GOP Has Long Term Control Of Govt Through The Judiciary
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GOP Has Long Term Control Of Govt Through The Judiciary

February 26, 2020

Tax reform is dominating the headlines. But there’s those headlines that often keeps
us distracted from another story with potentially more catastrophic consequences. That is Republican Senator Mitch McConnell’s
plan to confirm his ninth federal judge. Joining me in a talk about this is Farron
Cousins, Executive Editor for The Trial Lawyer magazine. Farron, what does it mean for people living
in this country … We see all the appointments, one right after another. Everybody seems to be focused on Senate races,
and House races, and the White House. And right now, democracy’s being taken away
from them one judge at a time. What’s your take? Well you know, this, as you said, would be
the ninth federal judge that they’re trying to slam through this year. Donald Trump inherited over 100 vacant court
seats throughout this country that he can appoint a judge for for a lifetime appointment. And the American public has just greeted this
with a big, giant yawn. It was all about that one SCOTUS seat, you
know, the one that Merrick Garland was nominated, they didn’t let him out of committee. And then we forget about the fact that Obama
did a very poor job. And some of it was due to Republican obstruction,
no question about that. But leaving Donald Trump, the Republican Congress,
the Republican Senate, with 100 federal judgeships … Well let me help you with that just a second. Understand, there was a time where Obama had
the House and the Senate for two years. You remember that? He was … “I’ve got to reach across the aisle. I have to make friends with these folks. We have to compromise.” That’s where he lost it. And because of that, right now the federal
system is so heavily-packed with Republican appointees that they affect salaries, they
affect money issues for everybody, the economy, the environment, their health. I mean these are judges that rewrite legislation
by way of their court decisions. Right? Oh, absolutely. And again, with Donald Trump and the Republicans
having 100 of these to fill, what they’re doing right now is they’re going to these
Conservative think tanks, specifically The Federalist Society is helping to kind of put
judges in Mitch McConnell’s lap. They’re handing him lists of people and saying,
“This is a good one. This is not a good one. This is a pro-corporate. You don’t want to get this guy, he’s pro-consumer.” And that’s what they’re doing. It’s all about packing the courts with these
pro-corporate, anti-consumer judges just so that corporations have a bigger edge when
they get to court. But Farron, I remember you writing about this
years ago. And you said, “This is coming.” You kept urging Obama, urging, while he had
a chance, to appoint federal judges during that two year period of time when he could’ve
gotten it done. And he just acted like, “We’re going to get
along. These are just the first two bumpy years.” And because of this, right now they own the
Executive Branch, they own Congress, and now they’re transforming the Judiciary Branch
to where they own it all right now, don’t they? Well exactly. And again, this is the branch of government
American public does not pay any attention to. And it really is the most important, because
these people, these more than 100 people, these are lifetime appointments. This cannot be undone by the next administration. You can’t just say, “Well, in four years …” No. You just lost this court, this seat, for a
generation if not longer. Farron Cousins, thanks for joining me. Thank you.

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  1. Well done Trump voters, because of you everyone gets screwed, yourselves included 👏
    MAGA my ass…
    Hope you Trump idiots feel the backlash the hardest than everyone else who didn’t vote Trump.

  2. All Media cot Up in Trump PROMO antics & not what going on in GOV on Both Sides Corruption & Fascism Same OLD $$ different Century & Lifetime Appointment NOT Good any More

  3. We all should be storming the gates, even trump supporters guys he has screwed all of you, all Americans should be joining together to finally take back our rights, freedoms and country!

  4. only way we can beat the republicans is a revolution if they take all the judicial seats. Take back democracy through a armed revolution.

  5. How can he appoint ANYBODY while he's under this much investigative scrutiny? Welllllll, they may have, in essence, come to power through espionage but we can let them influence US politics for the next 50 years. Obviously it's so, so what can we, the governed, do in this instance?

  6. The truth is is that things are going to come to a head the status quo is not going to be able to continue you got a tax plan that's going to disenfranchise close to 80% of the American population. You have a health care that's going to kick at least 14 million off of Healthcare. You're taking away tax breaks from teachers who barely make enough to survive on you're going to take away food stamps and Meals on Wheels and then you're going to take away net neutrality. Another country did the same thing France and it caused the French Revolution and a lot of those Rich assholes lost her head in America where everyone and their Grandma has a gun the Outlook is not good you'll be hunting season on the Republican party that's for sure.

  7. Everytime I see Mitch McConnell's smirking smug bastard face, I keep wishing I could do what Micheal Ironside's character does in Scanners and make that evil old bastard's head explode like a geyser!!! That would crack me up for days!!!!


  9. STOP CALLING IT TAX REFORM!!!!!! It is tax GIVEAWAYS. It is tax THEFT. This is why the right wins. They give something a fake name and the dumbass left uses it. JEEEEEEZ.

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