Giving Australians, not a foreign monarchy, the final say
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Giving Australians, not a foreign monarchy, the final say

August 25, 2019

Did you know that the Australian
Constitution, the document that Australians live by, says you’re inferior
because you’re Australian? To find out why let’s go back to 1901. If you were
writing the fundamental rules by which Australians had to live, would you give
ultimate power to the Australian people, or to the British monarchy? When
Australia was claimed by the United Kingdom important decisions about
Australia and Australians ultimately needed to have approval from the British
Royal Family who were thought to be better than everyone else. They didn’t
trust us to make those decisions for ourselves. That’s why that even when we
were allowed to have a parliament of our own they had to get permission from the
British king or queen every time we wanted to have an election, to choose a
government, or pass a law. Believe it or not that’s still the case. Even today
our parliament still needs to get approval for laws, elections and new
governments from the British Monarchy. They get the final say. And there are
still some people that think that Australians shouldn’t be trusted to be completely
independent. But a new generation of Australians is rising up to challenge
that, to show their confidence in Australia as a forward-thinking country
that can proudly stand up for the equality of all our people, no matter who
their parents are or where they were born, to have a constitution that puts
Australians first, that gives the Australian people, not a foreign monarchy
the final say. That’s what an Australian republic is all about – giving ultimate
power to you, the Australian people.

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