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  1. Amazing and very enjoyable review….
    I am going to get the canon because looks sexier!!!
    obviously i am not a Pro 😉

  2. Thanks for the review. This is very informative.
    Could you please do a review of still photography performance of the three?

  3. Only the D800 looks like it records ACTUAL 1080p material in fullframe indeed. Extremely disappointing for camera's in that pricerange. Absurd actually. I very often see DSLR's (and actual camcorders) advertised as being able to record 1080p yet more than half of the camera's almost look like they show resampled/regurgitated 720p footage, still in 2013, even in max quality settings. Good to see a clear comparison.

  4. Sir, I'm one of your fans, but not much knowledge about camera. I now am considering to buy one for documentary, occasional wedding, and some short films. Please give me advice to choose between Canon Mark III and coming Canon XA-25 prosumer camcorder. Thank you.

  5. C300 looks amazing, I just can't afford that one.
    do you think the 5D3 can be almost as good as the C300 for lowlight video?

  6. @philipbloom You probably already known about this, but just in case… the new 5DMIII firmware update now allows uncompressed HDMI output. Also via CanonRumors: "Magic Lantern has unlocked RAW video recording in the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. From early reports the quality of the video files is pretty amazing and might be better than the C300 and definitely better than the BlackMagic Cinema Camera."

  7. You can get much better anti-aliasing with (free) software. That filter really smears the image, so unless you are on a time crunch, I can't see any reason to pay for something like that.

  8. "D800 is specialty camera for resolution and optimal quality in stills and prints"

    WHAT? Isn't it what photography is all about ROFL. If i want to film i'll use the RED system thank you very much…

  9. I use Avisynth for most of my artifact correction. There's a really fantastic collection of edge-interpolation plugins (here: for dealing with really bad aliasing.

    Here's a quick example using a screen from your video comparing the mosaic filter and eedi3: < Mosaic < eedi3

    As you can see, much more detail is preserved using eedi3, especially in the window shutters.

  10. Dear cinematographer.
    Where I can found such a "Anti- moiré" filter, for my 6D?
    or something like that exists for the 6D?
    Need your help!

  11. How do you expect the Nikon D600 will perform compared to the D800 in low light video? with a lower MP count of 24.3?

  12. hello ..i just had a quick question sir , what do you think about the gopro cameras ? or even the contour ? do you think they are good to shoot video with ?

  13. I appreciate your comment. I found it helpful and I agree with you. They are different cameras for different uses. Your comment is helpful to those who are trying to decide which one to purchase or if they can be sure they have the camera that is right for them.

  14. The problem of sharpness in MKIII is the low pass filter anti aliasing, the 6D does not have this problem, but the moriré and aliasing is the same of the D800, but the sharp quality too

  15. Hi Philip,
    Now that Canon have upgraded with clean HDMI out. Can you, if possible, do a short review including your view please.

  16. Pushed my video record button on my D800 for the first time at night inside a car in a storm.Dash lights to boats focusing manually beautifull through windscreen wipers on intermitent.

  17. actually wanted to see some still image comparison, but stayed anyway .. really beautiful quality and presentation! Excellent video, amazing job!

  18. Great video!
    Well, except for the part where you fell in love with a camera while shooting in low-light whereas any normal guy would have fallen in love with Diana! 😛

    Anyway, to the point, I don't know if you've already done this but MAN I would really like to see a camera shakiness comparison!
    I mean, some stabilizers are great and some are… as if they weren't even there and since I don want /can't use a tripod or a steady-cam system for every shot, I can only rely on 60fps shooting…!

  19. Based on my impression of strengths / weaknesses (although there is some overlap) I would say D800:- fashion, studio, landscape, interiors & architectural (on tripod)

    5Dmk III: – general all rounder, weddings, indoors, gigs & concerts, travel, reportage, low light.

    D4: – Low light, indoor, sports

  20. at 6400 d4 vs d800 at 3200 i liked the d4 the over all VIDEO not cropped, i didn't like the mark at all. after all you don't see the video cropped,

  21. Hey Philip, Please could you check out my channel, and my videos. I'm a videographer and photographer where I will be sharing my short films and latest work with you. Check it out. Thanks

  22. Who is a Nikon fanboy? Me? This is biased towards Nikon? Please tell me you are joking if not is bloody hilarious! A review where I totally trash the Nikon D4 is a Nikon fanboy made review. Hiliarous insanely ridiculous! 🙂

    ALL MY REVIEWS ARE UNBIASED. How you perceive things through your eyes is your problen. Not mine.

  23. What a lovely down to earth bloke! Thanks for the great reviews,Im loving watching all your videos.Im a 5D MKIII owner,and to be honest,for stills I feel screwed by Canon giving me 1 more Megapixel! With IQ that is barely better than MK II,maybe 1.5 stops advantage at most.The only real advantage of the 5D MKIII is the faster shooting rate of 6FPS,and unlike the Nikon which grinds to a halt,the 5Ds buffer is bigger,and although it slows-it just keeps shooting-Massive advantage for wildlife etc.

  24. i do like your review .. but i see something that many reviewers miss… the d800 is better at gathering light than all the canon's out there by almost a full stop… the thing is no one shoots by iso… people shoot by exposure and the exposure that the d800 gives a say ISO 800 you will have to go to ISO 1600 or greater on the canons to get a the same kind of exposure what does that translate to cleaner video at the exposure you wanted

  25. Correct me if i'm wrong here but on the D800E the anti aliasing should be better not worse since they removed a piece to get rid of effects such as moiré and anti aliasing dude to the high amount of mega pixels..

  26. Would like to see a review of the 5D Mark III with the latest magic lantern. It's now supporting RAW video so should offer a much sharper image.

  27. Afraid i don't update reviews. Way too hard to do. They are reviews at the time they were done and must always be treated as such. Also to add
    It here is not fair on ofther cameras. Raw is a hack and not out of box. You can see coverage of it though on my blog

  28. very very cool video nobody use same lens on tutorials… probably ill not buy an expencive dslr but nice to watch this video and girl is so cute in bar 🙂

  29. Great review! Its true what you say.."why can't they make one that does it all?". This is the quest for any DSLR user, maybe one day.

  30. Hey philip i just spent the last hour and a half watching some of your reviews. I was in the works for buying the d800e but i did catch a statement where you said it wasn't superior when compared to the d800? Is there a significant difference? note i do a balanced amount of pictures and film. Thanks!

  31. Hi Juan Carlos.
    There is little difference for Video to be honest. It does have a little more moire in stills though. It's a bit unnecessary. I bought the normal one.


  32. I'm curious what you think of the new Canon 70D. Perhaps you will get your wish with a camera that does it all? The focusing system is brilliant and perhaps the first semi-usable auto-focusing system in a DSLR.

  33. I don't have much invested in glass for my Nikon film cameras, F2AS & FE but I do love my Nikon 800 flash. Would the flash work at all on the Canon? Your right, why can't they make a camera that does it all. Maybe Leica or Hasellblad does.LOL

  34. Hey Philip, I shoot mostly stills and portraits but also interested in wedding photography. I was thinking that the extra MP of the D800 would add an extra punch, though i guess the 5D Mark iii is quite capable of doing the job. Sometimes i do cover events with bits of tricky lighting and i heard that the white balance on 5D mark iii is better than the D800. I dont know whether the 6fps of 5D Mark iii would help me much, so should i go for 5D Mark iii or D800? Thanx for the awesome video 😀

  35. [Test] Nikon D800 vs D4 vs Canon 5D Mark III – Full Frame Shootout
    I just want to share the knowledge to everyone, that need for social networking. Sorry I have not commented for your early response.

  36. I am a film student, currently looking for an upgrade from my DX D7000. I decided to go with the D800 + Atomos Ninja 2 (instead of maybe the Sony NX/Blackmagic Cinema) as I am shooting stills for part time. However, as a film student, I want to shoot more video rather than photos. What will be a good lens for shooting sharp videos? 

  37. Great information and very well done, Only one problem, the young lady you used on the ISO test was way to pretty , I could not keep my eyes on the left side image.
    Dave Jones

  38. You forgot to mention or you did not notice that the video image on the Nikon D800 looks a little soft after you install the anti-aliasing filter.

    You need to revise your video because the Mark III has uncompressed HDMI out with a firmware upadte and the firmware has been available for months.  It got fixed in FW version 1.2.1 and the latest version is 1.2.3.  You should post a post-script note in your video to keep your video relevant.

  39. Hi Phillip, thanx again for your incredible Work on testing, etc. The 5DmkIII has a clean FullHd HDMI out! If you press the info button, you can switch betwen the different modis! It´s a nice clan one! 

  40. If ur getting poor images from a d800 and prime lenses, its your poor technique thats at fault, not the equipment, ….simple really.

  41. So why can these manufacturers not fix their sharpness and other problems?… because they are after your next 4,000 usd and care nothing about the previous 4,000 you spent a few months back. They will grind the rumor mill and watch the eagerness grow… anticipating their next windfall.   Sad

  42. Oh and the Canon 5D mark iii FM upgrade is done totally at your own risk,  smoke that while you count them bigger bills.  Great presentation… thanks for the education.

  43. I like how this guy said he was not a fan boy in the beginning and then said he was a Nikon fan boy (I love Nikon, I have so many of there lenses) towards the end.

  44. nikon should stick with making a camera only for pictures…canon rapes nikon in any video quality and look.

  45. Great review! Very informative, thank you for this review,im using a NiKon D7100, I use mainly for video:although im not happy with the Dx ; and rather prefer a Fx full frame.

  46. I have the d5300, honestly I would take any of these 3 cameras, expecially the 5dmk3 or the d4s. For video though, I think I would pick between the d810 and the 5dmk3 and the 7dmk2

  47. When u test gear test it properly. You don't even have a canon compatible lens on, slapping on a converter is obviously softening the image. And what is with putting that piece of plastic on the sensor. I think u r retarded

  48. Next time you decide to do a FAIR comparison spend a few extra bucks and rent the proper gear. You used a Nikon lens on a FX Canon with some cheap adapter???? Seriously?  I'm a NO fanboy of any system. I just want the sharpest images and video for my money. I personally think theses guys gather around a table and discuss what they are gonna hold back so they can ALL sell us there products. It amazes me how Canon always leads in video and Nikon always leads in dynamic range. Why with all the available technology available can't these puppet masters seem to cross the other's line? It's Nikon vs Canon or Sony vs Panasonic this is organized madness. 

  49. I want to start getting into videography and am currently doing some research on what camera I should buy. I want to make car videos which would be composed of a lot of in car perspective shots as well as exterior tracking shots. It would primarily be filmed in daylight and include a lot of wide scenery clips. Any advice on a what camera I should get. It's a bit overwhelming right now as this kind of thing is a bit foreign to me. I'm currently looking at the the A7s and the Canon 60D and 70D. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  50. I own both best worlds of Nikon and Canon, most Nikon than Canon, but when you talk about Nikon…there is only one now days…the mighty "D" series, I own two D2H,one D2X and one D3X and all other Nikons outside the "D" are just amateur cameras. Now, jumping to Canon, I own two Eos 1d mark II N and all other Canons outside the Eos1D's…ha, are just amateur cameras…sorry folks, but that is the true world we are living in today…

  51. Well I suppose maybe if all you do is shoot video with your stills camera then maybe this is a concern. You forgot to mention and show samples of still photo's where the Nikon D800 would decimate the Canon 5D. For video if you insist on buying a dslr I think you should have included the Sony 7 R. It also would decimate all three of these bodies you tested. It is a well known fact Canon has an edge on video shooting… Nikon rules the photo world. Very misleading video.

  52. I own a D800 and was considering using it for video. This review was wonderful in showing just what I wanted (and needed) to know about using that Nikon for video. So its a three and half year old review? So what … its solid information to know and quite usable info at that. Thank you Phillip for putting together the review and for leaving it up.

  53. I'm not sure if you explained this in the comments below, & I know this is fairly old. ANYWAYS… what type exact filter did you get for the D800? I'm looking to get one, & do you/can you leave it in for photos too? Please be kind.



  54. I'm from Indiana and I love to see stuff like this. There's loads of beautiful scenes in Indiana to shoot. Thanks for this Philip, really appreciate it!

  55. For the amount of money on the Nikon d800, their should be no video artifacts. Canon figured it out! The artifacts in the video shot on the D800 are unacceptable!!!! Nikon keep trying!

  56. put that studio lens on the shelf and buy a tamron then its sharp, and for filming buy a film camera , i ask my self why they put that rubbish in a photo camera

  57. still great to digest this info in 2018, mr. Bloom. I am an absolute amateur, started out in the early 70s. And just loved the D4 low light footage in the bar. Just the feel of it. Can't explain it.

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