GOP Scare Tactic – Healthcare Bill Of Rights
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GOP Scare Tactic – Healthcare Bill Of Rights

October 25, 2019

we have the republicans of course and they have at this amuses me to know
and they have come up with a health care bill of rights for senior citizens as if they work the party that fought
against social security and that fought against medicare and tried to kill those when knows what
started now also the pop were there to protect medicare atmospheres and make
sure they get dramatic on medicare as government isn’t it what happened because i thought you were
guess government-run health care let’s let medicare we’re not a protected welcome i meant is
altered to say i laugh at you for part of my past but instead you’re here to protect that
government health care that the senior citizens are getting get the republican
party baja caught uh… here are the bill of rights visit protecting medicare at from prohibiting rationing of health
care based on age well one of your protecting medicare
great this bill was evading do with uh… preventing medicare this is from
government ron insurance for people that are
younger than sixty-five number two his essays as i said prohibiting rationing of health care
based on a uh… well because this bill does not do that number three making sure the government doesn’t get
between seniors and their doctors this bill does not do that so what is this this bill of rights is a
big wave scaring senior citizens in this country sandoval where were on your site today
actually try to cover people likely cover you if
the government reiza com people like he was so happy with well all
that’ll hurt u sold beat jealous of that coverage that you’re
getting and protected and make sure no one else gets a
synthetic of rigid well you know i hope that the seniors in
this country will fall for that kind of assets uh… it before if the president of the media
for trace this uh… i’m sure that they will cover it even-handedly neutrally as if the republicans were opposed to
senior citizens getting governments iran health care in the first place and will see if any of these nonsense
like st is there are all lights as to what they claim the bill will do and what they’re protecting senior
citizens for

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  1. I miss the Eisenhower republicans. Those were respectable bastards. Stupid Goldwater and Reagan turning it into the party of the rich and the corporations and of racism.

  2. The more I review all of this stuff, the more I see that both the Republicans are using scare tactics AND those on the side of Health Reform are not trying very hard to see that there is a point once you peel back the layers of ill intent. It's not a lie for someone to be concerned that what's in the bill, while not explicitly and willfully calling for certain things, may potentially lead to those things in the long run. Problem: GOP making it seem such long-term consequence is the goal.

  3. I think I should point out, as it has been done THOUSANDS of times.

    NO ONE! EVER! EVER! Rations HEALTH CARE. EVER. In ANY modern developed country!

  4. See thats the thing. Republicans are completely against government run programs unless its something that one of them came up with. By the way Michelle Bachmann, the MN representative just said that the government should have no control over what people do with their body or with health care. However abortion is completely wrong. Hmm…

  5. But socialized medicine is a fascist system.

    Can you imagine living in a socialist backwater like Canada, where everyone is forced to live the totalitarian nightmare of knowing that they and their children will unconditionally recieve care and treatment regardless of financial standing, employment status or the opinion of private insurance companies?

    It must be just unbearable.

  6. I know what is actually being proposed – it is a half assed, half hearted plan that leaves millions still completely uninsured and caters to the insurance companies.

    I'm making the outright argument for a fucking single-payer system, because it really is the best way to go.
    1) Fuckers, I mean Republicans will declare anything at all to be socialist
    2) In Obama's own words, anything other than single payer will leave people uncovered
    3) Cut the insurance companies out of the fucking system

  7. We need Sarah Palin as POTUS RIGHT NOW instead of Obambi for she will SQUASH all attempts at healthcare reform and ensure that it remains COMPLETELY PRIVATIZED! She will also privatize Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as a way to cut all liberal spending. If any lowly male politician attempts any reform she will UNLEASH the WRATH OF GOD HERSELF onto him and EXPOSE his PUSSY for the whole world to see!

  8. u know how people at town hall call dems/obama nazis and have mr.o as a nazi….actually repulikkkans are nazis,Hiltler used "scare tactics" to the people to gain power/control and we all know what happened….its kills me to see Obama fucking with these party of NO for bi-partisan.dems need to be united and get their act together and pass the bill,we didnt vote them in to compromise and be divided…..dems always do good things for the country!

  9. I am an Australian, my family is not poor and if I lose a limb and can't work for the rest of my life I know I won't need to pay a cent for any medical treatment. Medicare for all.

  10. You know, all this hyperbole about health care reminds me of the whole gay marriage issue. "If everyone else gets government health care your health care will suffer." "If everyone else can get married that damages your marriage." It's all the same nonsense.

  11. Hooray for Cenk using the word jealous correctly!
    Almost everyone gets jealousy and envy mixed up most of the time.
    (hooray for youuuuuu)
    TYT on MSNBC

  12. The second this thing doesn't someone should blow up the GOP's main office, maybe assinate a few Blue Dogs too. If progressives can't get political power even when they win elections it may be time to take it by other means.

  13. The problem is the damn media. They give these Repubicreeps airtime to spew out their bullshit. Come on people, don't you dare fall for this bullshit from the GOP scumbags.

  14. You are aware that you already pay for people to get treated, right?

    People without healthcare clearly cant be cured… until their injury gets worse and becomes an emergency when they HAVE to be treated, then you pay for their emergency treatment anyway.

    All it means is another human being had to suffer outragious amounts of pain before someone would treat them, thats disgusting!

  15. Obama won, democrats control the government. Hate to burst you bubble but us "liberal scum" are the real Americans if you wanna be literal about it. I'd just prefer to be an American who's awake and put the other bullshit aside.

  16. So the GOP wants to expand Medicare by making it nor discriminate based on age? Cool! Single Payer! I don't care what party it is, Single Payer please.

  17. Why do you think Obama has a weird vision of healthcare reform? What do you think is wrong with the various proposed plans, exactly?

  18. Seeing how the vast majority of Americans voted for him and his "vision" I would say your completely talking out of your ass.

    And before mocking someone's intelligence, you may want to learn how to spell the presidents name, moron.

  19. That must be why they voted for Obama against the morons you support. So by your own weak standards you should shut the fuck up loser.

  20. Ford was decent – perhaps the last decent Republican. It's sickening to see what the Republican party has become – a whiny, racist and cowardly group. Compare Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower to today's Republicans and you can see how low the Republicans have sunk.

  21. You complete fool you clearly can't understand numbers or sentences. You dumbass, to say the private rip off is cheaper than public health care is a lie.

  22. You also have to factor in that a good deal of republican politicians claim to be evangelical Christians. And we all know how they feel about education and social progress.

  23. Oh you're so funny! Despite being less original than Palin and more boring than death, you're so funny! Despite having bored the fuck out of everyone months ago with this pointless fucking shit, you're so funny!
    Once again, you're so funny!

  24. It's what alot of groups have to do when they're squeezed out of any means of power. Liberals won congress and the executive but were still denied power. There has to be a precedent that we won't let that stand. It's really just fixing the system by purging those who corupted it. Stalinist maybe but we were denined our legal right of rule by consent.

  25. What a bunch of idiots. We need to take this health care bill and shove it down their throats if we want to make any progress.

    With all of the fear tactics out there the truth is getting harder to find. If you would like answers visit the comment section of my profile. You will find several resources as well as ways in which you can get more involved including phone #'s.

  26. lol "cruising for chaos party" that is an awesome name for them. But if you look at what the republican party used to stand for it is totally different than what is today. Its a shame really, somewhere along the lines they adopted this money hungry-imperialist-elitist-glad thats not me-sadomasochist type banner. makes me sick

  27. maybe thats there goal to dumb down america over the generations in hope to execute an effortless & non-violent coup d'├ętat?

  28. I don't know where in hell you are "fostereric" but I'm in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and the healthcare system is awesome. I only hear whining from bitches who haven't been elsewhere…

  29. Must be pretty well off, I take it, if you can leave your country any time you get sick. I smell something fishy here.

  30. I could run up behind old people in the street with a halloween mask on and that shit still wouldn't be as fucking mean as conservatives trying to convince old people that the government is out to get them.

  31. Well, then you shouldn't have a problem with forking over thousands for a cough due to cold. What the hell is a derivative, and how would one trade it? You financial goons make a living off of naming shit weird so no one knows what the hell you really do. :

  32. Actually a lot of the best innovations have been developed through military funding. And I hate to break it to you, but the military is a socialist institution. Maybe we should privatize the military too.

  33. The Bama is melting down because is agenda is in flames and he doesn't know how to lead himself and his administration out of it. This is what we get when we elect to the presidency a neophyte who has never run a thing before. Not a state. Not a business. Not the PTA. Not a lemonade stand. This is now a problem, because he's in a job in which the only responsibility is to run things. Big, important things

  34. Well the GOP are in a pickle, they've kept their supporters stupid, so stupid that they've made them firmly against reform that would help them, whilst at the same having them support Medicare. Now they have to accommodate.

  35. That's false. Counties all over the world were working to both make a better iron long as well as a vaccine. Simply because one country beat out the rest in creating a vaccine doesn't mean their health care system doesn't work, it just meant they didn't get the vaccine made first. Socialized medicine still creates a lot of new vaccines and uses them faster then private individuals who need to find a profit motive before releasing the drugs.

  36. Yeah, its amazing people don't get that.

    Why don't we pay 'bombs & co' to go to Afghanistan and win. Cause they would give all the soldiers cheap AKs to save costs and make things efficiently, also they would level the place civilians wholesale to get the costs as low as possible.

    You explain this then talk about healthcare and the number of people the insurance companies invalidate, but they don't get it all.

    I have tried with so many examples such as 'McTeacher & co' and 'Dial-a-hose'….

  37. The funny thing is Republicans keep saying that "Health Care is not a right!" and then they go on tirades and shit.

    Then when it comes to the people who are old and their bodies are failing because of age and are closest to dying naturally… They know they need those people's votes so they go "WE WILL PROTECT THEIR RIGHT TO HEALTH CARE!" they really need to start saying what they really feel.

    "If you're old and will vote for us we'll fight for your medicare fuck the ungrateful grandchildren"

  38. are you amazed at how misinformed these people are as I am? My wifes Uncle was blaming President Obama for how expensive health insurance is. ??? I had to explain to him that rates are high because of Insurance companies raising the premiums and the cost for malpractice insurance yearly for no reason but to gouge Americans for the insurance companies huge, obscene profits.

  39. This has been going on since the Nixon/McGovern campaign. My grandparents and their friends were convinced that McGovern had a "youth agenda" that included killing off old people because his supporters thought the elderly were useless.

  40. I'm not really sure whats going on in the republican party lately. For a while now they have just been spewing out lies that the people are eating up. Lets make a list: Obama is a socialist, terrorist, communist, racist, will kill old and disabled people, will take over health care, and more.

    My point being, why aren't democrats coming out in larger numbers to denounce these lies? If they are truly democrats then they should be backing up Obama and eradicating these liese before they spread.

  41. For the record, I don't personally believe that the bill in its current state would lead to death panels, I'm simply saying that it's not technically a lie for someone to have that concern. The issue is when people state it so fact, I think people in general objectify their subjectivity too much. Just because we believe something to be the case doesn't meant that it is – especially when it comes to such large, complex systems that we can't bear witness to every aspect of.

  42. Old people believe lies, so the Dems need to come up with some lies of their own. Rename the public option the "american freedom act" who can be against something with that label? Then tell old people that republicans are trying to kill them, problem solved

  43. If only the Democrats had balls, I suppor t them and all but it's absurd that they take so much abuse from Republican fear-mongering.

  44. franksnow79, innovations can only be done through funding and if the funding comes from collective of a social body(tax payers), therefore it is a socialist institution or process.
    "None of those institutions constitute what the socialists would term the means of production"
    Taxpayers funding military research and getting a product. They dont have to constitute anything the action speaks for itself.

  45. fma891, I couldn't agree with you more. Come on Democrats, come out and expose the GOP as the damn lying scum that they are.

  46. 1. Grow up
    2. Start to Think for yourself
    3. pay the insureance comanies or pay the goverment ( Goverment has proven it can't run a system this big )
    4. Get off of you ass and work and not wating for goverment to take care of you!1

  47. i work my balls off everyday….. i can't afford insurance for healthcare. so maybe if they weren't a bunch of licenced thieves the working class might be able to afford it. the poor and the rich are set.

  48. And looking back at history Do you think the goverment can run health care ? Yes we need reform but NOT goverment run . There are alot better ways to get this under contol and it starts with the President , All elected goverment people from both sides and ALL Americans, I agree with you . The poor are set and the rich are set the middle class are the ones getting screwed. I wish you luck and hope.

  49. So you are itching to pay for insurance-companies CEO-wages, marketing, payout to shareholders, representation, investigation, service denial, etc. Totalling circa 30% overhead.

    Government run overhad: 4%.

    No go ahead and pay you sad stupid fuck.

  50. I think your head is in the sand when you say 30% overhead and the US goverment can do it for 4% wher are you getting your numbers off a cereal box Look at the track record so, if you want to call names go ahead. All I will do is to tell you go back to school or stay in school.

  51. "And looking back at history Do you think the goverment can run health care ?"

    Yes. It's called Medicare. And several other more successful and efficiently run countries rated higher by the World Health Organization.

    "The poor are set and the rich are set the middle class are the ones getting screwed."

    Sorry, the poor are set? Are you insane? The whole fucking economy is being destroyed by these people that get to charge whatever they want to hold people hostage by their own illnesses.

  52. No it can't !!! Medicare is going bankrupt ding dong, Soc/sec is going bankrupt, USPS is 10 billion debt this year alone because our leaders are stealing from it on bothsides and you want to trust them with this. We need our law makers to REFORM NOT Goverment RUN

  53. Medicare isn't going bankrupt because it's being run poorly. It's because the private industry is charging ridiculous amounts of money for prescription plans and essentially everything else it has its corrupt hands on. The politicians responsible for this mess (in other words, the ones making a fortune off of it) are the ones who are strongly in opposition of this movement and a public option. Don't you think that says something?

  54. The argument against universal healthcare in America is so badly informed.

    An American newspaper said if Stephen Hawking was British he'd be dead by now.

    1st he is British, 2nd he says he owes his life to the NHS.

    Listen to the world's most intelligent man. In America he would be dead before the real life death panel of the insurance companies, who run a monopoly on life.

    It saddens me to hear from these brainwashed remenants of people, incapable of independant though or action.

  55. America doesn't deserve medicare!
    Sorry you guys can't be saved anymore. I'll even go as far as saying it would be better not to prolong your lives.

    Sorry, sad but true.

  56. The whole uninsured 40 mil is a pointless argument. Even our insured healthcare system is broken, either by denying basic healthcare coverage in the name of big profits or in how it has driven healthcare costs through the roof.

  57. what?are you really that stupid to compare obama and bush..iraq,afganistan,torture,economy,deficit,catrina..list goes on and on..what is wrong with you?i bet you watch fox alot..i mean shiiiiitttt this is just too are probably one of those who thinks he's a socialist a nazi and not born in the us..GET THE FACTS,DONT JUST WATCH AND BELIVE EVERFREAKIN' THING YOU SEE ON TV

  58. college students unite to stop the democrats plan to mandate you to buy insurance, so you don't have to take out more student loans to pay for the illegals healthcare,wake up students this plan is to suck the money from you,you will have to pay 3yrs. before you get any insurance

  59. AHHHHHHHH i see your point why would they force you to get something that nearly everyone gets anyway and usally the people that dont get it cant afford it or already have health problems yes what dirty dirty liberal dogs offering people health insurance they can afford and giving uninsurables the change to get it

    damn they are some aweful people

  60. out of all the red dogs arguements this one pisses me off the most

    you have to insure illegals with this bill idiot

    so lets say we have it and everything is going good for this hospital, then a illegal gets into a car accident the hospital has 2 choices:

    1. treat him and eat the possibly giant amounts of money with no repayment

    2 not treat him and the family of him sue the hospital and turn it into condos and in the words of House "People die waiting for healthcare outside condos"

  61. @sapidpersona historicaly proven. yeah and europe is falling due to "socialized" healthcare… oh wait, was that the same rant given in the 60's?
    who has for 80years told you that socialism is evil?

  62. this guy is so lost.. he going to hate when the Dems lose on NOv 3.. he forgets the people rule.. also less people are watching his video's

  63. @sapidpersona You're wrong, it's USA corp. screaming propaganda.
    Fact is that the societies with the highest tax in the world are Denmark and Norway, part of a spectrum across Europe. They have become the wealthiest populations on Earth, and the most equal, highest standard of living, excellent education, health, next to no crime, highly skilled, green, socialized oil, money goes back to the people. well regulated banks, open, democratic free.
    Nowhere is perfect, but it works; a good direction.

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