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Geography Now! LUXEMBOURG

October 25, 2019

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  1. When Elon's Tesla broke down he was furious because he had to rent a 98' corolla. I guess you could say he was "Mad" at "a-gas-car!" Badum tsss! ….Oh shoot. Wait. That's for the next episode. Sorry, uh… Banks, Castles and something about space mining? Enjoy LUXEMBOURG!!!
    BTW Strasbourg thing is fixed in the Flag friday episode. JFYI.

  2. @4:20: Asiatic lions are exclusive to Gir National Park in Gujrat ,India. So they are not exclusive to Africa

  3. Wow, great video fact packed and entertaining. I have to admit that clicking here, I expected a lightweight presentation but pleasantly very wrong. Keep up the great work guys.

  4. I love that when I wanted to learn about the geography of a country I could look it up and find this perfect video!

  5. Hi everyone hope you are doing well and healthy.
    I need information about Luxemburg immigration is one here from Luxembourg. Text in my what'sup.

  6. Your transitions are lame. Your channel is boring. It would be less cringe if you just presented facts and not show your face.

  7. Haha Keith makes me laugh and Noah makes me feel dumb with how he drops knowledge on me. lmao you guys are awesome keep it up.

  8. I'm Portuguese living in Luxembourg, so I speak 5 languages, which is very usual in our country 🙂
    you pronounced most of the Luxembourgish words wrong haha
    aaaand I can guarantee you that Luxembourgish and German are two different languages ! :b
    And there are so many more Luxembourgish dishes which look and taste better than the ones you showed lol
    But I'm very glad that there are actually some people around the world that know about our tiny country 🙂

  9. History and flag goes back to the Netherlands. Family Von Nassau. Same family as the king of Netherlands.

  10. When I lived in Germany, I used to drive to Luxembourg just to buy macarons at Lauderee…and drive back home.

  11. "I swear these episodes are becoming more and more like a consumer economics course." HAHA that was hilarious! 9:05

  12. You forgot to mention that Luxemburg was part of the kingdom of the Netherland and that Luxemburgish was a mix of Dutch, French and German…

  13. Luxemburgish is a german dialect, they are just afraid of beeing a Part of germany again. Luxemburg does not habe an own Language. If you are saying, the have….than switzerland, Hesse, Bavaria, saxony, austria….etc. have also their own Language.
    It is a german Dialect?!

  14. I know you covered the Netherlands. But can you do Frisia? I mean… Lower Rhine people…. Occupiers!!1one. Vee vant two heer about ouwer cuntry. bûter brea en griene tsiis

  15. Basically a luxemburger here. Letzeburgisch and our regional (moselfränkisch ["mosella frenchish"] dialect are basically the same, a person of either language could communicate with the other without realizing they are not speaking the exact same language. Sure there are quite some differences to "high german/official german" but their language overlaps >95% with a german dialect.

    Fun fact : If you see a picture from luxemburg without a gas station in it, you should know it´s fake.

  16. 4:15 climate shifts uhh that means earth was really hot in its normal condition and now it's cold
    So climate change really means " climate change back to original temperature after big snow snow"

  17. I’m going to Luxembourg for two days in September, anyone here from Luxembourg or been there with any recommendations?

  18. Funny thing is that the Luxembourgish language sounds and is written very similar to some austrian dialects. I've had conversations with collegues from Luxembourg and we don't had to switch to the standart german language, because we understood each other with dialect languages. ^^ ;D

  19. A theory for why there are so many Portuguese in Luxembourg:
    The wife of William IV Grand Duke of Luxembourg's wife was from the house of Braganza

  20. Just going to go there… Standard German is a constructed language, based on Hochdeutsch and put into place to ease communication. The same for Standard Italian, so languages CANNOT be dialects of something that is made up. By the way, the same goes for English. It is a consolidated language made up of serveral dialects and then later sprouting dialects outside of England. Almost all Germanic languages English included are more properly dialects of a proto language (Germanic or Teutonic if you prefer).

  21. Uhhh they don't hate when you say that is a dialect of German….. and the video have more views than the entire population of Luxembourg ahahah

  22. This guy is the most obnoxious and unfunny person I've ever seen. I wish he would stop trying so hard to be funny because it comes off as arrogant sometimes. But I can't stop watching these Geography Now! country videos because they are so informative.

  23. " I swear, these episodes are becoming more and more like a consumer economics course"
    Me: ….. umm that's why I'm here 😂 (well partly because I was just curious)

  24. What in the world, not mention Radio Luxembourg????? The culturspreading radio famous all over Europa between 1933 and 1992!

  25. I´m an luxemburger and no german… is understanding luxemburgisch because ist a language NOT a dialect. That makes me mad !

  26. Clearly the most powerful nation in Hoi4. Not even my new Roman Empire could conquer it…

  27. Well it‘s funny to see this video bc i‘m Luxemburgisch 😂.

    An lëtzebuergesch ass keen däitschen Dialekt !!!

    Soo it‘s true that we learn German, French and English at school but a lot of people want also to learn other languages like Spanish or Italian …. but i want to learn Russian, Danish an Finish…

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