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Goodbye, America

September 17, 2019

Do you remember America? If you read about it in a history textbook,
you probably learned about a land of oppression, racism, sexism, income inequality, police
brutality, and imperial wars. (Aside from that, it was a great place.) That is how America is portrayed in most American
high schools and colleges—and in America’s media, films, and by its progressive politicians. In the words of filmmaker Michael Moore, America
is “a nation founded on genocide, built on the backs of slaves, and maintained through
the subjugation of women to second-class citizenship and economic disempowerment.” Is that America’s history? Is that who Americans were—and are? George Orwell understood that the most
effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of
their history. History is much more than a collection of
facts. History, and our understanding of it, tells
us who we are as a people in the same way your personal memories and experiences define
and shape who you are. Wipe out your memory, and you wipe out your
identity. When you raise a generation of Americans to
hold their country’s past in contempt by exaggerating America’s faults and ignoring
its triumphs, then they will have no respect for American institutions or the beliefs on
which the nation is based. It hasn’t always been this way. Until the last few decades, liberals and conservatives
alike shared a common understanding of America’s origins, its history, and its mission of spreading
liberty—within America and around the world. They recognized America as the country of
the Pilgrims and Jamestown, of the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence,
of the individual rights won through revolution and secured in the U.S. Constitution. This was the country of the frontier spirit
and of almost unlimited possibilities; the country that paid for the sin of slavery with
the carnage of its Civil War; of economic dynamism and endless invention; of unparalleled
individual opportunity; and the country that defeated fascism and communism in the 20th
century. Previous generations took all this for granted
and reveled in it. So what changed? Starting in the 1960s, a new, so-called “progressive,”
narrative took hold that sought not to uplift, inspire, and unite, but to demean, degrade
and divide. It sought to replace the pride of American
achievement with shame. Ironically, this all happened while America
was making extraordinary strides in civil rights—especially for minorities and women. But anything less than perfection—which
can never exist, given that every society is composed of flawed human beings—is now
considered a total failure; and victims of the past are elevated as an indictment of
the present. Along the way, all the classic American touchstones
have been undermined. According to the progressive narrative, Christopher
Columbus discovered America only to despoil it; the Founders wrote the Constitution only
to codify their ownership of slaves; the great captains of industry enriched themselves only
by exploiting the poor. American traditions that were perfectly acceptable
even a few years ago—pledging allegiance to the flag, singing the national anthem,
even saying “Merry Christmas”—have been called into question, mocked, and sometimes
banned. The outcome of this new, non-violent civil
war between those who hold America and its history in contempt and those who, without
denying its flaws, revere America, will determine the future of the American experiment—the
new history we will make. Is America a country that was built by slavery? Or a country that overcame and abolished slavery
at the cost of 600,000 lives? Is America a country of rampant discrimination? Or an accepting people in active pursuit of
a more perfect union? Is it a country of grinding exploitation? Or a land of limitless opportunity? The time has come to choose. How will you remember America? I’m James Robbins, columnist for USAToday
and author of Erasing America, for Prager University.

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  1. How is denigrating Christmas "anti-American?" Why do we Americans think that we "own" Christmas? Christmas trees are German. Mistletoe is British. Poinsettias are Mexican. And Christmas itself is Judeo-Greek. If you don't like "War on Christmas," fine – but don't turn the controversy into some patriotic proxy.

  2. Around the 3:40 mark he mentions Non violent Civil War; it dawned on me, that's exactly the proper way to see how things are…. we are in a Civil War. Hopefully more will begin to frame what's happening (been happening) in this way and start acting accordingly. Thankfully our forefathers were brave enough to take action, not only for the Civil War but many other times for example the Boston Tea Party. It's time for us to " Get Brave" and put an end to all the non-sense from the Left, not stopping with the political Left but also with Left Media, Left Education system, or any entity that is diminishing the true USA way of life. MAGA.

  3. I think it's naive to keep think the 'civil war' will always be a cold one. Horrific wars have been fought over far less than what exists today. The Revolution heated with just a 2% tea tax, not even on income, now people watch HALF their income vanish, soon to be 60%, 70%? 90%?? Will people really allow their daughters to be forced to shower with boys, be forced to pay for crimes nobody alive did to victims that are not here today? Will they gladly allow some people to rob, rape, and kill them b/c they would be locked up for defending themselves while the perpetrators always walk? Will they really sit back and let schools turn their kids against them, at the constant threat of a far-left CPS and court system? I seriously doubt it.

    While I have a lot of faith that our forefathers created an amazing system to protect us, nothing created can survive if group A have total legal immunity for any crime where group B is treated like terrorists, even mere accusations. It can't possibly survive if leftist judges become defacto dictators, the press propaganda only arm for Group A while group B loses their freedom of speech and internet access to even discuss it. Eventually, people stop putting up with it when the worst alternative becomes the only alternative. This is wy 2020 is the most important election so critical.

  4. I'm afraid we might remember America as that once great country that failed to destroy the cancerous Left before the Left destroyed it. My advice: Never allow "Beta-Male" O'Rourke or anyone of those other Evil-crats "buy back" your "weapons of war". Perhaps a civil war is on the horizon. And perhaps a civil war becomes the only means by which the Left loses.

  5. America is the greatest nation on the planet…if we want to dissect the histories of 3rd world nations we will find that these nations are stuck due to corrupted regimes who do NOT subscribe to the values that make America as great as it is…warts and all, America is the greatest nation on earth.

  6. America is great but its time it acknowledges that opportunity in america is not equal. People may be created equal but unequal in their talents and thus ability to achieve a fulfilling life.

  7. Thank you for standing up for what’s right PragerU. I can’t even explain how disgusted I am with the media, I was just watching what I thought was a good show on Hulu, when I was bombarded with nauseating leftist PC progressive ideals, where the opposition (in the show) was shamed by all the other characters. I am SO SICK of that garbage being shoved into my face.

  8. One thing that seems to resonate with me as I navigate this political divide is that the US is great because of its willingness to overcome its own flaws. Despite our dark past regarding slaves or the natives, the nation as a whole strives to be better. To learn from not only the successes of our ancestors, but also their shortcomings. It's how we generally are encouraged to live as individuals. We all have highs and lows. Mistakes we wish we never made. A wise mentor once said, "Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery. But also weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher failure is." Accept the past as it happened and learn from it. Soon it ceases to be a list of pros and cons, but rather a progression of how the country grows over the years.

  9. America, the greatest nation on earth. I'm forever grateful for the opportunities this nation has given me. I'm sooooooo proud to be an American!!!!

  10. I do not agree with the progressive narrative, and love America. But the video is very obviously a neocon propaganda tool, they include the “war on Christmas” as a terrible attack on America’s image and they side step the justified accusations of Native American genocide by the left. Other than that the video is pretty legit and on point.

  11. I like a lot of the points made in this channel, but the thing about Prager is that if all they do is point fingers at the Left, the Right also becomes victims …

  12. Want to know how I will remember America? Thank Christ above I was born here. Not only was I born here but have travelled to other countries from a young age. This country is beyond decent.

  13. 0:40
    Ok, Michael Moore is a pig with 19 chins. Don't give him a platform since we know that isn't what the U.S is about or what it was founded on.

  14. America defeated fascism? REALLY? It was Soviet Union which suffered a great loss during the war. It was Soviet Union that stopped german troops on it's OWN TERRITORY. It was Soviet Union that TOOK BERLIN.

  15. Let the ARROWS fly, Americans! Enough with the use of kid gloves… BREAK the teeth of the demagogues and the ideologues NOW! Tis Time, HOah!

  16. The United States is a Land of Limited Opportunity.

    If you get an education, you are rewarded with a wider range of employment opportunities.
    If you screw off in school and do not get an education, then you get the leftovers

    If you work hard, you are rewarded with financial stability and upward momentum in the world in the form of promotions,
    and/or starting and running your own business.

    If you don't work hard, the Democrats get your votes by giving you handouts.

  17. The "captains of industry" didn't exploit their workers. They didn't force people to work for them. The workers made a voluntary choice between staying on the farm–or wherever they happened to be–and working in the factories. To those workers, the factories were a good deal. The factory owners made them a better offer than what they were getting.
    "Hey, did you hear? Old Mr. Legree is opening a widget factory in Pittsburgh."
    "Oh, darn. Now we're going to have to leave this bucolic life here in the country and go work in his grimy factory!"
    "Oh, man!! Do we have to?"
    "Yeah, bummer."

  18. Michael Moore is a Fkng idiot – if what he said is true … why then, am I 2nd generation female Hispanic with 3 degrees, military retired, own my house? He makes me sick!

  19. Turns out the same so called Liberals do the same thing in India. If not for BJP and our PM, Congress would've wiped out India's identity.

  20. We are at a crossroad that will decide if the United States of America will remain the "Land of the Free", or due to the lies taught to our children by the school system we thought we could trust, fall apart around us.

    Make no doubt about it, if the United States falls, so will the rest of the world.

    The United States, with its close to five hundred million(500,000,000) civilian owned firearms, as well as a technology advanced military, with bases around the globe, are the only thing stopping the UN from world domination & the New World Order.

    Do not think for a minute that any American citizen is part of that New Order.

    We think for ourselves, we are fierce in protecting our freedom, our very way of life. We never took things at face value, we looked the gift horse in the mouth. We wanted to know why, how, when.

    At least we used to be that way..

    We became complacent, trusting.

    After all, we lived in the greatest country in the world. Everybody wanted to move to this country and raise a family, because of the endless possibilities

    Anybody could own their own business and become rich, if they tried hard enough.

    We fell asleep.

    It is well past time to wake the sleeping giant. We already may be too late.

  21. I agree with most of what has been said, except that the Xmas celebrations in New England were illegal during parts of the 17th century. The Puritan community found no Bible justification for celebrating Xmas which has its origin in the birth of the Sun-god aka idolatry. Trees, decorations, heavy drinking, over eating, gift giving were all part of the pagan celebrations being practiced during the winter solstice long BEFORE the birth of Jesus Christ.

  22. I read about it in a history book but not the way you describe it to me US is a land of endless oportunities for a better life yet my generation not see how good they have it in there

  23. As a Canadian, I think America is the BEST neighbor we could possibly be lucky enough to have. For those to condemn her from within is a travesty!

    It is the country to which people by the thousands will risk their lives trying to get there, and not a single person has ever had to risk their life trying to leave.

  24. For the whole western life and world, 3/4 s of our women are now traitors sand 1/3 of the men. Tyranny from within. Our fathers and grandfathers went abroad to fight tyranny; it was the right thing to do. I worry the time for talk has ended.

  25. America was/is/will continue to be the hope of the world….so many of my friends who are working there have told me so many wonderful things about it…I love their progressive culture (thru their movies, music, etc)…..I wish that we Indians too progress like Americans….long live America from 🇮🇳

  26. Slaves were used as agricultural workers in the South, they didn't build anything in the South, or in any other part of the country. Slaves did not build the US, that is a lie!

  27. We as American's have MUCH more to be proud of than to be ashamed of! Every nation throughout history has blood on it's hands and we are no different. However we are ALWAYS and to this day strive to get it right!

  28. How true. Hiw sad. It's time to take these progressive movements and make them outlawed. Its time for truth and objectivism and not lies and subjectivism.

  29. Prager is kosher conservative. So don't expect it to name the interests behind the cultural revolution of "Frankfurt" School of neo-Marxism.
    Don't count on them to tell you "the secret behind communism" – who funded, who wrote the ideology, who the leaders were and what about the Western leaders who agreed behind closed doors for its expansion.
    They will never tell you who owns Hollywood, Facebook, Google and the mainstream media, that pushes for degeneracy and political correctness.
    They will pretend it's all the choice of the people who vote, without mentioning AIPAC dominantion across the political spectrum and the ability to end careers.
    They will speak of patriotism, without saying how it was hijacked by the Neocon group and how the land of the free ended up with 200 military basis all over the globe. How it got tangled in ruinous wars for others, far away from its shores, that brought the death of a million people and got America hated everywhere they took place and in nearby countries.
    They will speak of capitalism, but will never say who's in charge of the Federal Reserve and how it was turned into casino capitalism, that makes impossible saving from your own work, buying a house, having a decent work-life balance and a family, while favoring gamblers, money leneders and consumers with irresponsible behaviour.

  30. For DECADES, they've attacked every facet of America, trying to make people think socialism and centralized control are needed. They attacked the family, the economic model, meritocracy, Christianity, the schools, the language, societal norms, the idea of personal responsibility and reliance, and even the Western underpinnings of our culture, like philosophy, art, science and law. And now, they're panic-mongering about climate and pushing a malignant focus on identity politics. They're also attacking free speech, the concept of borders, the Founding documents, the Electoral College, masculinity, and even scientifically proven and OBVIOUS sex differences. They've also created violent organizations like BLM and the falsely-named Antifa to spread chaos and fear.

  31. So apparently the entire world wants to assign blame upon the United States of America for every horrible disaster/tragedy that has ever happened since the beginning of time!!!! Now, before the rest of the world launches a devastating attack against the U.S, please allow me to ask 2 questions in regards to the rest of the world. First question, if you do decide to decimate the entire U.S and then "afterwards" something else goes horribly wrong, who are you going to assign blame onto then? Final question, if you do in fact decide to destroy the U.S for whatever reason just ask yourselves one simple question, if YOU demonstrate such cruelty and suffering upon your fellow human beings then exactly how are you any better of an example of human compassion, understanding and morality?

  32. What a bunch of anti-American hogwash, Praeger U is a disgrace to this country and covering it's use of revisionist history by accusing the other side of doing the exact same thing. If you really believe this junk then you should really ask yourself why you can't handle exploring the negative aspects of our history without feeling as if you're under attack.

  33. Unfortunately America will become mexico pretty soon anyway so it doesnt matter. The American experiment will be a failed state run by cartels and corrupt 3rd world politicians.

  34. Canadian here…wishing we had the same rights and freedoms your Constitution provides, we are under soft dictatorship by a leader with 2 ethics violations, we have a charter that is abused daily. The USA is the only land of freedom.

  35. You make laugh 😂 when you guys talk about America spreading freedom and democracy around the world, just like in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq and many other countries

  36. Wasnt it american banksters who sponsored commuinism in russia? And wasnt it russia that actually went to germany and raped it? U need a bit higher level than that prager

  37. Everyone hates and demonizes america but everyone loves and wants to live there before choosing another country.
    The world is full of retardation its not just on the left.

  38. America did not defeat Fascism nor Communism, this is what you call "exaggeration" in the video. Fascism was defeated by the USSR with the help of the States (lend-lease, the second front in 1943). Communism collapsed due to its own accumulated problems and liberal leader Michail Gorbachev, mostly economic problems which were, in part, catalyzed by low oil price which was inspired by the States. So, you yourself in part engage in propaganda in this video.

  39. I don't understand how people who live here hate it so much? I have been deployed around the world to places I would not want to live. Socialism will be the death of America. It's a war on decency and values.

  40. I’m an immigrant. I see the flaws of the USA. But in comparison, the USA is a great country, the greatest I know of. I become a citizen legally for the love of it. It’s painful to see some of its own people try to destroy it with “good” intentions. No one can hurt our country unless we damage it from inside.

  41. Sad the negative spin that people insist in giving their own home land. Of course, the left values immigrants over citizens anyway, so…

  42. We need to talk about how african american’s family history was destroyed it sucks that we can’t look back and see our history

  43. USA and Europe have abolished slavery long time ago and we were the first to do it. In africa and middle east it still exists… That's why I have 0 white/western guilt.

  44. The "government" has no business having anything at all to do with education. That's what brutal communist and socialist dictatorships do.

    The public indoctrination system/scam should be done away with… Permanently.
    There is nothing wrong with a woman being a good wife and mother and staying home and raising the children while dad works to earn what the family needs. I know, some people would say there is something bad about what I just wrote, but if it was so bad, why did it work so much better for many centuries of human history before the modern industrial revolution and "women's lib" movement?

  45. hope all Americans understand what Mr. James just sed and must understand too that the Chinese government is destroying America softly

  46. Yet Michael Moore got his subject matter from America. Made money off her failures and then fails to thank her for his success given him because of her. He is no better than those he criticizes. In my opinion, just another filmmaker after a quick buck. Which is another gift from America. Anyone can come here and make money.

  47. Everyone needs to speak up when they see the far-left and their sexism and racism and hating the U.S. and point out they are the ones being sexist and racist and are acting just like the KKK from 60+ years ago ! Speak up for what is right, ALWAYS !
    Evil succeeds when good people do NOTHING !

  48. America was created by genocide and slavery and now it is run by a traitor, Nazi, lying, misogynistic, wanna be dictator, corporate raiding, environment destroying, sexual predator who is narcissistic and mentally ill and he is an idiot too.

    You can’t cover up the truth…you can only deny it.

  49. The current generation may be the last generation of a real America, if we dont fight for it. The socialist experiment will burn the constitution to the ground

  50. I wonder if WWIII will be fought in every developed country simultaneously, with right wing insurgents using guerilla tactics against their authoritarian leftist neighbors. Hopefully not, that would be pretty brutal.

  51. In Israel we grew up admiring America and everything American. Growing up in the Middle East we know the the ins and outs of the region and America is always a force for the good in the Middle East (except under Obama). Always protecting freedom against the Soviet Union who supported tyranny.

  52. Contradictory to what's being taught in CA Colleges, if America was still being run off corporations exploiting the poor and built off slavery then why would any of those things changed in the first place? What do we in the 21st century have to say about the choices and mistakes of decades/centuries prior other than to do our part in continuing growing prosperity for american citizens? You can't tell the homeless in LA to just get jobs if you don't understand why they are there in the first place OR what it's like to be in the situation first hand. Revisionist history being taught is so subjective to the whims of Professors who study, but rarely feel how hard life is or how different life was it's like an elementary school student saying early colonists should have just used calculators.

  53. I love and respect the United States, we were also taught to do that in school. No more. Now we’re supposed to be ashamed of our history and progressives are trying to erase the past—very reminiscent of Communist China during the Cultural Revolution (I bet a lot of college students today don’t even know what that was). And I’m tired of mouthy celebrities like Michael Moore criticizing America like it’s always been the worst country on the planet. But I don’t see him or any other celebrity—particularly those who threatened to leave after Trump was elected—leaving the country. Why not? Because deep down they know that they’ll never have it as good anywhere else in the world. Keep up the good work, Prague U! Your videos give me hope for this great country!

  54. fascism is the total rejection of communism and America sided with the Communists during world war II and with the exception of the Cold war we've been siding with communism ever since losing in Vietnam. furthermore the corruption of our institutions is most often the result of Jews who dominate those elite positions of power and who have a tendency to Express in subversive actions a disloyalty to the US and their fellow Americans.

  55. A lot of the stuff you said is truth but when you mentioned US defeting communism you forgot to add that the same US betrayded Poland, decieved Polish goverment and sentenced Polish people for 50 years under the communist regime after World War II.

  56. “The history of Islam…..”
    * gets dragged out of room, stoned , then tossed off nearest roof for pointing out Muhammad married a six yr old*

  57. As a Chinese who was borned in China and lived in China for 9 years, I have to say, America is what gave me happiness, and freedom of being who I am.

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