Galaxy S10: How to improve your composition with Shot suggestions
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Galaxy S10: How to improve your composition with Shot suggestions

October 18, 2019

How to improve your photo composition Launch camera and tap Settings Aim camera Wait for “Best shot” to appear Adjust camera until both circles line up When the guidelines stretch and disappear, the camera automatically takes the shot

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  1. One of da needed feature for people when dey r confused , is it da best shot or not 😕
    Well done #SAMSUNG👍👍

  2. If Samsung works on reducing their over exposure just a tiny bit and increasing shutter speed to reduce motion blur on moving subjects, they'd have the best camera hands down.

  3. no one is gonna talk about the guy standing still

    btw this is the original if you see someone using it tell them credits by me

  4. So what my dad was teaching me from the start of my life, composition and getting the angles right, is now accessible to everyone in their camera. That's really good to see. And the combination of that feature with the experience you earned from being thought can only produce impressive results.

  5. One of my greatest regret that I use one ui it is worst yuck please Samsung remove the one ui I am not happy with it

  6. I would like to take a moment to thank Samsung for NOT disabling the comment section like Apple did. It really shows Samsung is open for criticisms or suggestions. ☺️👍

  7. Samsung seems to start copying apple as apple makes these kinds of ads and they are also trying to copy apple ecosystem like the way samsung buds pair with samsung phones ,bixby , samsung message etc

  8. Why cant samsung lovers just be happy without the need to hate on apple…the most toxic android fanboys are the samsung ones

  9. I iPhone user but I love Samsung very nice phone always good in history👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  10. My note 9..dyring vdo calls suddenly it getscblurr for other person duevto failed fixation by front cam? HELP

  11. I love how these apple fanboys say that Samsung copies the "advertising".
    Just because the advertising is good doesn't mean that it is copied from Apple lol.

  12. LOVING MY S10+!!!! Everytime I think I've seen it all from Samsung, they do it again!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  13. Fingerprint sensor is one of the best and more secure ways to lock your phone, but the fingerprint at night is not so secure, if I pick my " girlfriend,dad,mom, sister" phone when their sleeping and just put the finger on phone, I can unlock it .

    But if you guys put a Schedule fingerprint sensor??

    I sleep normally at this time to This, and at this time to This, my phone can't be unlocked with fingerprint just with passwordor or pin…

    What you guys think ?
    Jus a idea…

  14. Why some video said that it will take photo automatically if on shot suggestion ? Please explain 🙏

  15. 4.03.2019 купил суперпрочный телефон Samsung galaxy S10 Цвет Зелёный! Вчера достал из кармана и обнаружил трещину на экране,естесно в гарантийное ремонте мне отказали!Никогда в жизни больше не куплю и никому не советую эту фирму,когда за 70000р. Телефон вкармане получает трещины.

  16. Why my S10 stopped taking the photo automatically when i line up the two circles? I think when I bought it it was automatically as soon as they lined up? How can i turn it back to automatic?

  17. Please leave a like on this comment for who wants a very night bright camera update, the very photos problem!

  18. Samsung. Why is it that whenever I take a photo (back camera) it is so sharp. No, not the good type where everything is clear. It's the type where it looks unappealing, and when I zoom in I lose quality of the photo. There should be a setting to change the quality of the front camera instead of just the video quality, it really is annoying when you want to take a great selfie and the camera will not cooperate. Focusing is an issue too, as well as overexposure and blurring random items in a specific scene. The fingerprint sensor really needs to improve as well, I don't understand how it works sometimes and others I'll have to wait thirty seconds because it failed to scan it properly. I would love to improve my photography skills and boost my creativity, but once I had taken a test photo and I saw the quality of it, I knew that it wasn't going to go well. Please, if anyone is reading this, tell me if I need to adjust settings or download apps? I've watched way too many videos about improving the quality but none of them work. Not even my night mode. I just got this phone last week and I already have a bad impression of it.

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