Generator Frame and Engine Room Installation
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Generator Frame and Engine Room Installation

August 25, 2019

we moving back to her areas oh yeah
close a patch up there you cut out a piece of parkour with the size of our
generator out there get an idea where we want to mount the vMac goes from this or
its though Hey Tania notice we had a trailer set back
here nice solution for moving our egg generator and this is Harold Oh
Gerald’s upset Harold don’t be like that man okay we grind that end off so that it
can fit up into the corner here whose corner on the anklet is little rounded
so that lets you get a nice flush fit you nicely done Tony put in a cross brace
there and got the senator gravity set then just a couple of bolts to hold in
place so we can take it off so we can get the head of the engine off and a
little more maintance because the engine is locked into this frame Tony’s out here working early morning
morning he’s just in but well yeah eight home I think we drop it down the next
size down we don’t need a barrier no that’s that’s an over so let’s take out
actually its best of it but if he has some play I’m gonna put a little car
battery in so I’m gonna do when you go to jump car killing like a like a bolt
through here there and then if we do want to bigger battery we take around
about drilling holes yeah oh yeah beautiful so that’s our lifting
lug for bringing it in and out of the cargo hold or the engine room because
it’s a hatch small can’t say something that’s long so we just drop it down like
that and the one on top once we get it down inside lift it up one by one here we got a crack into the generator there
dead-drops obviously before the bolts bent I think we could take a actually
run a little while to cross it grind it down there you go you went a lot low no
there’s a job for y’all set it up that’ll be good in a gap in there I’ll
be nice for the realm my saw gorgeous that’s my neighbor doing it right
these to me um there it is the Tony what oh it’s terrible safety
switch in the bottom of it down the bottom of the make on the bottom of the
bag that yeah it’s it’s it’s in it’s in some kind of recess that it can’t get
pressed see the Rileys red Oh red light it up though oh look at that little
swish there I’d ping this crown off the bottom I think that’s with the skipping
way just like a fish Mooney joke no I’m never gonna from the tournament where
you could switch the handle to the other side I promise it as dimple in the
walnuts which is right in that dimple very studious in this batteries in
groups and we’re picking a width or a length rather that will fit a lot of
them you look at that’s in the car the whole summer
cordless Porter been Oh Oh for the porter man
so coordinates poor man I don’t like coordinates that much I do it’s always
that battery dies right at the end because you don’t have new stuff this I
do have news tunnel I like the surface I’ve never seen them
not dollar-fifty Harbor Freight yeah yeah Brian I know how these shackles
trust me I’m sorry it just took me a second damn don’t feed me breakfast I
can’t think right don’t let it fall out of the bag once it gets going in a bell
fall out hammers high performance part that’s I
suck I’m sorry to hear that I mean that
terrible physical altercation with myself we look good though now you know
help see blood pouring out anywhere I’m not sure what you do what’s it look like
this bullshit yeah front engine mounts are in now dave has
come back to rebuild the exhaust it was a little off anyway but it’s kind of pad
not communicating to people all the time she’s not going to look at it at all so
you can just upload it so you really feel being taken offense you did that
didn’t you don’t know what you’re talking about somebody out there in
YouTube land actually gave us this idea it’s gonna work out really well we’re
just putting two patties in you worked with to come along too then he lived
load up moving sideways and set it down no big deal yeah yeah there are changes on your side
but even over here the turbo is completely exposed the alternator
that’s the transmission bill there’s plenty of room to work in there there’s
oil dipstick right there needs to reach the injectors with monka fuel the
filters the starter and the other thing here but I had Mesa remembers our deck
comes up let me pull these boards out get down there easy now I love it
that’s good thank you guys appreciate it we put the engine in backwards alright
when the exhaust is on this side it’s supposed to be over there so we’re gonna
cheat and use the crane to flip it around we know we can do it with the
other stuff that takes longer seventy-four percent humidity which is
said to work with 75 there we go put it in the right way this time makes more
sense cos there’s a control box there’ll be another control panel here for
running the engine and then another one that’s an automated one will actually do
something cool if the engine loses oil pressure automatically shuts it off when
Brian and Mike are out tomorrow Bristol Motorsports that you want a good
look at his youtube channel until the excellent big wheel for his kid
and thank you to the Brisco family Cody Jackson and Amy thanks for lending data you

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  1. Like these – getting back to the old style of building things rather than marketing/talking (which I realise is important too – just no so interesting to watch)

    Loading onto the trailer and seeing it rolling down the road will be awesome!

  2. Too late now to implement, however, you could have considered fitting the gen-set top frame with bolts rather than welding… now the frame would require cutting for any significant repairs to be done…

  3. You should rename this episode โ€œ The Redneck The Geek and The Old man strike again โ€œ ! Looks kinda crowded in that compartment .

  4. Have you seen yacht reviewers describing access to a yacht engine? I'm confident S/V Seeker's engine access is plum.

  5. You do realize that with all of these air cooled (radiator, so water to air) diesel engines running and your main engine running with its non water cooled exhaust manifold, the air temperature in the engine room is going to approach you that of an oven preparing to bake a cake???

  6. YES! The DeWalt cordless portaband is epic. Just picked one up with an extended life battery, and it paid for itself on the first job.

  7. It must be nice having the electrical lights on the boat now it means you can work a little later on at night on the weekends votes coming along nicely and it'll be a joyous day when you get that thing in the water have a great day Doug and Betsey and volunteers

  8. I wonder how you're addressing the vibration and sound with all that metal in that engine room. If all systems running I can just imagine the reverberating Sound Vibrations moving throughout the ship.

  9. Great video. Got a question, though. How much will Seeker heel? I ask this because it just occured to me that the oil pick ups inside these small engines may run dry if the boat heels too much. She will only heel a lot upwind but it's a consern. Having them in the low parts of the boat will have less effect than, say, a unit up on the deck. Are you numbering the decks like a ship? Starting at the keel with #1 deck? I know, I ask the odd questions.

  10. Hey Doug, from 7:30 to about 8:15 you've got some real perty sparks flying ! Not quite Robin pretty, but dang nice all the same, and in stereo.. maybe Robin will step up her game with a partner next time ? And BART… " I suck !" Can't wait to get down there tomorrow, just packing my bag now for the 6 AM flight out of DCA tomorrow. See you soon !

  11. You're right, Doug. Bart is the world's greatest neighbor. ๐Ÿ™‚ Someday I hope to find a neighbor half as awesome as Bart!

  12. wow your new vids have changed quite a bit, and no more what did you make at the end anymore. Still I enjoy watching how your progressing. Best of luck Seeker.

  13. I bought a mag drill. They are sensitive.

    I'm over cordless anything but a cellphone. Lol

    Plenty of room to work in there. Lol

  14. Doug, next time I come by… if Iโ€™m able/lucky enough to, I want to do something more that just moving paint cans out of the garage so the tender build could begin!! Given you were recovering from a funk, and I suppose someone had to move those old paint cans so the build could begin… ah hell, Iโ€™m happy I got to help anyway I could! Keep going, I can see the port from here ๐Ÿ‘

  15. I just came across that Brisco bigwheel video, by total accident, yesterday. Now, today, I see it on your channel. Small world.

  16. 1) When someone asks if you need a bigger hammer, the answer is always "YES".
    2) It's not a girl engine, it's a transgender engine. Generators only make power because the patriarchy tells them to.
    3) I wholeheartedly approve of Taco Time.
    I know Seeker is a sailing ship, at heart, but man do I love seeing the engine room come together.

  17. If you don't mind a word from a former marine mechanic's (my dad) helper I'd advise against engine cooling solutions that use radiators. On the steel boats we worked on even with water cooled exhaust manifolds and keel coolers the temperatures would reach 130 degrees and higher inside the engine rooms. I seriously doubt a genset using a radiator won't overheat the engine even if it doesn't dangerously overheat the engine room..

  18. What about the heat off the engine affecting the generator?…could that be possible considering there's not much air flow there….

  19. Great work boys! But I gotta ask the question again Doug, are you not at all concerned about the weight of Seeker sitting on her keel like that? Or even the weight for transport? She must weigh a pretty ton now eh!


    Bryan from Vancouver

  20. Taco time ,thats my favorite part of the video, i love Tacos .just imagining how good those tacos taste .

  21. Sent here due to an Australian youtube site of a steel boat called Brupeg. They gave your site a good thumbs up. So here is a new subscriber from down under.

  22. Ur probably gonna wish that you made the whole upper framework of the generator removeable… I work on these things all the time, its super frustrating when the frame is in the way!

  23. Oh, man! That can of paint brought back some memories! Needle-gunning the bilge of a 175' yacht, treating with Ospho and painting with Amercoat is hard work!

  24. Grab old rubber bushings from some suspension parts from the junk yard and put some dampening feet on all those steel frame to frame joints. Can't hurt. Vibration from the boat hull to the frames management. The motors have there own as well of course but there not meant to be under way in the ocean. The side to side front to back tears up things when there too rigid.

  25. engines typically have a stainless steel flex joint in the exhaust system before the first solid mounting point. since seeker will flex when in sea troughs or crests a flex joint is a good idea to do to prevent at sea stress fracture and failure of the exhaust pipe. also will solve any alignment issues as a side effect. it could possibly reduce harmonics and vibration transmitted to the hull as well.

  26. That room is going to get hot running a radiator. would it be possible to put Y fittings on the gen cooling so it could be selectively tied into the fin cooler?

  27. Have you thought about a gimballed generator frame so during rough seas the generator does not trip the low oil sensor and shut down at the worst time or are you going to rely on batteries

  28. Hey Doug some hard core gear going in . i can only be jealous, looks awesome ! well done and great team work for the dream work! kind Regards Rick ( Africa dude haha )

  29. Doug. I first ran across your channel back in January 2016 (the video was you pouring lead into the keals). I was laid off work at the time and went back and watched the whole build. I am laid off work again until December and i'm very glad i managed to catch up on the last years worth of videos. This build has been an incredible journey. I can't wait to see how it works out. I'm going to do a better job trying to keep up this time!

  30. I do understand that room is tight in this vessel, but i do think having that Cummins underneath the other two engines is going to cause loads of overheat issues. You should ensure you have proper airflow in that engine compartment.

    In regards to the engine controls, that is actually what i specialize in. You should look more out there, there are options for you to have remote monitoring (from the ship's bridge). I know you think low oil pressure shutdown is cool, which it is, but there are so many more options out there that can provide so much more functionally.

  31. yep…i was on a job where we moved a 45k genny sideways then up…over a 30 foot hold…the awesome power of winches and git'er done boys!!!

  32. Since with the steel generator frame you added a lot of weight on an already heavy piece of machinery that is intended to be "semi-portable", what about doing some holes on it just to lighten it up a bit?I know you have cranes and overbuilt is always better but you never know…

  33. You might want to weld a couple of level foot holds below the deck. It will make working on the main engine a lot easier

  34. I see all these comments about heat in the engine room. Its pretty hot underneath the hood of a car. I agree with the plan of fans venting the engine room. One pulling air, one pushing air. Question about power management, will the alternator make sufficient power so that the generator only has to run when the engine is off?

  35. I was going to say you should bolt that frame together in case you ever needed to take that geny apart. Then I remembered this is Doug and he owns several grinds and he is fearless to cut something apart. LOL its all looking awesome Doug. Hi Betsy, where ever you are.

  36. Still have the Sabre I see. Awesome. My little buddy is a chipmunk named Fred. Fred comes in the garage and watches me work.

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