FREEZE IN TIME Characters Freeze Frame Intro Effect Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial

September 11, 2019

Hey everybody and welcome back to Gal if
you guys are new to this channel I do Video editing Production Photo as well
as Audio tutorials on this channel and today I’m showing you how to create that
cool freeze-frame character introduction effect that you
guys saw in the beginning here and what’s really cool about this effect is
it’s a very popular tool to introduce characters in your films and kind of
comic book style action films it’s been done a lot now in addition to creating
the freeze-frame effect I also overlaid some hand-painted elements now a couple
weeks ago I made a full tutorial on how to use this awesome hand-painted
elements and title pack by smash works I’ll put a link in the description box
below so you guys can check it out what’s really great about these is you
can just drag and drop them from your essential graphics panel and they take
just seconds to use so I’ll show you how I use them in this tutorial towards the
end of the tutorial and yeah without further ado let’s go ahead and jump on
in okay so here we are in Premiere Pro the first step here is to take the stock
video clip here that I got from Envato elements of these skater guys here and
so I want to have a freeze-frame when he starts to smile so to create a new
sequence from this clip what I’m going to do is right click and create new
sequence from clip and now it’s here in the timeline so now we’re going to trim
the clip and find the moment that we want the freeze-frame to happen so I’m
just going to scrub through here and I think the moment here when he has this
nice big smile on his face is exactly where I want the freeze-frame to happen
so to do this we’re going to hit C on our keyboard to create the cut tool and
we’re just going to cut directly at this moment the next step is to create a
freeze-frame of this moment this is where we’re going to select this export
frame icon and if you do not see this here from your program panel here you’re
going to click on this button editor so you can select it and then drag it into
the menu here and then hit okay so let’s select export frame and
this is where you will export this as a PNG file you can also choose from
different files but I’m going to use PNG and I will just call this still demo for
the demo and also be sure to import this into your project panel so after you hit
OK it will appear over here as a still so if I double click you can see that
this is just a still of him smiling now there are two ways to create the
freeze-frame effect and that is to basically insert it between these two
clips so I’m just going to go back to my selection tool and I will just separate
out this clip and drag and drop this still in here so now for a moment we
will just have him still between these two clips so you can see he is frozen
and then it plays again now this is fine and all but we need to add some more
dynamism we need to cut him out now this first method requires using the masking
tool so if I move this timeline down a bit and we go up to the effect controls
panel from opacity we can actually use the pen tool here to actually create a
mask and click around him to cut him out now the problem with this method is that
it takes some time and it’s not perfect you have to zoom in here and it’s just
kind of clunky to have to do it this way so rather than using the pen tool so I’m
just going to delete this mask by hitting delete I’m actually going to use
a Photoshop and this is where the Adobe Creative Cloud really shines because
from here this this is the still it’s the .PNG file that we exported this
still that’s here in the timeline we can right click on it and edit an Adobe
Photoshop and this automatically pulls it open as its own layer now this is
where we can use the quick selection tool to select just this guy and
separate him from the background so this is where you’ll just click on an area
and you’ll see that it starts to select everywhere that you move which is much
better than having to outline around the guy in Premiere Pro now we can zoom in
on this area here and you can see that it kind of went outside so if you click
back to W which is the quick selection tool and hit the alt or the option key
you’ll see it becomes a minus symbol and you can subtract the area that you don’t
want selected so you’ll just go around and just quickly select the entire
figure of this guy just go through quickly right now and do that alright so
now that I have it selected what we want to do is separate this selection from
the background so to do that I’m going to hit command J on my keyboard or ctrl
J if you’re on a PC and you can see it creates a second layer and if I turn off
the visibility of the first layer you can see he’s cut out now it’s not
perfect here you can see some of the edges are jagged now we could use the
eraser tool to just go in and and refine some of these rough bumpy areas here
around his dreads because that’s not perfect
but we don’t really need it to be perfect and I’ll tell you why because
we’re going to apply a cartoonish stamp effect to this layer so we’re going to
go to filter go to sketch and select stamp and then this is where you can go
in and you can increase the smoothness or decrease it I’m going to decrease it
because I want as much detail as possible and you can refine this however
much you like I like more details because I like to see the lines in his
face more so I’m going to have it around 41 then hit OK now I want to add kind of
an outline around him so to do that I’m going to select the effects down here
and select stroke and this will just add a nice little outline which I can
increase which is way too much so I’m just going to have it around 5 then hit
OK now this is where the magic starts to happen so now I’m going to save this as
a PSD file so I’m going to hit file save as and I’ll just save it as still – demo
dot PSD into my stills folder that I created and hit save now this is where
I’m going to import this into my project panel and to do
that I’m just going to go up to import and I’m going to go to stills and import
the still demo PSD this one right here and hit OK and then I’m going to merge
all the layers hit OK and now we have this still which has a transparency
layer behind it and I’m going to drag and drop it to replace this still that
we have here in our sequence so just drag and drop this on top like so
and now we have him here cut out and now we can just delete this frame behind him
and we can put in a cool color mat behind it so go to a new item from the
project panel and let’s create a color mat I’m going to make a nice bright
orange color like so I think that looks pretty good and hit OK and now I can
just drag-and-drop this here and I will place it behind this clip and so now we
have him cut out with this colorful background so now when we play it back
he freezes like so and plays on so now we want to add some dynamism here so I’m
just going to roll this edit back so we don’t need too much of him playing
before delete that space like so so now we have him just for a moment and then
freeze-frame and then we can roll this clip back again here so now this is
where music comes into play now I have this great music track that I got from
musicbed that I had in the intro so I’m just going to drag and drop that down
here and this is where I take this audio layer and I expand it out make sure your
audio waveforms are visible because this is where you can start to edit to the
beat of the music if you do not see the audio waveforms here you can always go
up to the wrench tool and go to show audio waveform if that’s unchecked
you’ll see your audio like this but this is super beneficial to have them on so
at this beat here we want it to zoom in so to do that we’re going to hit C on
our keyboard for the razor cut tool cut there and then at this moment we want it
to cut again so this little section right here
we want to zoom in so we go up to the effect controls and we’ll just scale him
up a bit and move him down like so so then it jumps to make him a bit bigger
and then at this moment we can have him scaling just a little bit more like so
and move them around so now it which is pretty cool
and at this moment if we want him to scale in a little bit more again see to
cut and then we’ll just select this clip and zoom in even more so now let’s play
it back so you can see it’s just kind of a very poppy BD music so it works well
so now this is where the hand-painted elements come into play I was able to
add some more dynamism with them so again remember I have a full tutorial on
these hand-painted elements how to use them and import them into Premiere Pro
if you go up to a window and you go to a essential graphics this is where I
installed them so if I just search hand you will see after it’s done searching
that I have these hand painted elements in HD and 4k so let’s first start with
some of these hand painted elements let’s say we want like a little pop to
happen I’ll just drag and drop this down into my timeline and you’ll see I have
all these awesome little hand painted elements to choose from so let’s say I
want to have this number 4 here I’ll just go to edit this is where I’m going
to select number 4 and I will change the color to white and then I can reposition
this across and up a little bit as well as rotate this like so so it’s just next
to his head and as I scrub through you can see it’s just animating nicely like
so and as it zooms and I can duplicate this layer so I can hit the alt option
key click and drag this up and stagger it so now I have another
copy of it which I can move over on the left so it’s almost two instances of it
like so that looks pretty good and you can add some more hand-painted elements
I also added some text on top of here I just put in Bru
I think Bru is kind of like a fun slogan that Dan Mace uses in South
Africa it’s what the homie is called the other homies so I’m going to go up to
browse and go down to this HD a hand-painted type and drag and drop this
on top here and it’ll just take a second to cache and you can see says any font
HD I’m going to change this to say Bru and then I’m going to change this to be
like a blue color so it really pops on screen and you can see from different
textures I’m going to change it to the wood stamped texture so it has kind of
this grainy wood like texture and then from the placement I’m going to bring
this down over on to the right and then also rotate this a bit so it’s kind of
like on the side and also have a line wiggle enabled so that way it kind of
moves up and down see how it Wiggles there we can also scale this up a bit
so if I want the font to be a bit bigger you can do that you can also change this
to any font which is awesome so what I did was I just hit C to cut this
hand-painted type and then I deleted this extra bit at the end so then the
final effect once I go back into my project panel you can see the final
effect I added some more hand-painted elements to refine it and this is what
it looked like so you can do this to any type of video
video that you shoot of yourself you can see I also did it for this skateboarder
here I cut him out in Photoshop the exact same way that I did with this guy
here it’s a lot of fun so have fun with these tools create some cool
freeze-frame effects and I’d love to see the work that you guys are doing thanks
so much for watching this tutorial everyone if you guys have any questions
at all be sure to leave a comment below and be sure to check out that
hand-painted title pack if you guys are interested in getting one-on-one
sessions with me direct message support free templates you guys can become a
patron go to and I’ll see you guys there thanks
again for watching everyone and I’ll see you guys next time bye dear Esther here in yeah I left the
house they are deaf genders terrific average

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