From Poverty to Parliament and the Pulpit
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From Poverty to Parliament and the Pulpit

November 29, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] I was born to a teenage mother. We were not privileged
economically. Things were very tough. And so I remember
when I was age 12, they were having this
special Christmas event, and they invited the
children of my community. We were so excited as kids. Coming to the end
of the program, they will announce that
they have gifts for us. I remember the moment
I opened my shoebox, and sitting on top of
my shoebox was a Slinky. I just learned that it was
called a Slinky a short while back, but I guess you
didn’t need a manual to operate a Slinky. So just to know that
somebody loved God so much that they will
want to pack a shoebox and send for us as
children, it just caused me to develop more
interest in this church. I made the decision to commit
my life to Christ, got baptized. I became, eventually, youth
pastor for this church, and God just worked from there. That commitment that
I made to God that day when I received my
shoebox I believe is what led me to eventually
being in the senate. [MUSIC PLAYING] I saw this as an opportunity
to impact change in my nation, not for myself, but
for people like me, who grew up with me, people
who were otherwise hopeless, people who were otherwise not
able to accomplish their dream and their mission in life. But I knew that God was able to
find Devon in the bushes of St. David’s in a home
of poverty, and God was able to take me from
that home of poverty into the House of
Parliament in my country. And if God was able to do
that, how much more would He be able to do for me? And so the decision to me
was very straightforward. I will resign from the
parliament of my country to pursue the call of God. I can relate to the impact
a simple shoebox can have on the life of
a child because I am that child who received
a shoebox, whose life was transformed. It encourages me to reach
out to many children by volunteering in
Operation Christmas Child. And when I hand a
shoebox to a child, I am handing hope to that child. I am handing potential
to that child. I am handing transformation
to that child. My life was never the same
after I received my shoebox. That shoebox packed within me
something that I never knew was there. It released within
me a potential that I never knew was there. A shoebox is one thing
that all of us can do. And so I wish that people,
when they pack the shoebox, will understand
that, indeed, they are becoming heroes
for many of us. They have brought
hope to a life. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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