Freeze and Extend a Frame | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial
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Freeze and Extend a Frame | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

October 27, 2019

Add your video to timeline… Position the playhead on the frame which you need to freeze and extend… Select the clip… Now, go to Clip → Video Options → Insert Frame Hold Segment… Now you could see that the frame has split, freezed and extended to 20 seconds… You can then trim it to any length you need… That’s all.. Thank You.. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe…

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  1. This delivery method was a godsend!! After watching 20B tutorials today my mind is fried. Your presentation style ~~show-don't-tell + soundtrack~~ really was a breath of fresh air.

    [email protected]#k U Internet, got me over here gushing over a YouTube video!


  2. This was perfect. And I liked the piano music, too. Now, I want to not only hold the last frame, I want to "morph" it into the next frame. (I have a couple seconds of defective video, but the audio is ok.

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