Go Kart Materials: How to Build a Go Kart: Frame Materials
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Go Kart Materials: How to Build a Go Kart: Frame Materials

September 21, 2019

Hey everybody, it’s KartFab here, and today
we are going to go over all the materials you need to build own go kart from scratch.
We’re going to go over the tools you need, the go kart parts kit you need, the frame
materials, as well as all of the hardware to bolt it all together. So lets check it
out! Alright, so when you are building a go kart, you need a workbench or a flat space
to work on. I made this out of wood, and you will see why on a later video, but all you
need is a flat space. There are three power tools that you are going to need to build
a go kart. We’re going to take a look at all three right here, starting with the angle
grinder. So, basically there are a few attachments that you are going to need to put on your
angle grinder. The first is a thin wheel, the other one is thicker. This thin wheel
is called a metal cut off wheel. You are going to need about three to five metal cut off
wheels to cut your steel. This thick one is called a grinding disc, that is used to bevel
the edges and remove burrs. You are just going to need one of those. The next thing you are
going to need is a wire wheel, or a wire cup. You just need one of those, and that is what
I used to remove the rust from the frame prior to painting the frame. Yeah, so that’s pretty
much it there, and the last thing we are going to look at is the sanding disc, or flapper
disc. This is what I used to finish the grinding of the frame (bumper) after I ground down
some welds to make it look good. So yeah, thats it for the angle grinder. The second
is obviously a welder. There are three different types of welding. There are MIG, STICK, and
TIG. This first one is MIG, I would recommend it. This second one here is stick welding.
It is old school, you know what, if you have got one you can use that as well. Any method
works. Then finally, TIG welding. TIG welding is very hard to do if you are just starting
out so, I would not recommend doing that. So, stick with a MIG welder. I put a link
in the description for a nice cheap one if you need to get one. You are also going to
need a drill and some drill bits. The drill will be used to drill holes for the throttle
and brake pedal as well as a few holes in the brackets that you are going to put on
the go kart. This is optional, and you don’t need this, its an abrasive chop saw. Its really
nice to have, but not necessary. Next up is measuring tools. This is a level. Use it to
make sure your go kart is… level. You also need a tape measure, I used a razor blade,
but you can also use a marker or whatever you need to mark the steel. Then right here
is a protractor, I am using that to measure some of my angles that are not ninety or forty
five. Then I am using a combination level that will measure a ninety or a forty five
degree angle. So you can either use a protractor, or a combination level. Also, it is nice to
have a C-Clamp, angle finder, (this is super cheap, I got it for like $2 at harbor freight),
and then some nails and a hammer. This will brace the stuff that you weld together onto
your table, that is why I used wood. Next up is the go kart parts kit. This is what
I got from go power sports, and I provided a link in the description to this exact kit,
so if you got the plans and are ready to build, this is the kit that you need to get, so check
it out. So I am going to look at each part in detail. The first one is the drive wheel.
You assemble a sprocket and brake drum on it to form the drive wheel assembly. Next
is the bench seat or two seat with the seat sliders, or seat adjusters. Combined, they
let you have a short or tall rider. Then we have the remaining three wheels with the tires
and bearings. They go right on the go kart. I have the centrifugal clutch, sprocket, and
chain. When they are all installed, that is what propels the go kart forward when you
step on the gas. You need to stop, so you have a brake band and a brake drum, and when
you step on the brakes; it squeezes on the drum and lets you stop. We also have the motor
mount that lets you put chain tension on the chain. then we have tie rods, brake and gas
pedals with return springs, as well as the spindles and spindle brackets that weld right
onto the frame. Then we also have a little kill switch, so if you need to turn the go
kart off, you just flip that switch. Then we have a throttle cable for your go kart
that allows you to remotely operate the throttle from the throttle pedal; and a steering wheel,
you know, obviously because you need to steer your go kart. So, that pretty much concludes
the entire go kart parts kit that I got from go power sports, now this kit does not come
with the steel, nor the hardware (I’ll show you that next). However, you have the option
of getting an engine with it. It is a 3/4″ straight shaft, horizontal shaft engine. 6.5
hp engine. Again, the link is in the description for the kit, and the engine. Alright, so the
steel you need for your go kart build can be found at any steel yard by looking for
“steel distributors near me” on google, so the dimensions are all in the plans, but here’s
the basic materials you need. Square tubing, for the frame. 1″x1″x11 gauge. For the rest
of the frame you are going to need sheet metal (that’s 16 gauge for the floor pan). For the
remainder there’s some steel plate, which is 3/16″ thick. You can look in the plans
for all the dimensions, I’m not going to list them all out here, but they are in the description
below for the free plans. The next little bit is 3/8″ round bar used for the foot rest
as well as the retaining stud for the brake band, as well as the throttle stop and the
brake stop. This limits the travel of the brake and the throttle so it doesn’t go too
far forward, or too far back. I also have some 3/4″ x 11 gauge tubing that is used for
the steering column, or the steering shaft. I also have some 1″x1″x1/8″ angle iron for
the steering stops. Finally, I have 1/4″ round bar for the brake rod; and finally we have
hardware. The hardware I purchased separately. I got it at tractor supply, but you can get
it at any hardware store. Nuts, bolts, washers, spacers, and a cotter pin or two. Again, that
is all in the plans. So in summary, we went over the power tools, materials to measure,
go kart parts kit, steel and hardware. All of which are the materials you need to build
your own go kart from scratch. Hey everybody, thanks for watching this video. If you like
it, go ahead and give it a thumbs up and comment below. If you don’t already know, I have a
website (KartFab.com). That’s where you can download the plans, and get started on building
your own go kart from scratch. I also have a few videos out. The previous video is go
kart plans. The one we just went over is go kart materials. I also wrote an article on
that, and that is in this description here. The next one coming right up will be various
ways to cut steel, so you can get your steel ready right before you go ahead and weld.
Thanks for watching, and we’ll catch you next time.

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  1. Hi. I'm seeing many options for welders on the link you provided. Seeing all the three types as well. Any particular one you recommend?

  2. Hey! I just want to say that this video has been very helpful with the the instructions and the links. I now know everything I need to know on how to build a go kart from scratch and what tools I need. Thanks very much!!!

  3. pozdrav! imam problem ako mi netko može pomoci? potrebno mi je ovakvo kvačilo koje se nalazi na motoru ovoga video zapisa.kod nas se ne može pronaći, da li netko zna gdje bih ga mogao nabaviti i koja mu je cijene ili da mi netko nabavi pa pošalje poštom sa uplatom po prijemu pošiljke.Molim samo za ozbiljne prijedloge,javiti mi na moj faceboock profil hvala unaprijed.!

  4. Hi
    Me and my brother are wanting to try this build as a little project. We don't have the money to pay for the whole kit in 1 go so will be buying a couple of parts at a time, possibly even just 1 part at a time when needed (this will be a long project for us) however we are from the uk so can't buy the exact parts from the list. So….can you tell me, for the rims for example, can we buy any three 6" rims and one 6" drive wheel with hub? We are complete amateurs so sorry if this is a stupid question lol
    Hope you can help, thanks


  6. Safety safety safety!!!!! Face shield, leather gloves, long sleeves preferably fire retardant. Didn't read the comments but felt it was necessary

  7. So the link in the description for "welder" is capable of MiG welding? When I researched it, it says it's not capable of mig welding.. help please!

  8. TIP FOR PEOPLE WITHOUT A WELDER. legit did this with a drill, an angle grinder, with the thin wheel and a wire wheel, along with an 8" ratchet, and a 24" ratchet. I used bolts and plates for the joints.

  9. How easy it is to adapt that design to have a live axle cuz I noticed whoever was driving your homemade go kart with wet concrete the thing wanted to fishtail all the time I just see live axle as a safety issue more than a performance issue cars and cameras with her 1983 NASCAR go kart ran into the same problem with a one wheel peel. Have a great day I'm enjoying these videos

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