Freeze video using Frame Hold options – Premiere Pro basics –
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Freeze video using Frame Hold options – Premiere Pro basics –

November 11, 2019

This video is brought to you by the brand new
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links in the video description. Hello creative filmmakers,
thanks for watching Orange83. It is time for another Premiere Pro
basics tutorial. In this video we’re going to look
at three quick ways to freeze your video using Frame Hold options. You could use this for example
to create a snapshot effect, or to extend the duration
of a title animation. And there are so many other
ways that you can use this. This is a absolute must-know
for every video editor. Now, let’s move over to Premiere
and start editing. Inside Premiere I’ve already got
a clip on the timeline, and we want to freeze the clip
right at this point. Let’s look at the first option,
which is the Frame Hold option. First you need to make sure that the time indicator
or playhead is positioned at the frame where you want to freeze the footage. Select the clip on the timeline,
right-click for video options and then select Add Frame Hold. That cuts the video track in two parts and it creates a still image of the current
frame at the point of the playhead. The duration of this image segment
is identical to the rest of the clip. And if you want you can also
extend the duration endlessly. The second option is
Insert Frame Hold Segment. Also for this one, you need to go to the point
where you want to freeze the footage. Then right-click and select
Insert Frame Hold Segment. This will also split the clip in two parts
at the position of the playhead. But Premiere will also add a two-second
freeze frame between the two parts. And this will also split and
separate the audio track. If you want you can also
extend the duration. To do this, left-click on the edge of the
clip part combined with the Control key, and then drag it to the left or the right
to increase or decrease duration. Let’s look at the third option
which is exporting a still frame. and again, for this one you also need to put the
playhead at the position where you want to export. And then here at the bottom of the Program
Monitor you’ll find this camera icon. You can use this to export a frame. First, you need to enter a name. Next, you need to select a format,
I will use the JPEG standard, which is suitable for most cases. I’ve already selected an export directory and I will also enable the option
to import it into the project. And now, when I click OK, you can see that the new still item has
appeared here in the Project Panel. You can now cut the clip
on the timeline, separate them and place
the still between the two parts. And as you can see, we’ve now
got the exact same result. And again, you can extend
the duration, if you like. And that’s it for this basics tutorial where you learned to freeze your
video with Hold Frame options. If you want to learn more advanced
techniques to freeze your footage, then you should definitely watch
my other tutorial on time remapping. Don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t
want to miss any of my future content. Thanks again for watching and I hope
to see you back soon for more. See you next time on Orange83. [Music]

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  1. Nice One bro its very helpfull im currently doing some project right now but, i cannot make a titles any presets in making titles?

  2. I enjoy your videos. They are really helpful as I am just getting started using Premiere. I would love to see a video on saving edited sequences to your computer so that you can use them in a later video( like an intro). I would also love to see the logistics of doing voice overs as you’re really good at it ( do you create the sequence then record voiceover as you’re watching the video or read from a script then put a sequence together, etc). That would be amazing.

  3. Helle Orange 83!! Please can u make a tuto to show how to have a text behind a subjet in a video ! Thanks so much!! From Africa ( Côte d'Ivoire)

  4. Thanks Orange83 for all of your videos tutorial. I am really appreciated. Can you show how to make text effect as in this video?

  5. Why would you use Frame Hold instead of Frame Hold segment? It seems undesirable for that single frame to overwrite the remainder of the clip, I'm not sure when that'd be useful.

  6. Why does adobe make it so hard to freeze the frame other os like fcpx and iMovie make everything especially simple things like Freeze Framing easy

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