October 2, 2019

welcome today I will have a great pleasure to introduce you to Invictus prom within a couple minutes I will show you all features and advantageous of this unique prom so stay with us what you first notice when looking at ad in Victor’s of e+ is very simple yet elegant design we also prepared our prompt to be equally simple in use when needed you can fold it down to very small dimensions to do that please move the cup holder the mommy bag and by pressing two buttons please remove the carry card following the frame is very simple first fold the handle plug in system press two buttons at the bottom and fold the frame unfolding the frame could not be easier just lift it up then please put the plugin system in vertical position and adjust the handle in desired position front swivel wheels can be blogged by lifting the leverage up so make them swivel again push the same leverage down [Music] to make the frame even smaller you can remove the wheels just press the big button and remove the wheel from the socket as a safety standard the back wheels are equipped with a braking system please remember do not leave your child in from an attendant and without the braking system on its activated press the pedal down and to release it please press the same pedal up to increase comfort while traveling we have equipped our frame with a shock absorbing system [Music] depend on the outside is dedicated for a cupholder it is designed so the bottle always stays in vertical position two pins on the inside of the handle are dedicated for mommy back [Music]

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