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October 19, 2019

what’s up guys I’m gonna start a new
segment on my channel that’s called Tuesday tutorial and today I’m gonna
talk about composition mainly for people who are just starting out in photography
or if you have a phone and you just want to upgrade your style of taking photos
let’s get right into it tip number one this is one of my
favorite ways to shoot it’s shooting through something or create a frame for
your subject for example if you look at these two photos of the same flag that I
took on the National Flag Day of Curacao you can see that one it’s not so
interesting because I was standing right in front of it or at the bottom of it
and I shot it up and the other one I shot through the bleachers where people
were sitting and it makes the photo even more interesting it’s like letting your
viewer feel like they were there staring with you looking at the flag tip number
two create depth the way I create depth is I use for example two subjects or two
person I let one person stand really close to me and the other person stands
a bit farther away from me and I use the person who is standing closer to me the
shoulder or the hand to create depth as if the person viewing the photo is
standing right there and looking at the person for the right it makes more of an
interesting photo if you want to take photo of your family when you’re on
vacation usually people just stand there and photograph their loved ones but if
you stand behind the crowd of person of people because if you’re on vacation in
Paris for example there’s always tourists so if you stand behind a
tourist and shoot your family farther away it makes more of an interesting
family vacation photo tip number three using the rule of thirds now the rule of
thirds means that your screen is divided into nine equal parts using two vertical
lines and two horizontal lines instead of placing your subject in the middle of
your screen you can place your subject on one of those lines for at the
intersection of two of those lines that gives your image a more balanced feeling
or it gives it a different kind of energy that’s it guys those are the
three tips that I have for you two better photos using better composition
remember you don’t really need a camera to use these tips you can also use your
phone if you have any other tips on getting better composition leave it down
in the comments below I’ll be sure to check them out and if you like this
video hit that like button subscribe to my channel follow me on Instagram and
Facebook those are in the description and I’ll see you guys in the next
Tuesday tutorial bye guys

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