Francis Chan – Liberty University Convocation
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Francis Chan – Liberty University Convocation

December 2, 2019

Let’s pray. God, may we just be mindful of
Your presence in this room right now, Father, and seek to please you only, God. In Jesus’
name we pray, amen. Thank you. I’ve been praying and thinking of what to share with you guys
here today and I’m kind of thrown for a loop, honestly. You see, I got my itinerary and
it said I had to wear a suit and so I just assumed that everyone was going to be in shirts
and ties at least and I had my secretary call and negotiate me out of a jacket. I don’t
know, it was weird. I didn’t know you guys would all be dressed normally. I’m trying
to think, why do I have to play dress up? But you submit to authority, I thought maybe
that’s what I have to be an example to you of. But I was trying to think back even as I’m
looking at you during worship, I’m trying to think back to my Bible college years. Back
to my Bible college days, and I went to a Christian school, I went to Masters out in
California. Oh, you guys like them? Good, good, good. But chapel feels so simple. It’s
weird from five years ago that I was in chapel there and I’m trying to put myself in your
seats. Even now, I’m like, “God, help me when I look in their eyes, to try to think back
and remember.” And every year it gets harder and harder to remember what was it like. What
was I thinking during that time? Because, truth is, I’m 44 years old right now and I
just absolutely love, love, love my life! It’s unbelievable every year seems to get
better for me. Lately, the last few weeks, every time I pray to God, it’s harder for
me not to cry because I’m going, “God I just can’t believe it. I’m living this dream. This
is unbelievable. Are you this good to everyone? I can’t believe how close I get to be with
you, how much I get to experience you, and it’s so good.” And my whole life has someways been that way,
and yet the truth is that if I could, I mean if I died today, I’d go, “Man, what a crazy
ride I’ve had. Amazing life!” But if there were 5 years that I could relive and redo,
it would be my 2 years of Bible College and my 3 years of seminary. Hands down, those
were the worst years of my life, and I wish I could go back, and I wish I could redo it.
And it’s not the school’s fault, it’s not the seminary’s fault, it’s mine. And I was
trying to think back and I go, “Man, what made that time so terrible for me?” It wasn’t
like I wasn’t having fun; I was having a lot of fun. But honestly, I wasn’t alive. I was
doing a lot of Christian things, but I wasn’t really experiencing God. It wasn’t like the
intimacy I felt as a kid or as a new believer. It wasn’t the intimacy like I feel today in
that relationship I have with God. And yet I blended in fine, and I wasn’t even looked
at as maybe a spiritual leader, I don’t know, kind of, not really. Little bit? Was I respected?
Ok. But you know, it was just a weird time because I look back and I know, absolutely,
there was hypocrisy in my life. Because you can learn the lingo and you can fit in with
everyone else, and then when you’re alone with God, you know who you really are but
you just keep going with the flow because it’s working for you. And so I know that was the biggest issue,
obviously is the hypocrisy, but I try to think through, what else, what was it? What’s the
message I want to give to you guys? And all these things come to my mind, all these thoughts,
even this morning. But I want to dwindle it down to two thoughts if I can, and maybe we’ll
just get through one, but the first thing I’d say is you’ve got to work so hard to live
biblically. Man, I’m begging you, work really hard at living biblically because the natural
thing to do is just kind of blend in to like a culture and I’m telling you, get alone with
this book, where no one else is around, just you and this book. To work hard at going,
“What does that passage really say, and what should my life look like in light of this
passage?” To really think that through. To really work at that. Because this was the
thing that, you guys, there’s going to be all sorts of distractions. Man, I really believe God has some things
for me to say today, so forget about whatever that is. What is that? Now I’m distracted.
Ok, what did I just say? Forget about it. It’s so easy to get caught up and yet, I remember
in high school I would read this book and sometimes I’d be like, “Is anyone else reading
the same book I’m reading? Because it seems like if this is true, then our lives should
look like this, and why then are okay with how we’re living right now as a church?” This
looks really, not just a little different, like a few tweaks we’ve got to make, it just
seems like it’s two different things. But I got caught up in the culture, but everyone
else is ok with it, I’m just going to do this. But no, when I was alone, man, I would take
this book, and I would take it so literally, so literally. I remember, and this is a little
embarrassing, but I remember, no it’s not embarrassing. What am I talking about? Ok,
I would read the passage about faith being able to move mountains. And I just took that
literally. I remember going back to my room, I still remember being in my bedroom and trying
to move stuff. Just like a pencil or something. Come on God, if I can move mountains, I still
remember looking at this thing and just staring at it and trying to move it because I’m going,
“Man, I have faith,” I go, “God, I believe.” Ok, I want complete honesty, how many have
tried to move something based upon that? Thank you. See? Ok, so you know what I’m talking
about. No one else has probably ever given this message but I am so glad some of you
raised your hand. So some of you can relate to me. You look at the Bible and you go, “Man, I
should be able to move stuff.” And so you try, because you take it literally. Now later
on, I realized, OK, the Spirit’s given to us for the common good. You know the Spirit
is for the glory of God and maybe still I believe there could be a time when God, for
His glory, not just so that I would go, “oh, look what I did,” but for His glory, would
have me move something and I still believe that could happen. But that’s really cool
that some of you raised your hand on that because I would read some of these passages
and I would think, wait a second, if we really believe in hell, man shouldn’t we be a lot
more vocal about what we believe and shouldn’t we be talking to a lot more people? If we
really believe in Matthew 25, to study it in class that Jesus is going to come back
one day in all of His glory with all of his angels with Him, and He’s going to come down
and He’s going to start separating people to the right and to the left, and it’s to
those on His right were the ones for the least of these. I go, man, that’s a pretty crazy
passage. And if that’s true, shouldn’t I be devoting a lot of my life to caring for those
people. Not to the neglect of the gospel, of course I understand that, at the same time
I read some of these things and I think, “man, that’s a big deal.” That’s one of the scariest
passages in the bible to me, of Him just gathering everyone and dividing them, well I was hungry
and you didn’t feed me, so you go over there, and these go away into eternal punishment?
That’s huge. Or that passage of Lazarus and the rich man and … that’s a scary passage
to me, and yet again it’s about the poor, I go, my logic tells me I want to pour myself
out to them. I want to care about those things because obviously God cares about that stuff.
And that’s what I’m saying. Man, we’re really hard at living biblically because you will
always be challenged. I don’t care where you are and I don’t know a lot about Liberty,
but I hear great things about it. It doesn’t matter how great of an institution you’re
a part of, but here in America, you will be challenged constantly to not live biblically
and to create some sort of culture that justifies what they want anyways, and I’m saying, man,
get alone with this book and do what it says. The fondest memories I have of Bible College
were those few moments when I would read scripture or hear a message in a classroom and my heart
would get stirred so much. See, because I always knew this stuff, it always bothered
me ever since I was in high school, but every once in a while, something would get stirred
up so much that I finally said, “I don’t care if no one else is going to do anything about
it, I have to do something!” And I remember there were very few moments, sadly, but those
times when I go, “No, we can’t just keep studying this, I gotta go do something!” I remember
everyone going to the beach, and me going, “No! I’m not living by faith. There’s no faith.
There’s absolutely no faith in my life. It doesn’t take any faith for me to wake up and
go to the school cafeteria and eat with my friends. It takes no faith to be sitting in
this classroom listening to more bible and hanging our with people I agree with. No faith
to go play intramural volleyball now, and then go back to my Christian dorm. And then
do the cycle over and over and over again. Where’s the risk? Man, there’s a complacency
that’s going on in my life, and man, I just got to go, I just got to do something.” And
I remember the way that God would meet me during those times. And the things that I
would experience where I go, “Wow, that was God. That was God. That was so cool, that
was God.” It wasn’t just the normal thing. And yet, sadly I didn’t have the strength
to do that often enough. But over time, it just starts building in you and my gut is
that some of you, you’ve got this uneasiness, this lack of peace of certain things that
are building in you, that you see in scripture. I’m not talking about just rebellion, I’m
just saying no, I see this in the bible and it’s driving me nuts. I’ve got to do something.
Not that you’re judging everyone else, you just know how God is communicating to you
and you need to be obedient, even if you don’t see anyone else doing it that way. I mean,
some of you, some of you right now are struggling so hard with your purity. Crazy crazy stuff.
Some of you big time are addicted to pornography, and so you come to chapel and you just feel
gross. Man, it seems like you start your prayer the same way every day. God, I’m so sorry.
And I remember that struggle, man. I remember that struggle at your age and trying to do
everything like, even practically like, disciple myself, I go, “I’m going to discipline myself.
Ok, if I lust, then I won’t eat the whole next day.” Just so the whole next day I will
remember and go, “man, that wasn’t worth it. Man, that wasn’t worth it.” I lost 14 pounds,
no. I remember just like that fight, you know? It was just that struggle and yet it wasn’t
until later I’m reading through Galatians later in life and it was talking about man,
if you live by the spirit, you won’t gratify the desires of the flesh. Like the answer
is not just running constantly, like, I’m not going to do that, I’m not going to do
that. But really running towards something and saying, “God, if your Holy Spirit has
complete control over this body right now, what would you do with me? Where would you
have me go?” And you just start going, and you’re like, man, really? I guess I would
go out there and start warning people about the judgment that’s going to come, I guess
that’s what I would do. And as I going, when you’re doing that, and you’re fearful, and
saying, “God, come through for me, come through for me.” Man, you’re not thinking about lust
right then. Why? Because you’re living by faith. You’re following the Spirit. You’re
doing something you actually need the Holy Spirit to come through for you. Those are
the times when you live in purity. It’s when we stop that and we don’t surrender to the
Holy Spirit and go, “Gosh, I don’t really care what You want me to do today, I got a
plan, I know what I’m going to do.” That requires no faith, it’s safe, we’re not going to experience
Him. You see, the times when you really experience the Spirit of God are the times when you’re
really trying to make disciples. We claim, Matthew 28, The Great Commission, “Hey, Jesus
said He would be with us always. Man, I feel his presence.” But what is that in the context
of? As you’re going out and making disciples and you’re baptizing people. In the name of
the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and you’re teaching them to obey everything He’s commanded. He
goes, “Hey, and I’ll be with you.” Why was the Holy Spirit given in Acts 1:8? You’ll
receive power, for what? To move stuff? No, to be My witnesses. Luke 12 says when you’re
out there and you’re doing this and these authorities, you’re put before authorities
and you don’t know what to say, He says, “Don’t worry,” He says at that very moment the Holy
Spirit’s going to tell you what to say. So when are you going to experience Him? At that
moment when you’re put in a situation where it’s like, “I don’t know what to say, Lord.
You’ve got me in over my head.” He goes, “Don’t worry about it.” Right at that moment, that’s
when you’re going to experience the Holy Spirit. See, the problem is sometimes in the Evangelical
church, we try so hard to experience the Holy Spirit when we’re in a room like this. And
so we’ll worship more, and sing more, I’m not saying we can’t, I know we can, but that
just seems to be the emphasis is these times when we get together and sing. And someone
goes, “oh, I felt Him. Yup, that was Him.” And it’s like, really? Is that the most biblical
thing you can think of? Or when you read this bible, do you think, man, it seems like these
people that were outspoken and went out and tried to make disciples, tried to live for
God out there, they would experience the Holy Spirit in some of the craziest times in the
context of being witnesses, in the context of making disciples, in the context of being
put in situations that were over their heads. God says, “Don’t worry, my comforter will
be with you.” But like I wrote in my book, its like, most of us don’t need a comforter,
because we’re so comfortable already, and we just keep making our lives more and more
comfortable and I just didn’t see that in scripture. Some of you guys know that I stepped
down from my church a little over a year ago. I love my church and I still go back and I
preach every couple months. It’s still my family. But it just got to a point where I
just, I would look at the need out there, and I’d look at how many resources we already
had in the church and in the city, and go, “Gosh, I think I need to go out and do something
more.” And also, there’s just this stirring in me that I’m at most peace when I’m living
by faith. And for a while there, it just again, at church even, it just required no faith.
It’s like, well, I know people are going to show up, I know I’m going to preach a passage,
I already checked with other commentaries and they’re in agreement, so let’s just do
this thing. And it’s interesting kind of the splash it made, when I said, “Gosh, my wife
and I just feel led to take our family and go somewhere and we believe the Spirit’s leading
us and we’re going to try Asia, and just pray in every country as a family and say, ‘God
is this it? Is this it?'” And there was just so much pushback like, man how could you do
that? Or, that’s so weird, or that’s so radical. My response is, “really? That’s radical?”
I mean really, so if you’re reading through Acts and then you read and I’m in there. It
says, “Oh, you know, after Peter and John got out of prison, and oh, there was this
Chinese guy that went to Asia.” Would you go, “Whoa, that guy’s amazing. That guy, I
want to be like him.” Or would you go, “Why is her even in there? Why even mention that,
that’s not even worth mentioning. And yet in our country it’s like, “no way!” And I’m
just going, “No, see, I want to live a life where I can feel a peace, like wow, I feel
like I walked right out of this book.” Man, and honestly when you look at your life, could
you fit in this book? And I go, well, I’m an Acts 29 guys. What would an Acts 29 guys
look like? What would your life look like? If they wrote about you in here, would it
fit? Or would it just be weird, like, why would you even say anything about that guy
or that girl? See that’s where the restlessness comes. I want to, at some point, feel like,
look like a guy that walked out of the bible and not a guy that walked out of the bible
belt. And go, “Man, that makes sense.” Guys, because a lot of things we do just make sense
within the culture we’re in. It’s not because we were studying this book and going, “That
makes sense to me, according to this book.” That’s the kind of faith that was in this
book. And that why I’m saying, work hard at that. The second thing real quickly that the
Lord put on my heart is just, work hard to stay in the world. Work really hard to stay
in the world. Before the service, Johnnie was telling me about one of the goals of Liberty
is to create these professionals that are excellent at what they do, and get them out
in the workplace and be a light out there. And I praise God for that. But that’s why
I’m saying, while you’re here, even, to work really really hard at staying in the world.
Because it doesn’t make sense, don’t think that well, if I keep myself in a bubble for
six years, then it will be easy to go out there and strong. No, it’s hard. It’s a lot
harder to be out there once you leave. Man it took a while for me to get back in that
culture and to realize, wow, they’re no really interested in the things that I’ve been discussing
with my seminary buddies for the last few years. And I had to fight really hard to try
to keep a foot in the world. And I’m not talking about compromise. Ok? I’m not talking about,
“Oh, I want to fit in so I’m going to do what everyone else does.” I’m talking about going
out and fitting in in the right way. Fitting in in the way Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians
9, where he goes, “Even though I’m free from all, I made myself a servant that I might
win more of them. To the Jews, I became like a Jew. In order to win the Jews. To those
outside the law, I became as one outside the law. So I might win those outside the law.
To the weak I became weak, so I might win the weak. I became all things to all people
that by all means I might save some.” Paul says, “I got out of my circle.” See, what’s
natural is for us to all gravitate together. I hate conflict, I’d rather just hang out
with people who believe like be, think like me, it’s just comfortable and Paul says, “No,
I go beyond those barriers. Yeah, you know, I’m ok with eating meat but when I’m with
these guys, I’m going to go, I’m going to become like them. I’m not going to walk up
to a bunch of Jews chewing on a pork chop.” He goes, “I’m going to think.” He goes, “Man,
I love these guys so how am I going to win them?” And he goes, “And it’s an uncomfortable
world, I get into the world, and then do the exact opposite when I’m with those who aren’t
under law. And then when there’s weak people, weak. When there’s strong, I’ll go work out.
I’ll do whatever, I’ve just got to win these people. So I get into their worlds.” And you
guys if there was one, one, if I only had time for one this is what I would’ve said.
I was praying about it on the plane over here, pray about for the last week, “Well, Lord
what do I say?” And I don’t hear a lot of people talk about this. But you guys, so many
Christians, or people who call themselves Christians in our country are so incredibly
weird. And I don’t mean weird in a good way. Like, we stand out as a light into the world.
I’m just saying weird socially. Extremely weird socially. And I believe as I’m praying,
“God, for the sake of the Kingdom of God,” because I don’t want to come here and give
a message that everyone’s happy with or whatever else, I just think, for the sake of the Kingdom
of God, and its spread in our nation, what is that message? And the message is that you
know, we cluster together and we just start talking about our stuff and it’s most comfortable
and we don’t really try to get into other people’s worlds out there. And then by the
time we graduate, like to get back into the world and to have a conversation where someone
in the world. See, it’s different. Because in the church it’s so much easier to make
friends because everyone has to show grace and it’s like, ” Oh, look at that person,
I have to be your friend.” So you go to a church, it’s easier. They have to love you.
they have to like you. But to go out in the world, and to actually befriend people, and
to be loved by them, and to be connected with them in order to win them. And again, not
talking about compromise. Because that’s the problem. We’re weird when we’re not supposed
to be weird, and then we fit in when we’re supposed to stand out. I’m talking about getting
into where people actually like your personality and they find you interesting and you get
into their world. And I hear the excuse all the time from people in the church, going,
“Well, the people in my work reject me because I’m a Christian.” I go, “No they don’t! They
reject you because you’re weird!” Seriously. Because I’m a Christian and I don’t like hanging
out with you. You’re not interesting. You don’t even care about my life. You just have
this lingo and this self-righteousness about you. And yet it’s not manifesting itself in
the right ways. Man, I’ve been a pastor for all these years and I still remember one of
the early years I listened to this pastor talk about his Christmas program and it was
great, praise God. A lot of people came to the Lord and he talked about how many people
from his church would work there at the church 10, 15 hours a week. And the hundreds of thousands
of dollars they spent on this, and I go, man, just respectfully I want to ask, you had all
these people show up the church building for 10 or 15 hours a week. I go, wouldn’t it have
been more effective, wouldn’t they have accomplished a lot more if they spent those 10 or 15 hours
a week for 3 months just hanging out with their neighbors and inviting them over for
dinner and just telling them about Jesus? And I still remember his response, “Well,
of course that would be more effective. But no one’s willing to do that.” And I still
remember my answer, “Yeah, you’re right. That’s true.” That was my answer back then, my answer
now would be, yes, but that’s stupid, that’s lame. So we’ll create a whole different program
for people so that they don’t have to make disciples? “Oh, you don’t want to talk to
your neighbors, you don’t have enough social graces to build a relationship and look another
human being in the eye and tell them about the thing that’s most important in your life?
That’s too much for you? Ok, just come to the church, show up, I’ll dress you up as
a reindeer, let’s practice.” Right? We make like this whole other system and we’re spending
all this money. Why? Because we won’t look at someone in the eye and just be a normal
person and go, “Man, I like hanging out with you and I’m worried about you because I knew
what God’s done in my life and I know this God is real and I’m just begging you. Man,
you’ve known me, you’ve seen my life and I’ve got to tell you, it’s all because of this
Jesus.” And because we’re not willing to do that, we’ve got to spend all this money, create
all these programs so that we don’t really have to make disciples. And yet I look at
scripture, I go, “No, we’re all supposed to be making these disciples and we’ve got to
stop being so socially awkward and just start looking at people. I was at, ok, I’m in San
Francisco now, and a couple you are happy about that, and I was at the subway, the Bart
station, everyone’s coming out of this Powell street exit. Just tons of people. And my buddy,
who’s a Godly man, I love him, he goes, “I want to stand here with a sign that says,
you’ve got any questions, not to you know, preach hell fire brimstone, just any questions?”
And he goes, “What do you think of that? If I just kind of stood there with that?” I go,
“Man, that’s cool man. I’m glad that the Lord’s putting that on your heart, and if so, go
for it.” I never want to stop someone from being led by the Spirit, so I go, “go for
it, go for it, go for it.” I go, “But what bothers me, what drives me crazy about that
scenario is everyone coming off that subway works with a believer.” And yet that supposed
Christian has no influence in that person. That Christian would have the greatest opportunity
to show the light of Christ but either he or she’s not living a life that’s supernatural
that where everyone’s like drawn to that person, or he’s so scared that he or she never speaks
up and yet they have the greatest opportunity. But because we won’t do this, because we won’t
look at another person in the eye and just go for it, well then you know what, we need
someone to preach on a street corner, we need someone to create a big Christmas musical
and hope that the flyer will get them to the church and save them. And it’s like, no. When
I look at scripture, it was the everyday ordinary person working the ordinary job that was out
making disciples and this was their life. And yet, my concern is, man, this time you
have at this school could be awesome. It could be a great equipping station for you to help
you get in the world and know the world a little better. At the same time, for some
of you this could be a complete waste of time, money, energy and when you leave this school,
you’ll be less effective for the Kingdom than when you came in because you lost touch with
the world and so many never get back to engaging into the world and they get safer, and safer
and safer and become less and less interesting and significant to the world. And I guess my final thought is – Gosh! There’s
like ten more things I want to say, it’s driving me crazy. I wish I could. So many stories
of just crazy things God’s doing, and I’ve got a flight in a few minutes. I guess the
main thing is, you know, part of my problem, I think, when I go back to my Bible college
days is this, let me wind it down with this. I think I had an expectation of the school
that was unfair. In other words, sometimes we just think, well once I sign up for Bible
College or seminary, OK I made it and they’re going to lead me in this journey and my walk
with the Lord. That’s not really their responsibility. That’s you and God. And that’s what I’m realizing now is you really
need to take ownership for your own walk with the Lord and many people in this book, read
about it, stood on their own. It was them and God. And they didn’t count on an institution
doing everything for them and I’m telling you sometimes – I’m not bashing Bible study.
I love bible study! I study it all the time, OK? – But sometimes even Bible studies can
be damaging because the Lord is stirring something in your heart when you’re alone with Him in
this book and comfortable church goers coming alongside of you and talk you out of it. And
that’s why I’m saying, man, fight hard for that time alone with the Lord, with the Holy
Spirit. Study this book. He gave you His Spirit so you could understand this. Study it and
then do something. Even if no one else is. The rest of the people, they’ll follow. All right, just real quick. Well, I’ll just
summarize it. 1 Samuel, I think it’s around 14 to 16, just read that whole section. I
love it because it’s the story of all the Israelites and Saul, they’re freaked out by
the, I don’t know, Philistines, Malachites, someone of the “Chite.” They’re just afraid
of these “Chites” and everyone’s terrified. And I don’t know if you remember the story,
but Jonathan looks at his armor bearer and there’s just thousands and thousands and everyone’s
afraid, they’re hiding in caves or whatever, and Jonathan looks at his armor bearer and
goes, “Let’s go take them. I think in the Lord puts them in our hands, I know there’s
36,000 of them” or however many there were, “and there’s two of us but the Lord can do
that. I moved a pencil last week. C’mon, trust me.” And he just goes, and he just scales
this mountain you know. You’ve got to read the story, I don’t have time, but it’s such
a great story, because he gets to the top and they’re mocking him like, “Yeah, come
on.” And he just kills like 20 of them, he and his armor bearer. But he creates this
stir and everything starts shaking. And the people, all the people knew God was on his
side. So they freak out, they start fighting each other. Then Saul looks on and goes, “what’s
going on there, who’s missing?” “It’s Jonathan. It’s Jonathan and his armor bearer, it’s just
the two of them up there.” He goes, “Let’s go!” So suddenly there was this courage of
men. Let’s go, something’s happening, the Lord’s stirring. And then it goes further
and it says when they started chasing the whoever they were away, it says, then the
rest of the Israelites hiding in the caves, they started running along with them. And
I thought, that’s so lame. That last group, right? That just goes, “Yeah, I’m not going
with Jonathan. Oh, I still don’t know. Oh, they’re running now? Ok! Yeah, we got you!”
And I just thought, man, I don’t want to be that last group that waits until there’s a
stir of God and goes, “Ok, now it’s obvious we’re going to win. Ok, He’s coming out of
the clouds. Yeah, I told you guys!” I don’t want to. I want to be that Jonathan that goes,
“Look, I’m looking at this thing and I really believe God could do this through me and so
if it’s me and my armor bearer, we’re going to go for it and you know what? Other people
will jump on, but they’re going to wait until they see a movement of God in you. And then
there’s another group that’ll jump on, but they have to make sure that it’s a no-loss
situation and everyone’s going with us, ok, I’ll come along.” And I’m just saying, what kind of person you
want to be? See, it starts here, it starts right now. Right now you can start some habits
that will absolutely ruin you and one of those is by clustering together and not being out
in the world. It’s only going to get more difficult. The longer you stay in that bubble,
the harder it is to leave and what a great opportunity, what a great mission this school
has. But it really has to start with you fighting to get out in the world, and actually build
relationships with people that don’t have to show you grace. They don’t have to like
you. They don’t have to be your friend. But you do all things so that by any means you
might save some of them. I’m going have someone come up and pray for us.

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  1. Wonderful Video starring a wonderful blessed person….God Bless everyone and I pray everyone(including me) applies what God expects from every one of us(aka God's Will)

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