Freeze Frame Clone Effect // Premiere Pro CC!
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Freeze Frame Clone Effect // Premiere Pro CC!

August 23, 2019

Hey guys I’m Prithwiraj from PR75K and
in this video I’ll tell you how you can create a freeze frame clone effect, if
you are new here then please consider subscribing to my channel for more
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effect to work you need a still camera shot only the objects in the frame can
move and not the camera itself so no camera movements so make sure of that
once in Premiere import your video and click on this button called export frame
and make sure that import in project is selected what this will do is take a
screenshot and save it to your desktop now drag that to your timeline there are
two ways you can either mask this out in Premiere itself but I suggest you to
do this on Photoshop right-click on the video and select edit in Photoshop now
you can use any tool you want to make the selection for example the pen tool
of photoshop itself or you can use the magnetic lasso or the polygon lasso for
now I’m using the quick selection tool for this purpose you can change the
brush size if required and if you have selected the area’s you don’t want then
hit on alt or option on your keyboard and then click on it to remove the part
you don’t want to select now right-click and select layer via cut
and save it as a png image or a PSD I am saving as a PSD over here, now it
should automatically load up in your Premiere Pro if it doesn’t then you can
just simply import the file from where you saved it now drag it to your
timeline now place it to its previous position so it looks like as if the guy
takes the clone away similarly just repeat these steps as
many times as you require hit on export frame save the image and open it on
Photoshop crop it save it again and load it to premiere and then place it
to where you want and let’s do this one more time you can either do this for a
forward clone trail where the subject eats up the clone or you can reverse
this effect by rearranging the clips to the other side then it will seem as if
the subject is leaving the clone as he goes by, if this video helps then
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video and for any questions you can DM me on Instagram thanks for watching guys
and I’ll catch you in the next one till then hasta la vista

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  1. Bruh! You can do this effects extremely easily by just using Luma Key… No photoshop needed!😂✌🔥

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