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Framing and Composition

October 16, 2019

(music) Basics and Beyond Framing and Composition How key is it to make sure that
it’s framed correctly? And composed correctly? But the framing is key, isnt it? The Framing and Composition, sometimes the words the terms they become
overlapped in some minds and basically the framing and actually Charles Stroble,
good friend of yours and friend of mine He taught me a lot of just understanding from the history of what he’s done at WBAL and still to this day, You’ve got to use your L sevens Where basically this becomes the
frame The L and 7 kind of come together
and that’s where you see you view through there and basically happens is inside of this image here that’s what you’re capturing, and essentially what you’re doing you’re looking at your entire world and you’re picking out what part of that world do I want to crop and use as my image. And that’s your framing, basically what’s inside of this L 7 what’s inside of this picture
frame that you’re looking at and then the composition part is after you’ve cropped out the shot What’s in your shot? You see things that are closer And things that are further away and the television is a flat box. So the thing is That flat television screen, how can we give that illusion of depth? and that gets into
what I’ve heard called 2.5D because we see things on television
in two dimensions but what happens if we actually put the subject there, we frame it but also at the same time what’s happening behind the subject so that it gives that illusion of depth. When you’re framing a subject, there’s a rule of thirds which basically you take the entire screen you’re breaking it into what I call a
tic-tac-toe board of different vectors From there use that as a way of being
able to: one, position your subject but also at the same time, position to things that are in the background. So the thing is when you’re recording video with a camera Take a step back, look at it and then from there move on to the next time and
continue to do it. I love it so I can’t wait to Jay, look what I did! All right awesome
yes indeed (music)

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