and such (60/24=2.5, 24/12=2). However, the US standard in colour is nowadays 23.976, which is not a nice number at all. I do understand why that number appeared, but for digital video, why not stick to just 24, 25 or 30?

  45. Me trying to play GTA San andreas with the FPS limiter = off
    >:| GAME IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!! >:(

    Me trying to play gta san andreas 10 years later realizing what FPS limiter actually did rather then being a dumb kid:
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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