FREEZE FRAME CLONE TRAIL by Ariana Grande in Premiere Pro
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FREEZE FRAME CLONE TRAIL by Ariana Grande in Premiere Pro

August 27, 2019

[Pop music] Hey guys! My name is Jordy for
and you’re watching Copy Cat Friday where we recreate a cool effect
from a creator, music video or film, and today we are having a look at
this effect right here from Ariana Grande, the light is coming! [Cinecom’s Intro music] Ariana Grande came out with a brand new
music video that plays back in a forest. And, at a certain moment, you would
see these multiple poses of her, which is kind of a future
trail of her movement. Pretty cool, and that is what we’re
going to recreate today in this video. But first, a big shout out to Videoblocks
which is a growing library of stock footage, video effects, animations,
templates and so much more. We’ve been using it for almost two years,
and having always access to so many video assets,
has helped us on ton of projects. The cool thing is that you only
have to pay one price per year, which allows you to download
unlimited files! For more information, click the
first link in the description below! [Pop music fades in] This right here is the
Spekular light, guys, it comes with these building blocks
so you can create your own shapes, pretty cool. The clip of Ariana Grande
plays in a forest. We are going to recreate
that in the studio, so that’s why we got ourselves
some plants! [Music] So, as you guys know, Kim my girlfriend,
she’s a speech-language pathologist and she sees a lot of children and those
children can make a drawing for her, and she uses this board-tree thing
to hang up those drawings, but I stole it! [Music] -Oh, wrong camera! [Music] So, once everything was set up
we could start shooting. We filmed everything from a tripod,
as that is the easiest way to pull off the effect. But let’s first start off
with the basics. You wanna have yourself running
around or dancing in a static shot, and that’s it. Then open up Premiere Pro and
bring the shot into your timeline. Look for the first point where you jump
in the air or take up a nice pose. Duplicate the layer here
to the track above. Trim it on the right side
to your playhead, right-clic on the clip
and choose Frame Hold. With the clip selected, head over
to the opacity properties and choose the Pen tool
to draw a mask. You wanna do this around yourself and
you wanna make sure that you do this precise. It takes up a little time, but
the end result is pretty cool. Once you’re done, just play your video
and the effect should already work. You can continue now to make more of
these duplications at further time points. Trim, Frame Hold, mask
and that’s it! Now, in the music video you would
also see these echo effects, as she comes through
one of her poses. In Premiere Pro there is
actually an Echo effect, but using this didn’t turned out
the way that we hoped for. So we’re going to do it
a little bit different. Select everything in your timeline,
right-click and choose Nest. This will group everything together
in one nested sequence. Duplicate this layer three times. Now, select your first duplication and
nudge it two frames to the right. Do the same thing with the layer above,
but then nudge it four times. And the last one goes
six frames to the right. Next, change the opacity of
the first duplication to 40, the second duplication to 30
and the last one 20. Add a cut to all of your duplications
when you’re jumping into your pose. Go a little bit further and
add another cut. Do this for every pose
that you’ve created prior. Once you’re done, add a cross-dissolve
to all of those duplications to let them fade in and out. Since these ghosts are laying on top,
it will cover your subject too much. And that’s why I’m going to create
a rough mask on the first duplication around the back of myself. This can be pretty rough and you wanna
feather the mask as well. Enable Animation for the mask path and
move the mask a little bit with the movement. This mask has to be the same
for all of the duplications, so, copy the one that you just created
and paste it to the others. The ghosts look a little bit
too sharp, which is why I’m going to add a Gaussian
blur to each duplication as a final touch. And that already gives you
the proper ghosting effect, but… …we can take it even a step further
and add a little RGB Glitch effect into it. Select everything in your timeline
and nest it again. Duplicate that nested sequence
again three times and nudge each duplication
like we’ve done before. This time you can offset
the first one for one frame, the next, two frames, and
the last one three frames. Cut around the ghosting
effect for all the layers. The three on top can be trimmed
to only cover the effect. The layer on the bottom, which you’ve
cut around, can be removed. What we’re now going to do is extract the
channels red, green and blue from each layer. We can do this with
the Color Balance effect. For the first layer, I’m going to set red and
green to 0, and blue to maximum. For the next duplicate, I set blue and
red to 0 and green to maximum, and finally the last one I set red
to maximum and the rest to 0. We’ve now extracted the channels, but
we wanna blend them back together as we only wanna see
small areas of this glitch. And that’s why I’m setting the blend mode
of all these duplications to Screen. Pretty cool now is that you won’t
see the separate channels as long as all the clips are equal. Once there’s an offset, like if you would
change the position of one of these clips, those channels will reveal themselves. And because we’ve nudged the clips
by a couple of frames in the beginning, the movement has an offset which
adds that RGB glitch in there. Since it was furthermore
shot on a tripod, the background doesn’t change and thus
you only see the glitch on your subject. Since it was all shot from a tripod, you
could add a fake camera motion to it by animating the position and scale or adding one of our free
handheld presets to it. [Music] That was it again! Thank you
guys so much for watching, Thank you videoblocks for the support, and like always: stay creative! [Cinecom’s music] -That’s how they do it
at the club right now. -No, Lorenzo, that’s not how
they do it at the club right now! -This is how they do it at the club.

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  1. When I did this I first would see a black outline for one frame when the skater I was using would "jump" into his first freeze. I got rid of it by eliminating the dissolve on the first copy (2nd video layer on the nested sequences sequence). Was I missing a step or something? Anyone else have this issue? Other than that Thank you very much for this tutorial. Took me a few tries but in the end came away with a better understanding. Love all your stuff! Keep up the good work!

  2. a practical demonstration in Adobe Premiere is very quick and not very detailed. You've got worse. There were tutorials when you described the procedure in more detail, today it's just about your presentation that you know how to repeat a strange idea.

  3. Hey Jordy! Watched your skillshare classes as well as almost every video on the channel. Amazing job and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
    I have a question regarding this one. After making second copy of original shot and position keyframe for it, i simply CAN NOT create mask. When I select it, premier does not show it. Please help! Thank you!

  4. This ghost trail should have been used for the ant man and the wasp ghost tutorial you made much better haha

  5. Hey Jordy, I'm having a problem, after I mask the duplicated layer, it just plays that layer, it does not play the original layer beneath it. I hope you will help me out here

  6. Cool tutorial, thanks! I've been wanting to know how to do this since I first saw it in the music video for 4Minute's "Crazy", back in 2015 (over 3 years before Ariana Grande's MV).

  7. Im trying to find a particular video on your channel that you did same transition like you did on this video at 2:05 you did the transition outside where your third guy walked through a three and the second shot was on a bike

  8. In the past I have used nesting a lot in big project files but it started causing crashing issues. Do you guys have any tips for being able to nest a lot of clips with out overwhelming your project file? I am on a PC with a Nvidia 1070

  9. Hello
    help me please.
    I collected the clip in raw in Adobe and wanted to transfer to the after-effect.
    But after the effect, the raw camera opens and he himself changed the color of the video!
    What is the problem help please can not open the raw format in the after-effect

  10. I really like you tuto 👊I learned so much.but when you get in APremier it’s too fast for me .can you go slowly sometimes

  11. Your tutorials are great…But as someone who is new to the software, a lot of the tips are complicated for a newbie. Please slow down and explain individual steps instead of blowing through the info as if I know what you're talking about.

  12. wow i love the lighting you guys setup please share with us …the tips for light filters and positioning tips!!!

  13. if the ideal is too teach us then be a bit easy AND slow remember we watch these videos ON-LINE and here in Africa its expensive to WATCH videos ON-LINE
    this is just a request from a a subscribe to this lovely channel

  14. You do a lot of hard roto masking work in premiere, while in after effects by rotobrush tool it can be done in 2 seconds.
    I understand, that you dont want to open AE and most of your subscribers also, but you can show such opportunity.
    But thanks a lot for your videos!

  15. I think it was done first by 1Direction..But you guys are the FRIGGIN BEST!! You taught me more than my teacher in computer class!

  16. I’ve been watching your tutorials. The instructions is a bit too fast for beginners like me, so hopefully I’ll catch up one day.

  17. Hey, first timer here, just starting to come to grips with Premiere pro and I need all the help I can get, thank you for this tutorial on how to do the effect.
    Just a heads up though, this has been done many times before Ariana Grande and I believe it was also done way back before digital FX were the norm.

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