Frame Stamping

September 20, 2019

– [Jennifer] Hi there and
welcome, this is Jennifer McGuire. Today’s technique is
great for one layer cards. It works with pretty much
any stamps you may have. And I call this frame stamping. Basically you stamp or
draw a frame on a card, and do stamping inside
of it, outside of it, or maybe a combination of both. I’ve several examples for you today. And I’ll first start with stamped frames, then we’ll step it up into
creating our own frames. This is a nice way to
give any stamps you have a fresh new look. Let’s start with this example here where I have a simple
frame with a sentiment and some fun flowers around it. I’m using the Altenew Floral Art Stamp Set for my first card. I like that this has large images that kind of have an artsy,
playful look to them. That’s a style that I have a
hard time creating on my own. So to have a stamp set that
layers and makes it easy to achieve this look is
something that appeals to me. I also wanted to mention
that Altenew stamps now come with this little fold-out booklet. What’s cool about it is there
are these little card panels that you can put on a card,
just cut it right out. There’s also the guide if
it’s a layering stamp set. There is the little key
for those card panels and what color inks they suggest. And each of the booklets
is a little different. I’ll show you some more examples later. But I think this really adds to the value of these stamp sets
because you can get ideas for how to use these just
by grabbing the package. I put them inside of
my large stamp pockets along with the coordinating dyes. I’m also using the Altenew
Geo Frames Stamp Set. You can see I’ve used
this one a lot already. Now this is great for today’s technique but if you don’t have a frame stamp set, I will show you a technique you can do at the end of this video. Here is the little idea
booklet for this stamp set. Look how beautiful those are
and some suggested products that you can use with this stamp set. I will say these booklets
are very inspiring to me and helps me to create faster. So I’m starting out by
stamping one of the frames on to a piece of masking paper. I’m using my MISTI Stamping
tool simply because it’s easy to stamp with but
you can use an acrylic block. Now the masking paper
that I’m using is the Avery Removable Adhesive Sheets. These have the right
amount of stick on them to work for masking. And I find they’re thick
enough that even if I stamp on them a lot the ink
doesn’t bleed through it. So I’m cutting out the frame right along the outside stamped edge. This will be the perfect
mask for protecting the framed area of my card. I have a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch
top folding white note card. I’m using a very
heavy-weight Nina 110 pound classic crest solar white card stock. I find that it’s perfect
fro one layer cards because it’s nice and thick,
and I’ll link to it below. I placed my frame mask in
kind of towards the center top of my card, I drew pencil
lines to help me make sure it was centered. I’m starting with the two largest flowers, the outline images of the flowers, from that floral art stamp
set that I showed you. And I’ll start by heat-embossing these. So I’m using my Anti-Static
Powder Bag and then I will stamp these with Versamark Ink and add Altenew Silver Embossing Powder. Now I’m going for a soft
look of yellows and grays so I thought the silver
embossing would be nice. You could do black embossing
or even just black stamping. But I thought the silver went nicely with the yellow and gray. I then stamped and heat-embossed
a little outline leaf and then from here we’ll
do only stamping with ink, no heat-embossing. So I did the basic outline
and now we can start adding the color. So I’m using my stamping
guide that’s in the package to figure out how to line up the
first layer of these images. And again these are artsy,
these aren’t going to completely fill in the
outline but it gives a really cool look. I want this to be soft, so I
used Altenew Buttercream ink which is a really soft
yellow, but I stamped it twice just to make it a little bit darker. Now I’m lining up the middle images and this time I’m using
Altenew Warm Sunshine Ink. And this gives a nice
little bit of bright color in the center of those flowers. Now it’s time to add the leaves. Instead of doing green,
I decided to us the Altenew Morning Frost
Ink which is gray color that has a little bit
of a green tone to it and it is so much fun for leaves. I was inspired to try this
by that little idea booklet, so I found it helpful. Now here I was a little too
lazy to mask the large flower so I just put tape on
the parts of the flower that I needed to mask
before I did the stamping. After I did lots of stamping
towards the top left and bottom right of the card, I went ahead and removed the mask and you can see that perfect open area ready for stamping. Next I will silver heat-emboss the frame right in the opening. Now I could’ve started by
doing the silver-embossed frame first, then done all the stamping. But I’ll be honest I wasn’t
sure if I wanted to do silver, or black or yellow for the frame. So I did all my stamping
first so I could get a better idea of what would look good and decided to go with silver. So I’m stamping that with Versamark Ink, adding the silver heat embossing powder and then heat-setting it with my heat gun. And you can see how that mask perfectly protected that frame. So I have the look of layering, but this is a one layer card. Now I wanted few little
touches of silver embossing here and there, like towards
the center of my flowers and little dots. I’m using my quickie glue pen to do this. I even drew lines down the flowers. So basically this is putting
down a thin line of glue and all I’ll do is add my
silver embossing powder to it and heat set it, just as if I stamped it. You could use a Versa
marker pen to do this, but I find the quickie
glue pen works great and may of us have a little
liquid glue pen like that. That’s a great way to add
little touches of embossing. For the sentiment I used the
new Altenew Hello Gorgeous Stamp set, there are some
wonderful sentiments in here. And I’ll use this set for
sentiments throughout this video. I silver heat-embossed the fancy hello, and I’m using my MISTI
Creative Corners to make sure the smaller sentiment that
says Sending Love and Hugs is straight, before I start stamping. The MISTI Creative Corners are great for making sure everything is straight so you don’t mess it up at this point. I decided to stamp this
part of the sentiment with that Morning Frost Light Gray ink. Since it’s super soft I’m
going to stamp it twice just to make it a little
bit darker so it shows up. So we end up with a
perfectly one-layer card that’ll go through the mail nicely. You could change up the
color scheme on this and get a different look,
but what’s fun about this is by masking the frame, we
have stamping on the outside and we get this great look of dimension. But really there’s no bulk to it at all. So my next example shows
the same stamp sets but we’re doing the stamping
inside of the frame. This is great way to create
a focal point on a card. So I’m stamping a rectangle frame with VersaFine Onyx Black Ink. This is a sharp, crisp black pigment ink. So I can go ahead and
take this and add clear embossing powder to it and heat set it, to get the look of black embossing powder. Now you could just stamp
if you wanted to here but I really like to heat-emboss the frame just to give it the look of
a little bit of dimension. Now in this case instead of cutting a mask I just decided to use my purple tape. You could use any kind of masking tape or post-it tape for this and I’m just masking off the center of the frame. I’m adding my VersaFine
Black Onyx Ink again. And I’m stamping the outline flower towards the bottom corner. I like to stamp the focal
image kind of off-center on the frame and make sure
it’s kind of chopped off. It really helps with that frame look. So now ti’s time to stamp the layers or add the color on this. I used Frosty Pink and Pink
Pearl inks for the flower. And I again reached for that
Morning Frost greenish-gray color for the leaves. I did really simple stamping
here and I really like that this stamp set is very
forgiving in how you stamp it and you get a really cool
look that I would never have been able to achieve on my own. Once I’m done with the
stamping I can remove the masking pieces and there
we have our framed stamping. I added a little bit of
darker color because my colors were super-soft, so I
just used my Copic markers to add little bit of darker
color here and there. I also decided to stamp the background. So I used the Altenew Pinstripe Stamp Set. I really like this pinstripe background and I’ve used it in many videos. So I thought that would
be a nice subtle touch for the background. I’m just temporarily taping
my card into my MISTI. Remember this is still a one-layer card. I’m laying the stamp over
it and then I need to mask off the center. Now you could totally cut
a rectangle mask here. For some reason I
decided to tear up pieces of masking tape and cover
it up, I reused the pieces from before and it worked just fine. So if you have a strange
shape you could always use your masking tape or just die-cut a mask, whatever you want, whatever works for you. But now I have the
pinstripes on the outside and the floral stamping on the inside and it looks layered but it
is a perfectly one-layer card. I also added a hello from
that same gorgeous flower stamp set that I showed you earlier. And there you have the finished card. Now I’ll be honest, I messed it up. I got a fingerprint on the edge. So instead of pitching it,
I just trimmed a little bit off the edge and glued the
panel on to a pink note card. So it’s not exactly one layer anymore but it is still smooth and
we get the look of dimension from the frame stamping. Again here is that
Hello Gorgeous stamp set where the sentiment is from,
just like in the last example. So it used a lot of the same stamp sets but got a completely different look. Here’s another example where I do stamping on the inside of the
frame and on the outside. I used the Altenew Life
is Awesome Stamp Set. This is a beautiful stamp set for getting fun, layered flowers
that are easy to layer. This is another one of those artsy sets. And there are so many different
flowers included in the set that you can create some really neat-looking floral clusters. So this time I decided to start
with my frame-stamping first and I’m using my anti-static powder bag. Then I’m taking the square
frame and stamping it with the black ink towards
the center of the card. And then heat-embossing it
with clear embossing powder. Okay so after I heat-set
that I did also stamp one onto masking paper, and I’m cutting along the outside edge of that. So I can mask off my
stamped frame on my card. So once I put that in place I can start doing my stamping around this. And I’m going to save time on this card by stamping the same thing
in the top-left corner and the bottom-right corner. So I’m starting with two
flowers and I’m stamping these with a soft lilac which is
a really soft purple ink. Stamping that in the top
corner, then watch what I do. I rotate the card in my MISTI, and then I stamp it again
in the other corner. This will save me a lot of time. Now you’ll notice I’m
double stamping again. You don’t have to do that, but I decided I wanted my color
to be a little bit darker. I like being able to double-stamp
with my stamping tool because it allows me to get
more colors from my ink. By stamping more than
once I get a darker color. Now for this little flower
cluster here I’m using Arctic Ink which is a super light blue ink that’s just beautiful. So I’ll continue to do this,
arrange my images in one corner stamp them, rotate the card and stamp them in the other corner. I really like all the
leaf images included in this particular Life is Awesome Stamp Set, lots of small leaves
that you could use with other floral stamp sets too. So I continue to do the stamping, the same things in both corners
with the different layers included in the stamp sets. And I just chose colors
that were slightly darker from the Altenew Ink Collection. Before you know it you
have this really beautiful kind of wildflower looking
collections of flowers that I just can’t get enough of. So I’ll be using this stamp
set in a future video also. I’m skipping though a lot of this stamping since it’s basic layering, and Altenew provides
great guides for that. Next I’m using the Altenew
Halftone Squares Stamp Set. This is a really unique set
that has squares and rectangles of heavy dots towards one edge and lighter dots to the other, so you get this really
cool ombre kind of look. You can see the fun
examples that are included in the little idea packet. I’m taking one of the square images and I’m going to stamp
that inside of our frame. This set would be cool to
stamp along the edge of a card or along a little border. I can’t wait to use it more
and I thought it was perfect inside this frame. So I’m stamping it with that Arctic Ink which is this super light blue ink. And it fits perfectly
inside of the square. And I thought it just added
some interest into that and then we can just add
our sentiment on top. I again did the Hello,
Sending Love and Hugs from the Hello Gorgeous Stamp
Set that I showed you earlier. You can see how the flowers
are right up against the heat-embossed frame,
thanks to the masking that we did. And then we have that
fun little bit of color inside of the frame also. You could even mask off
the outside of the card and stamp with a background
stamp inside of the frame as a back drop for your sentiment. Okay all my examples so
far used those frame-stamps for my frame stamping. But I wanted to show
you that you can create your own frame very easily. The stamps I used on this
one are from this new Altenew Build A Flower Set. Now this Build A Flower
set is the stamp set and the coordinating dye sold together. I like that the floral image is very large and fills a card quite nicely. But in today’s video I’m
going to capture just a part of the flower by putting
it inside of a framed area. This time I’m just using tape to mask off a rectangular area on my card. You could die-cut from masking
paper any shape you want. I thought this was pretty
easy and I used the guides on my work surface to make
sure I got the tape straight. Once I was happy with it I
went ahead and put it into my stamping tool, line up my flower stamp so it’s off-center on the frame,
so it kind of chops it off. Stamped it with the black pigment ink, added clear embossing
powder and heat-set it. You don’t have to heat-emboss
this but I thought it gives a nice look to
this small area of stamping. Next I can do the layering
with the stamp set. There are large layering
images to line up with these so it makes it easy,
you’re actually stamping multiple flowers at once. Started with the Arctic Blue
ink, which is super light so I stamped that a couple of times. Then I moved on to the next layer and I used the Caribbean Sky Ink. I continued to add the additional layers, including the green leaves and the yellow for the center of the flowers. Once I finished my stamping,
I carefully removed the tape. I find that it is best
to kind of fold the tape back on itself, then you
can remove the tape easily and you don’t have to worry
about damaging your paper. It works really well. Okay so next I thought
it’d be fun to stamp the rest of the image
with a light blue ink on the outside of the frame. I’m taking that same floral outline image that I started with,
lining it up with the image that’s already on my card, and I’m stamping it again with
that Arctic Light Blue ink. So you can see the
lines are now light blue on the outside of the framed area. I just thought that added a fun touch. Now I’m using my Black
Marker to draw the frame in with the T-ruler. There are a few different
ways you could’ve done this. You could do a double line if you want to. But I just decided to
do a basic black line and I went back over it just to make it a little bit heavier when I was done. You could use your quickie glue pen and then put embossing powder on this if you wanted to heat-emboss it. So you can make your
own frame very easily. I then added the You Really Are the Best from the same stamp set,
just underneath the frame. So you can see how I got a
completely different look for the stamp by adding
that frame stamping to it. Now I have on more example,
I’m not going to show you all of it because it’s pretty basic but I wanted to show you the stamps I used because I thought they were a lot of fun. This is the Altenew Block Print Stamp Set. Each of these stamps is sized nicely to go towards the center of a card, just as a simple backdrop. I’ll show you the examples that they have in the little booklet. You can see how it’s a
perfect back drop for a lot of the different images. But I’m going to use it
to create a background. And this was inspired by a
video I did a few weeks ago, which I’ll link to here,
as a way to get new looks from your background stamps. So I have a note card
in my stamping too here and I have a diamond frame
mask right at the center. I drew a pencil line down the center and across the center of the card as a guide. Now I am lining up each
of these bold print stamps in a corner, using those pencil guides as a helpful little guide on where to stamp. I’m stamping each corner a different color and thankfully I have
that mask in the center to create a clean are where I
can put my focal point image. So you could use any big
stamps for this corner stamping but I thought these
block print stamps were the perfect size for this technique. So I wanted to show that to you. Once I stamped in all four
corners I can go ahead and remove my mask and add
whatever I want into the center. In this case I just
stamped the diamond frame with that morning frost
color gray ink from Altenew. And then I decided to
heat-emboss a giant leaf image in the center. I used green embossing
powder, very simple. This is from the Leaf
Canopy Stamp Set that I’ve used many times in videos. So it’s green heat-embossed right on top. In this case I used frame
stamping just to create a focal point on the card. A nice place for that big image to land even though he kind of
hangs out of the frame a bit too. I added a few gems so
there’s a little dimension on this one. And also stamped the Hello with black ink. Well there you have a
bunch of ideas for using frame stamping. It’s an excellent way to get
new looks from your stamps and also create focal points. If you’re interested in the
supplies that I featured today they are linked below in
the YouTube description. I’ve more information over on my blog. In the middle are a couple other
videos that you might like. I hope this was helpful to you and we’ll see you again
soon, have a great week.

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