Galaxy S7 Edge – Screen replacement [with frame]
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Galaxy S7 Edge – Screen replacement [with frame]

October 15, 2019

Hi, I’m Christopher from iDoc, and today I’d like to show you how you can replace the display of your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This repair is kind of tricky because parts like the battery are really glued in place. You should plan on taking about 60 minutes. You need the following tools: a steel spatula, several soft picks, a suction cup, tweezers, a Phillips screwdriver and a spudger. I also recommend using a magnetic pad so you can keep your screws organized while you work. You can find the tools I mentioned in our shop, and if you get stuck on one of the steps, check out the guide with pictures on our website. You can use the comment function to ask questions. Now have fun repairing your device. Before you start the repair, it makes sense to turn off your device. Press the Sleep/Wake button and then tap the display to confirm the command. First of all, remove the tray for the SIM card and the microSD card. In this step, you remove the back cover. Heat the back cover with a heat gun or a hair dryer. Then stick the suction cup on the middle of your device and pull on it. As soon as a gap appears between the device and the back cover, insert the pick to open this gap. Insert more picks to keep the back cover from getting stuck again. Now you can unscrew the twelve screws that attach the three antennas to the device. The upper and lower antennas are for Wi-Fi and cell phone reception, and the middle antenna is for wireless charging. All the screws are the same length, so dont worry about mixing them up. If one of the screws gets stuck when youre unscrewing it, just use the tweezers to pull it out. Now remove the three antennas. Start with the adhesive strip in the lower right corner. Use the tweezers to pull it off. Then start at the top and remove one antenna after the other. For the upper antenna, insert your tool at about the level of the SIM card slot. There’s a narrow gap where you can insert the tool. Now carefully lift out the cover and then put your tool to the left of the camera. Insert your tool at about the level of the volume button to remove the middle antenna. Once you’ve detached the cover, you can fold it up and remove it. For the lower antenna, you can insert your tool at the level of the speaker. Before you continue with your repair, you should remove the battery. Insert your tool below the contact and disconnect it from the logic board. In this step, you remove the front camera. Use the spudger to disconnect the contact and then remove the camera. Disconnect the following contacts: volume rocker switch, proximity sensor, the connector for the control buttons and the two antennas for Wi-Fi and cell phone reception. Once youve disconnected all the connections, you can take the logic board out of the frame. Slowly tilt the logic board upward. As soon as you can see the connection, unplug the connector. Now you can remove the earpiece, which is glued to the display frame. Put your tool on the left side and lift out the earpiece. In the next step, you remove the proximity sensor. Slide your tool under the cable and use it to remove the sensor. Now you remove the vibration motor. Insert your tool below the motor and start with the contacts. Now you remove the audio port. First, you have to remove the screw holding the port in place. Then disconnect the contact and remove the entire port. Now remove the two antenna cables. Pull them out of their holders and disconnect them from the board. To remove the battery, you need the steel spatula. It’s better if you use the flat end, so you don’t puncture the battery. Then insert the spatula between the battery and the frame on the side. Carefully pry off the battery to detach the glue from the frame. This is pretty tough because the glue is really stuck on there. Make sure that the steel spatula never pierces the battery. The metal could cause a short circuit and cause the battery to get very hot or even explode. As soon as youve detached the battery a little on all sides, you can try to insert the steel spatula below it and detach the glue on all sides. Once the battery comes up a little, you can pull it out with your fingers. So here’s the new display. You can tell right away that there’s protective film on some of the surfaces. Let’s start with the proximity sensor. We have to take off all these pieces of film because this is where we stick on the parts to make sure they stay in place when they’re in the frame. Here’s the one for the earpiece, and here’s the opening for the front camera. Here are two thermal pads that go on the PCB. Last but not least, we have the adhesive strips for the battery. Now we can go ahead and install the battery. Make sure the flexible flat cable for the middle button doesn’t get stuck under it at the front. It’s best if you start at the bottom and slowly drop the battery in. Then press it down again so the glue will really stick. Connect the two antenna cables to the board again and route them past the battery. Now install the 3.5 mm audio port at the lower edge of the device again. Put the port through the opening in the frame. Then fasten the port to the board using a screw. Now you can put the vibration motor back in. Now you have to put the proximity sensor back in the opening. Press it on a little to make it stick well. The put the earpiece back in its place. To reinstall the logic board, first plug in the USB connector. Then tilt the board downward and guide it past the flex cables. Once its positioned properly in the frame, you can reconnect all the plugs. Now connect all the plug contacts to the logic board again. Gently and carefully press them back on. You should hear them all click softly into place. If that doesn’t work the first time, take the back off and try again. Put the front camera back in its opening and plug it to the logic board. Now connect the battery back to the logic board. Install the three antennas again. Click the lower antenna into place at the lower end of the device and then press down the antenna. Then install the middle antenna again. Then you can attach it to the device. Last but not least, install the third antenna by inserting it next to the middle antenna and pressing it down. Once you’ve installed all three antennas, don’t forget the adhesive strips. Now fasten the antenna with the twelve screws again. Now put the back cover back on. Press it on firmly so the glue will really stick to the frame. To finish the repair, put the SIM card tray back in. Now that youv’e replaced your display, it’s a good idea to test your new display. So first I remove the protective film so I can see all the details of the display. Then, of course, turn on the device. Pick any app on the display and drag it around the whole screen. If the app goes back to where it was instead of following your finger, somethings wrong with the touchscreen. If it moves around like it’s supposed to, everything is fine. Everything looks the way it should on the display, so you’re all done. Congratulations on your successful repair. This tutorial is over now. I hope you enjoyed the repair. You can use the comment function to ask questions or provide suggestions and tips. We’re always happy to help you out. See you next time.

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  1. This video is misleading. This is a full Glass/Digitizer/LCD combo replacement as a whole unit. It's not just the front glass screen. The combo pack shown costs well over $200 so it's hardly worth the $300 repair cost when you can get a used phone for less.

  2. You do not need to remove the prox sensor, vibrator, or the speaker to replace the screen. They are attached to the frame. Not the screen, and are not in the way of removing the screen.

  3. Hi … thank you so much … i desplaced the touchscreen but there are dark accidental lines on the touchscreen .
    Why ?

  4. hi my s7 edge glass was cracked but the touch seems to be working, so I gave it to service to a local vendor… he said the display needs to be replaced, I had to agree as the glass was removed already and now there is no network… I bought the phone from hongkong so I was not able to take it to the authorised showroom

  5. This sucked! I followed step by step instructions from this video, only to find……. I am only planning on replacing my "SCREEN" as worded in the title. If I needed to replace the whole "FRAME AND SCREEN" probably a good video. Watch thoroughly before disassembling anything on your phone. This video takes you deep into your phone and for what I was needing to do, probably as most of you, I just needed to replace the "GLASS" part of my phone. Now my phone is scattered and I need to put it back together and find a video that shows me how to replace my "SCREEN". Thumbs down for misleading title, and yes I should have watched it before tearing my phone apart.

  6. I had to buy an LCD and screen replacement kit for my Galaxy Edge and the vendor said that it was skill level "novice and less than 30 minutes" and that I need to just plug it in and test it before installing it because they don't accept returns if it has been installed. This video is making me realize that for $160, I should have just paid off my phone and gotten a new one. Now I wonder if I bought the right thing: a S7-Edge-G935-LCD-Screen-Digitizer-Touch-Replacement

  7. This tutorial was very useful. I bought a s7 screen with frame on aliexpress. That one came with the speaker, vibration motor.

  8. After the repair is the phone still water proof? Lcd has some cracks on it. Planning to repair it. But im afraid that the phone will loose water resist. Who ever knows please comment. Thank you. Highly appreciated.

  9. Hi i am nethaji from india
    I have small query I have s7 edge mobile display got damaged can i trust mobilesentrix to purchase s7 edge lcd display please sir let me know which is the better site to purchase lcd display

  10. it seems very doable! i never operated these things at that level so i definitely need to buy the tools as well but i think to do it. The only doubt it will be when and what i can press with my finger and with how much force to not damage anything.

  11. I did every thing you did and even bought a new battery and my phone doesn't display. But it shows all of the lights and everything is working but it's not displaying my screen can you help me out it would be appreciated thanks

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