Gaetz reacts to Lewandowski’s testimony before House Judiciary
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Gaetz reacts to Lewandowski’s testimony before House Judiciary

November 17, 2019

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  1. You could put the Dems in a round room and tell them there is an impeachable offense (against Trump) in the corner and we'd not hear from them for months.

  2. "False pride goeth before the fall.", with their current trajectory forget about 2020, the Democrat party will severely be crippled for decades.

  3. Ryan a had a coup to assassinate President Trump during 2016. His email is all over the internet collaborating with Pence to set the coup

  4. And yet Republicans gleefully conducted 9 pointless & fruitless investigations of Hillary Clinton in 2013-2016 purely to drag her name through the mud and sink her poll numbers.

  5. Send the army into California – Summarily execute the governor and sweep the homeless off of the streets. Return it to the rule of law. These people need 3 hots and a cot and many need medication.

  6. Nadler's handlers are the Cabal, and we all know it! Same with Schiff, Swalwell, Harris, Booker,etc, etc, etc. The Cabal calls the shots.

  7. For 2 years now I've watched Gaetz become a rising star, I think he will sooner than later be a senator and then come 2032 or 2036 it may his time to lead America

  8. Trump : I ll talk to Iran with no condition (all on tape) but hey its fake news he never said that lol and his base actually believes it. The only damage to democracy is Trump himself

  9. @ BO ticketing,  son,  you are in so far over your head, you are an embarrassment!   You really need to wake up and smell the crap the dimocrap party is spreading,  but you will remain an ignorant loud mouthpiece for your shepherd party,  good dog BO!

  10. Lou Dobbs reminds me of the old school reporters, he tells it like it is regardless of party or person. It will be a very sad day when he retires because he is the last of the real ,ethical, honest reporters. Remembering the days when every reporter was like this ,it was a great time to be able to get honest unbiased reporting every evening at 6 and 11 pm.

  11. Lewandowski behaved like a spoiled brat setting out to embarrass his parents in public by making faces, taking a tantrum, and being disrespectful to the adults in authority. If his purpose was to garner votes for a Senate run in New Hampshire, I'd say that he lost more than he may have gained. Lewandowski has run for office twice, once in Massachusetts and once in New Hampshire, and both times unsuccessfully . Little wonder. Who would vote for a smart-mouthed thug?

  12. I keep hearing How Barr,the DOJ, the most powerful justice entity in the government, is going to expose the Hillary- Mueller democratic party and it's Fisa fictional Russian Collusion-Omar's tax evasion scandal-how Epstein was really murdered-? The illegal immigrant voting scam-The Biased Media and its treasonus attacks on the President of the United States of America–ALL THIS NOT DONE? Waiting for over 3 years-and just a lot of talk? We the People elected Trump to get control of this country and Make America Great Again and now we feel like we are getting played". Get tough or GO HOME–Very Discouraged Patriot. Remember-WE elected Trump in-and we can reverse that vote. Time for the Patriots to sound off!

  13. I loved it and how Corey showed how stupid the Democrats are. It was very easy too. They usually ask the same questions knowing he can not answer. But on the other hand…Comey leaked his con relations with the president and that alone is illegal. He lied to Congress saying he did not leak that, And then he finally told the truth. The is illegal to lie the Congress, the last time I checked. He lied to the FISA courts too. That is chalked perjury. Another crime too.

  14. Corey Lewandowski was EXCELLENT is showing the Demrats in Congress how stupid, childish and trite they are in their efforts of wasting America's time, money and honor in such constant "Anti-American" hate for our duly-elected President. They should be FLAYED by their constituents and run from DC on a rail… preferably tarred & feathered for the mockery they have made of our legislative body. I have ZERO use for any (dem or gop) that makes America look like FOOLS and irrelevant idiots. One thing is for sure… I would never again (under ANY circumstances) vote for a demrat. They have pushed me from independent to PURELY & SQUARELY conservative. I may or may not vote for a Republican AFTER 2020, but a self-proclaimed dem or socialist will NEVER get any vote from me again, at ANY level… to include Congress, Senate, Governor or local. Unthinkable. I salute Mr. Lewandowski for his Americanism!

  15. Nothing ever happens in these committees anyways. They are all actors…including Gaetz. Feigned outrage. Gaetz won't do anyrhing about it. Hrs just flapping his gums. Enjoy the show folks!!

  16. It appears more and more every day the Democrats hate President Trump more than they love America

    What a absolutely great line and it is the truth

  17. Lewandowski admitted to lying to the public. He stated that he never read the Muller report but yet claims its all true. Stating that it is true, proves the point that the president did ask him to deliver that message. Its crazy how republicans have their heads in the sand…

  18. I didn’t know who Lewandowski was before this hearing! I live in California. I can’t wait to send his senate campaign money!!!
    Corey 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸! MAGA

  19. Hope and pray that Real Republicans win back the house and keep the Senate, Republicans who recognize how important it is that they must be loyal to President Trump 🙏🏼 ❤️

  20. "The entire hearing was a political sham in which Democrats engaged in what can only be described as legislative masturbation.   It was a continuation of their unbroken string of failed attempts to sell the same old snake oil in a  new bottle.
    So … while hundreds of thousands of migrants are illegally entering the country, tens of thousands of Americans are dying of opioid overdoses, gun legislation languishes, the Inspector General is investigating potential misconduct by the highest intelligence and law enforcement officials and Iran is ramping up its aggression against the civilized world, Nadler is the deer in the headlight of the @ Resistance Movement."

  21. Why won't the Demo-craps deal with the FISA applications and the report that is founded on lies. James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Sally Yates and Andrew McCabe are among others, they are not interested in confronting the corruption.

  22. We want these CRIMINALS to be REMOVED and CHARGED with TREASON once and for ALL!!
    This will send a CLEAR message to the Entire WORLD that SEDITION and TREASON will NEVER be tolerated EVER AGAIN!

  23. Lewandowski was caught admitting he lied in public and should be indicted. He looked like he was about to cry when an experienced prosecutor questioned him for over 30 minutes. This was necessary because Lew is a lying little worm trying to protect the obstruction of justice by the president.

  24. Sorry people, but my wirehaired NaddliarHund has its teeth sunk into this Kenworth Trumpmobile, & won't let go until it's peed on all 18 wheels, and stenched up America.

  25. It's abundantly clear that the Democrats are now the anti American party. They started this whole fake Russian hoax. Hillary Clinton needs to be prosecuted along with James Comey. The Democrats are a failure to the American people.

  26. Lewindowski made the dem lawyer look like a chump going cross-eyed in the end at the sheer frustration. Meanwhile Corey was laughing like a Viking at his loaded questions that he brilliantly used the to take the opportunity to advertise his no:1 best seller "Let Trump Be Trump" that can be found at all good bookstores. 😂

  27. Matt continues to play chess while the dopes in the Democratic Party sit at the table with their bag of checkers… keep it up congressman !! Checkmate in 2020 !!!!

    Baraka Obama is poison warm and rat of USA Justice and Americans. The trial has to start as soon a possible with prior authorities. Whoever comes on the power it will be innocently accused because Democrats and their own extended brunch social dressed with socio communist cloths will not rest in peace.

  29. America chooses Trump.
    Democrats begin to conspire to keep the media talking about anything but the real stories: Democrat corruption.
    Four years pass of the same behavior.
    America chooses Trump again.
    Democrats go scorched-earth because they cannot hide their crimes.
    Trump is assassinated by a leftist lunatic.
    America implodes.
    Martial law is enacted.
    Civil war ensues.
    America is ignored by the allies she once enjoyed.
    China calls in its debt to America.
    America defaults.
    China invades mainland US.
    Mandarin becomes the primary language in the new United States of China.

    Lessons learned:
    The left would rather burn it all down than sit quietly under republican leadership.
    If the left had worked anywhere nearly as hard to win elections as they did to undo them, Americans would be much better served by its leadership.

    But most importantly:
    Liars lie. Cheaters cheat. Thieves steal. Sadly, you cannot do business with any of these individuals. You certainly cannot elect them as your leaders and not suffer dire consequences.

  30. I like Matt Gaetz. The one thing he said wrong is "Democracy". We are a Constitutional Republic. That hearing was a joke and Corey Lewandowski was great, not allowing them to bully him.

  31. two shill Trump cockholsters here, Lou actually said the other day Trump has never lied and Gaetz is embarrassed daily in his hearings by witnesses

  32. The FBI has lost ALL credibility with Americans. So much corruption they're a complete joke! They allowed this to happen.

  33. Dammit!! 😎😎Gotta LOVE that Matt Gaetz!!

    Such a GREAT team; Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, Jim Jordan, Corey Lewandowski & more. Amazing Gop.

  34. Between Pompeo’s saber rattling, the Dems immigration inaction, & the Fed’s low-interest-rate policy, the USA is in the process of self destruction.

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