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September 14, 2019

I apologize in advance because I’m not
going to edit this video because I had a long day, and I don’t feel like doing it. So I’m making a
video about Frames Direct dot com and my ordering experience
with them normally I get glasses from wall mart and I like getting glasses from Walmart because they have a really good warranty, they have like
a one-year lens replacement thing, but I don’t like
getting glasses from anymore because I can’t get designer
frames so they don’t have Ray Ban’s, they don’t
have Oakley’s, they don’t have the glasses that everyone wants. So I’ve
given up. So this is my Frames Direct dot com order. I ordered two pairs of glasses. The first pair is the Ray Ban Rx 5246. Frame price
under six dollars on the price 199 dollars I got ninety five dollars for the
add-ons I don’t really know if the ATO is it worth it or not we’ll
see what I’m included Euroclear in a reflective coatings seventy-five dollars the guy asked me if I wanted on though
mostly yeah sure whatever we’ll see custom cut prism twenty hours
that’s if you have really messed up wisely
guide you they have to be adjustments the total price for that the for their
prescription glasses was three and twenty dollars arm shipped and then I got a second pair
glasses arm the RB 2132 use they are just like the traditional rave
and sunglasses prescription sunglasses and frames for
ninety nine 50 which is a pretty good deal you look at on how much they are lens
crafters I think they’re about 150 bucks a analyzes for 209 dollars which i think
is alright for polarized lenses specially my
prescription all my lines as a high index and the
total price for those with me a week that the so total price for my order was 632 dollars seds which i think is I mean it’s a lot but
it their designer glasses and they’re worth
it and if I were to get I think the same she pairs was crackers
I could easily spend at least 1000 bucks they also included this twenty dollar coupon they mishap twenty dollars in my
account credited for another order future which I might definitely use like
to have a cheap pair backup glasses around the house or a
pair %uh glasses that or the don’t look good
because they are big lenses but it’s nice for doing things
arm with so it came in this box on which by a in jeans balls this is the sunglasses
the key this box and their just rubber banded
together which I think probably works OK I mean
it seems like somebody packed this and you know quick time I would have liked to have some kinda wrapping around this but everything
seems to be okay booklet don’t give a shit about that this is a cleaning cloth thinking these classes right here and will be
used prescriptions last they also included is
large my 5 o’clock so these are the perscription I classes they came in this so wrapping I’m not really sure what it
looks like to you right now do apologize but this is using the
glasses right here ’em is a fifty million years size other pretty
small I have kinda Nero face and I have a high prescription so I
don’t like you have classes there to be a is that magnifies everything it
around my eye became pretty nice case remain rape case good like that place to have around so these are my own classes I got from
Walmart his reaction kids classes happy to take
that as of now put these on and I think they the lenses the lens quality
actually might even be better the 1 I’ve been getting warmer the
anti-reflective coating definitely tell that have not seen things out at the corners in my eyes and
that everything is very clear the lenses are very thin and I have to
plus 650 in the right eye you know plus 4.25 left so usually well as a pre that you can see that thickness and he’s
right here but overall been very well set in place they look
very good very happy with these definitely worth
three dollars and also you know their plastic
frames usually get plastic frames the way
people been I got some from Zenni freaky and the key just completely sideways see what am I
supposed to do seems like somebody is competent there
and they put these in into a heating unit and up Street now because they are they sit
perfectly on a table which is good that’s what I want one
shake off their three hours want them to be gone through like so overall I’m happy
with mine I glasses goods society can’t wait to be
with us for you grape this is the real big thing I’m
excited for prescription sunglasses my prescription so here they are they come in this case
for some movies me nice little case here comes with a uncover book genuine so-called claw at school so here they are I got the black rubber finish because I
figure from working out like I run everyday so I like to have
something that stays on my face his legs look very good look very it actually compared to what I’ve had
before you’re gonna laugh because they’re I
mean right mystic but thats the way my prescription is I got the brown color because I figured
brown you will be able to see my eyes as well in these are the polarized finish I
don’t really see why wouldn’t get sunglasses there are
polarized that are poor whatever I said get for us it’s worth it throughout all day easier way cool wow like these so anyways overall when he’s available to yeah well so they they that these out maybe a centrally really was reviewed users to really fantastic working
classes and I would have spent a lot more money
I was quoting five hundred fifty dollars for these
LensCrafters by kindly somewhere virginia Beach is shop in a mall location shamelessly
looked at all the lenses for all the frames skis me so overall a race track that harm I’m
pretty happy with them i weird every for see where everything worded July 22nd in its August 11 I just received worse today so
it took a little while but what I can say everyone that gives
the negative reviews arm for how long it takes you are an idiot you’ve obviously never
tried to buy glasses before it takes a long time especially for me
having a a special prescription to get glasses he and I can safely say
that this is just as good as what I would get
a brick-and-mortar store paid twice as much I always I’m used to waiting for my glasses so I
was try to plan ahead you know planned obsolescence is the
best the to go with so order from previous
track I would seriously recommend it I’m very
happy have to go on YouTube

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