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  1. @YtubeProdigy I hope you know that SOPA is already dead… a bit late on the news, I assume? You should worry about ACTA now.

  2. you should do a heavy metal song on random things and do like sentenced to burn by cannable corpse

  3. my high five was so load in the middle of class i high fived then the teacher had to stop teaching and look over to me

  4. 0:28 – You forgot your guitar! xD – Anyway, that song was very cool. How about you making a vid covering the song "Cuban Pete" from the film The Mask?

  5. What an extraordinary talented and creative man this is. Amazing!

    Hmmm… When people are as clever as him… or as talented as, say Emily Bear the pianist,….

    … it does kinda make you wonder….

    …. what is WRONG with the rest of us

  6. But I would walk five hundred miles and I would walk five hundred more just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door.

  7. Bro I’ve been looking for this video for the longest time and I couldn’t find the name of the video or your name so I spent so long looking for you then I remembered you were in a YouTube rewind you made such good videos thank you for the good content when YouTube was great

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