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October 21, 2019

Hello creative filmmakers,
thanks for watching Orange83. Today I’ve got a very quick and easy
Premiere Pro tutorial for you. We’re going to create the following
Freeze Frame sequence effect. [Music] There are a couple of
prerequisites for this effect. First of all, you need a shot
that was taken on a tripod, or by someone with
very steady hands. If you don’t use a tripod, then you
can get strange artifacts, like this: And a clip with a high frame rate
gives the best results. 60 or 120 frames a second
would be recommended. A higher frame rate is better because
this will give you less motion blur. It is also recommended to have
the subject on the foreground with more dark colors
versus a lighter background. Last, the subject in the shot
should be moving across the frame, from left to right, for example. Okay, let’s stop wasting time and move
over to Premiere to start editing. Inside Premiere I’ve got
this clip on the timeline, it’s a clip from a woman running on
the beach from the left to the right. A few steps for this effect
are very easy. First, we need to duplicate
the video layer. We can do this by holding the Alt key
combined with the left mouse button and then drag it up
one track above. In this case we want three extra
layers on top of the original. So, I will make three copies, like this. And then we need to scrub through the timeline
to find the point for the first freeze-frame. I think this is a good frame. Then we need to right-click on the
first copy track, the second layer, and then select Add Frame Hold. This will cut the track in two parts. We don’t need the first part
so we can delete that. The second part that we kept only contains
the single frame that we just selected. Now, let’s continue on with the other
tracks and do the exact same steps. I think this is a good frame
for the second layer. Select that layer, right-click and
then select Add Frame Hold. And then delete the first part. And also the same steps for the
last track, right-click, Add Frame Hold and then delete the first part. If we playback, Premiere will
always display the track on top or highest in stack. So, now we will only see
the frozen frames, and that’s why we need
to blend the tracks. To do that, select the layer and then
move over to the Effects Control Panel. Inside the Opacity section of
the Effects Control Panel we’re going to select a blend mode. Click on the pulldown menu
and then select Darken. This will blend the darker mid-tones, the
shadows and blacks of the current track with the underlying tracks. Our main subject in the foreground
is darker than the background, which contains a lot of highlights. So, this will work perfectly
in this scenario. Let’s also select the same blend
mode for the other two tracks. Select the track on the timeline,
move over to the Effects Control Panel and then select the Darken for blend mode. Also the same option
for the last track. As you can see right away, all
the layers are now combined. And, if I give it a playback,
it will look like this: [Music] In case you have a clip
with a darker background and a lighter subject
in the foreground, you need to select Lighten
for the blend mode. This will blend the lighter mid-tones
and highlights with the underlying tracks. And you get the same results. That’s it for this quick tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did,
then please like the video, that would help a lot. Thanks again for watching and I hope
to see you back soon for more. See you next time on Orange83. [Music]

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  1. No matter how good your work is, some people are programmed to give thumbs down to your video..
    Good job Boss!

  2. Ну блять, а если объект и фон одной освещённости то жопу сосать?

  3. Thank you very much for another awesome tutorial. Goss Boss appreciates your time, your tutorials are epic we use them all the time!!!

  4. This channel deserves 10 times more views than what it gets currently… You sir, are an absolute inspiration for the community… Keep 'em coming!! 🙂

  5. I think it's better to take those frame to photoshop, isolate the person and then take the png to premiere or AE …. this is faster but it looks a little bad!

  6. Cool👌👌👌🤘 We were doing it in wrong way. So the end result was like 🙄 but this works properly. Thanks!!

  7. Awesome 👏 thank you for a new tutorial.
    I used a lot of different effects though out my videos. Check it 💯🇵🇭👌😁

  8. Hi Orange 83, just wanted to share another way to achieve this effect… I've used it in the latest music video I've produced
    At 1:08
    There I've exported the freezed frame in Photoshop and masked out the subject, then I reimported the cut out and layered it on top…
    Let me know what you think.
    Cheers, Giuseppe

  9. As I’m thinking you can’t surprise us with more amazing and easy to understand tutorials here you go again! Thanks a tons! This video is on my playlist! 😎I can’t wait to test it out ! Have a great week end

  10. I like many of your videos, but for this one, I must say that the outcome depends too much on the lighting of the background like you said. I came across another video by someone that works better…Please, this is not offending, just wanted to share knowledge… Watch this:

  11. Hi Sir! I am watching your Pr video, your videos is very affirmative but I want to say something that if you teach a bit slow your lecture,than we all beginners understand easily, and then u tell about any tool you should zoom in that tool, But I say your videos are very amazing.

  12. You make my life so much easier… Tremendous tutorials again and again… Quick… and right to the point…

  13. I love your tutorials they are very helpful but when I tried this one, my subject became see through after adjusting the blend mode. How i do i fix it please

  14. Teşekkürler. Sizden daha fazla ücretsiz Transition Pack, Title effect veya bu tarz eğitim videoları bekliyoruz 🙂

  15. How to mask the subject so it doesn't get block by the moving background? I checked your other videos and they don't show…

  16. Great tutorial, thank you.
    Now, if I want the trailing images to disappear at some point, how would that be done. I have tried turning down the opacity but you can't seem to do this after it has been blended.

  17. Thank you from the heart .. Your channel is wonderful and your lessons are very useful, continue in it and I wish you success, follow you Joseph from Iraq

  18. When I do this each frame freezes. Even when I change the opacity. Instead of flowing motion it has 3 frozen pictures. What am I doing wrong here?

  19. "in this case we have a darker foreground"
    – points at the black woman –
    jk, great vid by the way!

  20. Ok, I got a twist for ya, same video of the girl running but, instead of leaving her bodies behind her as she runs to the right, can you have them in front of her and have them blend into her as she runs to them one by one?!

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