Function Composition

September 18, 2019

this video intended to introduce the
notion of function composition now we know that we have a domain and range in some
element in the domain it can be mapped to an element in the
range by some function path there we might call that output aftereffects so half master at the facts the domain to the rate now what if we have another set and now what was our range is now our
domain in this new sat is our range than we might have some other function
taking af of tax which is now an element in our domain through an element interview range let’s call that function g sore output now is g about for that so if you step process mapped expect af of acts in jeanerette after the accident that what a composition does is turn that
into a single step that has a domain which is the domain of af at a range which is a range of g you’ll recall that g of have of acts and that’s basically what a composition
does with the fortunes of turns out to step
process into a wants that process we can actually composed functions as
many times as we want as long as the range of the function is in the domain of the
function is being put into

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