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Frame Trapped Dev Blog – #01 FT Preview

October 16, 2019

Cool, right hello, my name is Tom, aka ‘Xeolleth’
from the Street Fighter 4 [sub]reddit. I am one of the original developers of the
first combo trainer and for the past 6 months I have basically been making Frame Trapped,
which is the successor to the combo trainer. I got asked by a few users just who PM’d me
to do a very quick preview and a little description of what Frame Trapped is, what its features
are, how to use it, etc. So here is the video! If you don’t already have it you can actually
get FrameTrapped from the website, just made a little preview for it on there.
It’s currently in beta so please excuse any bugs and if you find any bugs you can send
them to [email protected], that’s my dev email address so just send it straight to
there. Big red button at the top Download Frame Trapped will get you the executable,
if you’re interested in the source code you’ve got 2 zip files there which you can get it
from or you can view it on GitHub, and if you are a developer please feel free to get
in contact and actually contribute to the project. The original contributors are actually
on the page themselves, if I scroll down you can actually see if you want a quick read
through, please go through. We’ve got some developers, the original guy who made the
combo trainer, Necrophagus, he’s on there aswell. So please give them a visit, give
them some support, and feel free to contribute if you can. If you download Frame Trapped from the website,
if you open up the zip-file itself once you’ve got it, it’s only about 14 meg (that doesn’t
include Street Fighter unfortunately!) but you’ll see that you’ve got the Frame Trapped
folder, you’ll be able to go into the main folder with the version number, execute FrameTrapped.exe
and that will bring up the actual app itself. So going into the app this is ‘Frame Trapped’!
the intro screen is just a place holder at the moment, it doesn’t do anything, but it
will have a recent files list that will let you go through your most recent files, stuff
like if you’ve gota BnB combo for Ibuki, you should see that all down the side there. There are two main features to Frame Trapped
at the moment. First one is actually where “Frame Trapped” comes from as it was a project
I was doing about a year ago when I first got into Street Fighter thanks to some guys
called Rushdown Edinburgh who got me into the game. So basically this is what it looks
like at the moment. We’ve got Ryu here and all of his moves essentially, missing his
super and ultras that aren’t in there. You can see all of the frame data for his moves.
If I hover over this one here, you can see it’s a block type: mid for his close Jab,
it’s damage is 30, stun is 50, 20 meter gained, you can actually see what it cancels into
as well. There are any notes if I find them, for example his close Fierce actually forces
stand, does less damage on start up for the 3-5~frames. It actually does this for individual hits
as well, so for example if we scroll down to his angled jump strong, you can actually
see that it has both the information for it’s first hit and it’s second. If we look at the
notes it says “Legs projectile invincible… “”Second Hit Knockdown and can juggle”. Now the graphics actually say that you perform
this using a medium punch, if I hover over it it says “Medium Punch” and the direction
is going to be forward jump. Now at the moment it isn’t enabled but you
will be able to add these to a time line. Once the Frame Trapped data is actually finished
(I’m actually having to do this manually, do I would be happy for contributors to help
me out with this one)but once you add it to the Time Line, that will take it to *this*
– which is the Combo Trainer itself. This is where the magic happens. At the moment
it is a very basic layout but it will improve with time. the layout on the left hand side
is the time line. What we can do is use the interface to fully interact with the directional
inputs and the press button inputs for your punches and your kicks. You can see it actually
puts them in a little display at the top so you can add in new ones and as you add in
more inputs you get nice graphics showing you what you’ve actually put in along the
way. If we just clear these away… What we will
do is we will load up Street Fighter. One of the big differences from the old one is
that this one will actually load up Street Fighter and embed it into the panel within
the application. Once it has recognised that Street Fighter has loaded – it’ll host it
inside the panel! Do tell me if it’s too loud… So the idea
being is that because we’ve actually been able to host Street Fighter inside the application, this enables us to directly
interact with it whilst we set our time line. So lets go with Ibuki as we’ve already got
some of the combo files setup for her. Now, whilst this is loading we can still go
back to the Street Fighter Library, we can even group it by Move Type if we want to to and collapse them down so we can see all
Ryu’s unique moves. We can actually look at the information and then
switch back to the Combo Trainer at any point, the game is still running in the back ground,
every body is happy.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning rushdown!  I am living in Edinburgh atm and I had no idea it existed.  I am also a software dev (no experience of developing for windows or virtual studio) so I will take a look at the github and see if I can contribute.

  2. Great work. Meanwhile Capcom supposedly didn't even add a DWU option to the dummy in USF4 and didn't add a hitbox viewer or "perform as reversal"

  3. Hello, congratulations for the great work! unfortunately could not make it work on my computer … is there any installation tutorial available? Thanks!!

  4. This is an amazing idea!  What is the programming language you are using? I would love to be able to help.

  5. everytime I click on load sf4, it says cant find it. How do I install it? Do I need to unzip it in sf4 folder?

  6. After the last update on steam, the combo trainer not work anymore.
    The message on steam is some like this: "Steam isn't running SteamAPI_Init() failed"

  7. Very cool work! Ever consider a "dope sheet" style interface for buttons being pressed/released? Subtley different button sounds for light, strong fierce kicks and punches?

  8. anyway I can get sakura uploaded into this manually myself, I've done a bit of work with C# but really not a coder at all.

  9. @54l0HC1N  If your window doesn't join, try using the restart button. As I mention in the video – while we find a way to automate the frame data only Ken and Ryu are available during the first part of the Beta. We're working on that at the moment!

  10. There's just no button for playing the sound effect anymore what happened? I don't need this for doing combos automatically I need the sound timing >.<

  11. @Tom Piddock Amazing work. Quick question though : is it possible for you to add a sound or a visual marker to help players know the timing for certain links in some combos ? For example, when doing Ryu's crouching MP x2 then sweep, a visual/sound prompt should appear to help players get the timing for the link.

  12. So now that ultra came it, frame trap doesnt work for me anymore because it says there needs to be the latest version of AE 2012.

  13. This is SO COOL!  I never really got into fighting games (even though I wanted to) because to figure out the combos seemed so random.  This tool, just the thought of it, has got me interested in street fighter again because now I can understand it at a non-random level.  Thanks for your work and effort!

  14. Hi! just wondering about an update on how this is going. Really looking forward to using this program again for the sound ping timers.

  15. Hi Tom, thx for that amazing work, please i need some help, when i click Load/Restart USF4… an error appears "Microsoft.NET Framework : An unhandled exception occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore the error and attempt to continue. Unknown error (0x0041002)…"

    and the USF4 not start even clicking Continue, how to solve this? Thank you

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