France: Protesters and Police Clash as Parliament Begins Debating Pension Reform Bill

February 26, 2020

“We hope that they end up hearing the voice of the people, because that is why they are there. A priori, without the French, France is nothing. 60 percent of the French are against this reform and against a certain number of measures which have been taken before. We are under attack from all sides on social justice, in a country that prides itself on its freedom, its fraternity. But fraternity, we don’t see it much anymore so we want to fight to keep it, to leave a beautiful France for our children. Our grandparents, our parents fought for the France we have today, we must keep it.” “The objective is clear, we are going to bring them down. We are going to debate this in the National Assembly week after week, so that you, the social movement, can get a second wind, and by the number, by the strike, we are making sure that we withdraw this bill and let it return to where it should never have left, in the dustbin of history. This is what I wish for you.”

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