George Stephanopoulos SHREDS Steven Mnuchin for Defending Trump’s Crazy LIES About Syria
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George Stephanopoulos SHREDS Steven Mnuchin for Defending Trump’s Crazy LIES About Syria

October 14, 2019

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  1. Minuchin's every response does not address the question. "We are ready to go at a moment's notice." Well, sir, what more do you need? Kurds are being slaughtered. "This is a very complex issue, and requires time and patience to work through. The Turk's are our NATO allies." Sir, the Kurds are being slaughtered, and they are our allies, and ISIS is escaping, and we gave no notice to anyone that we were going to not protect the Kurds, sir. What more do you need? "We are ready to go at some level at a moment's notice. Sanctions are ready at any level." Sir, yes, but when will you impose sanctions? Is it like, ten thousand dollars per dead Kurd, or what? "We are ready to go at a moment's notice." Filthy lying Piglet.

  2. This Steven Mnuchin man his voice is F***ING annoying!!!
    What a F***ING LIAR! Just like his FAT PIG RACIST BOSS!!!

  3. Trump is ready to mediate? Seriously…? Trump started this by pulling troops. WTF
    By the way, abandonment is not conditional on a time line. Abandonment is abandonment. Its not a condition.

  4. Why are they acting as if they are surprised by Turkey’s actions? The script was well known ahead of time and they prepared nothing.

  5. Well the Kurds fought your fight and now you want to tell us that it has nothing to do with you that they were there? You are not kidding us,.
    Also what you are telling us about the so called Chinese trade « agreement“ is total BS. You wish!there is nothing exciting happening.

  6. I don't know if is going to be impeachment or resigning or maybe remove of 45. The only thing I know for sure! Is that he gone leave the country in a really bad shape among our Allies. How to recover their trust and confidence.

  7. This is the worst ever example of a total disregard for people’s lives…. THE KURDS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR ISIS BEING DEFEATED!
    WTF! There are NO excuses for Trump throwing the Kurds under the bus. This so disgusting and reprehensible, probably the worst decision that Trump has ever made.

  8. Don't invite the henchmen. That would be like having Von Ribbentrop or Göring on. You can't get at them with questions, only reporting

  9. WTF is wrong with these idiots? We have our own that investigates. We don't make America great by depending on anyone except ourselves.

  10. I watched several Saturday Night Live skits before this, and it was hard to tell that this was not also an SNL skit. Sad

  11. They cant just answer simple yes or no questions without bringing a whole story into it and none of it is yes or no. Un fucking believable. They just suck trumps dick harder and harder. Soon he will turn on them. Then what.

  12. Do you think that was a perfect phone call.
    Ah duh ah ah ah ahhhhhh duh.
    What the fuck does a perfect phone call even sound like. Lmao

  13. A deal with China? He's been having a deal with China for the last 3 years. And I got a Bridge for sale.Only Idiots would believe this crap

  14. It's shocking to think the Right-wing don't care that Trump is now hiring the kids of America out as Guns for hire to any Dictator and Oppressive Governments who will pay him and his cronies . The World is looking on in Shock.

  15. I can not believe what this asshole just said!! Trump's people are liars?!! THE DEMOCRATS HAVE LIED OVER & OVER & OVER!! The Democratic party is now known as the insane party!!

  16. Amerika created 30 million more enemies by leaving the kurds at the mercy of the Turks. Think about that Amerika. 30 milion Kurds starthating you now.

    Maybe try fix this?

  17. " Very focus?" Trump never reads you 🐴sshole! , Much less spelling consequences is a poor execuse of his ineptness . . If you lie to us again shame on you twice.

  18. Did Turkish forces help with ISIS?.. NO THEY DIDN'T is turkey in cahoots with Russia?… YES THEY ARE. the Kurd's gave their lives for America. saved 10s or 1000s of American lives that would have been spent if not for the Kurd's there were only 6 American casualties in 4 years. and 13.000 Kurdish lives spent.
    when ISIS reforms in about 6 months Tramps kids should be on the front lines.

  19. What an ass!! Even Trump's got to know that all the sanctions in the world aren't going to stop Turkey now. Sanctions would take before they'd have any effect, and by that time the Kurds will be crushed and the Turks will be back home with their feet up and negotiating for the sanctions to be lifted. And no republican can see how they're being conned and lied to?

  20. This guy ZELDIN doesn't mention that Don Jr, Eric and Ivanka are doing that very thing right now? Hypocrisy at it'd finest. the
    Repuglicans should be renamed the Hypocrisy Party. and Tramp lied 672,943,748,611 times. why isn't he being punished?

  21. So here we have Mnuchin speaking of Turkey as a " Traditional NATO ally " when Trump, since taking office and when campaigning routinely disparages NATO as an obsolete Cold War relic. Just a matter of utility I guess. Use people when it suits and throw them under the bus when it suits. 
    As has happened in the case of the Kurds.

  22. Once Dildo Donald gets his fat arse kicked out the door, all his henchmen will find they are unemployable. Nobody will give them the time of day, and rightly so.

  23. Bern needs to step aside….he’s too old and as well as Warren and Biden. There’s younger viable candidates available. Look at Adderall sniffing, confused trump..

  24. Shut up with your sanctions. There are people dying stupid moron! Your president has caused this. Don't laugh! It' s a disaster and a crime!

  25. Excuses, excuses. everything was ok until your douchbag boss stock his Kentucky fried chicken fingers in the bucket
    Trump, you are such a fucked up individual. You have no idea how to do ANYTHING….NOTHING. You couldn't even keep your business up and running. You have screwed up EVERYTHING. Steven, Steven. Stop licking Trumps ass. Be a man and tell him he messed up. Co.e on Republicans wake up. How the hell are you afraid of this fat blob…You are such a bunch of PUSSIES.

  26. You're not going to get a straight answer from the republicans, gonna keep on switching and turning and going back-and-forth just to avoid answering the simple question..the game is to confuse and throw a bunch of stupid words and still wont get a straight question

  27. Every voter must consider the following question, because with regard to the 2020 election, it is the most important one!: —
    Would you like to have a President for whom NOBODY, absolutely NOBODY voted for?
    But you WILL, if you will vote for Bernie !! How come?? Because the 79 years old Bernie, who just survived a heart attack, is, (lets face the truth), very probably, not likely to serve the full term. Therefore, You will have his running mate, that he just picked by himself for V.P., and who knows who he would be, taking over as the President, and who was never scrutinized like all those who were going through that long selection process! Think about it, or you MIGHT end up, having a President for whom NOBODY voted for.
    The same about the old grandpa Biden! (BTW, Elizabeth Warren is my choice, and I think, that she would make an excellent President).

  28. Sure Trump Turd wants a process so he can delay it and delay it ! Thank Newt Gingrich for "tearing the country in half" many years ago !

  29. The Turks are already killing the Kurds and the fish sucked to the glass says we're ready to go on sanctions what good is that it takes weeks months for sanctions to do anything the turks are obviously not listening it's all BS story

  30. What the €uck is all the bull shit about taking a vote ? Just forget about it.
    Hay you mentioned everybody but evanka & husband, Donnie and the other kid ? WUT UP ?
    This guy is out of his mind. He didn't speak to the 7000 lies the orange chosen one has told. With his unmatched wisdom.

  31. Listening to Republicans is like pulling the string on a chatty Kathy doll. Same talking points.
    Maybe interviewers should talk to them like you do your teenager when you see they will not answer your yes or no question. Keep asking it over and over again.
    As soon as they ask do you believe (which is a Yes or No)
    Should a President ask a Foreign head of state to interfere in our elections by asking for an investigation in a Political opponent?

    Not one answers it!

    They go right to Biden.

    First off, they had no problem spending three years on Benghazi and after wasting all that time they came up with NOTHING. And later admitted on camera it was to impede Hilary Clinton’s election process.

    Secondly, Until Joe Biden put his hat in the ring their was zero interest on this because the issue was completely resolved in 2015. But now all of a sudden it is of major concern to the Republicans.

    Thirdly, is really of any surprise that Hunter Biden got an opportunity for a bullshit job?
    That is pretty much how many jobs are filled. Through people who know people. And we won’t mention how Ivanka and Jared got jobs with zero qualifications flying around the world on tax payer money to secure their own interests. It was reported that they made a combine $82 million dollars last year alone. Just a smigion over 600k and whatever other stock options he might of gotten.

    In my opinion the law is the law. You want to investigate Biden for crimes. Go ahead!
    The same go for Trump.

    No one is above the law.
    He had broken several as President. Time TO IMPEACH!

  32. Every time I listen to Munchkin-Mnuchin talk I think of tRump beckoning him into the oval and demanding he get on his knees and undo his zipper with his teeth. This guy is the quintessential baglick LACKIE

  33. It's only complicated, because you guys are making it up as you go along. – And your fictional narrative is falling apart as it ages.

  34. How Many heart attacks did Dick Cheney have??

    When did Alzheimer’s really set in with Reagan?

    Our current President is obese and eats McDonalds every chance he gets at 74. Anyone concerned with his health?

    Eating all that shitty food on the campaign trail probably didn’t help. Hope he refuses this time to eat the average Joe’s diet on the campaign trail this time.

  35. Trump's always going to " Shut Down " somebodies Economy … " and we can do it at a moment's notice, on his command " – which is how Trump makes all of his decisions, because he likes to watch his toadies dance.

  36. The whole TRUMP REGIME has the same look. Faces that lack real aliveness. Happens when you lie, dont have regard for respect and caring of all people. Only function in self-serving manner. Munchkin, DeVos, Pence, Pompeo on and on. It starts of course with The Don himself. The face tells everything.#phoney regard for others

  37. This is not a complicated issue! The fact is that Trump has commitments with both turkey and Trump does not giving a flying f***about the United States or it's people Trump only cares about Trump and his pocketbook and his ego

  38. The ambassador woman to ukrain has more heart, more courage, more morality, and a hell of a lot more balls than the men in our entire Congress especially Republicans!!!! While the men snivel and bow to trump, she defied him and testified anyway….you go girl women got this

  39. Maybe he should have keep our troops in place.. now Trumps responsible for this conflict and death thats going on now.

  40. F**k Nancy Pelosi… this impeachment wont go anywhere that old hag has helped Trump more than the opposite! Weak ass democrats!

  41. Mnuchin /Trump 😡 on a moment's notice, talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Mr Trump, Syria Needs You To Act Now.👮👮👮👮👮

  42. Zeldin is either an idiot a liar — the previous attorney general (Shokin) of Ukraine was not investigating Burisma in any serious way. The truth is that yes, he had an open case against Burisma (there were many open cases) — but he wasn't actively investigating it (or anything else, really) and it was only for events which occurred before Hunter Biden was even on the board. Domestic and international pressure was calling for his removal. People were protesting in the streets for his removal. There was bipartisan support in U.S. Congress for his removal. His deputy resigned and denounced him for corruption. The European Union praised Shokin's dismissal. Yes, Hunter Biden got the job because of his name — everyone knows that. But (maybe unfortunately) getting a great job because of your last name isn't a crime in any country, and we shouldn't let that fact of life be a distraction.

  43. I think T did this with lots of forethought. He will pull out the US troops then go in there with planes and heavy weaponry and annihilate all of those people ; both sides. He has no conscience. Mnuchin looks like he is almost fully hypnotized like Pompeo.

  44. Lee Zeldin can’t even answer the ?’s all he does is deflect and pitch. Furthermore per the constitution and laws the house’s oversight impeachment inquiry is only supposed to investigate the claims, they don’t have to cross examine. That is the senates job if there’s a trail once articles of impeachment have been voted on and passed. So here is another R congressman that doesn’t know the constitution and the laws of how shit works. Also for him to not even know and realize they have already passed may of those legislative bills he was talking about and they are sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk waiting to be brought to the floor and voted on in the senate. It seems all the GOP want to do is pitch misinformation and propaganda. I’m so ashamed of the GOP my party anymore and to think of what they have turned it into is sickening, I wish Lincoln, Grant, T. Roosevelt, and Eisenhower were here to see this and straighten them all out. . I know they gotta be spinning in their graves over this.

  45. How long before this pos jumps ship & saves himself from these & all the lies & crimes… they are in last ditch holy crap lie lie lie stage & it isn't helping! Don't see many going down with him lol
    Save Yourselves & Your Party… Impeach & Remove Asap or it's RipGOP ;o)
    He knows he is spewing nonsense & they all have blood on their hands smh

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