GOP Strategist: Force Republicans To Take A Hard Vote On Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC
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GOP Strategist: Force Republicans To Take A Hard Vote On Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC

October 20, 2019

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  1. Impeachment is basically useless. Think about it, first congress starts an impeachment investigation, then votes on the matter, if that succeeds, it is moved to the senate where they get to vote on effectively the penalty, that is the removal of the president. Here's why that's useless, partisanship.

    It stands to reason that the party represented by the president will be in control of congress, and/or the senate. If they have congress, then like for the first two years of Trump, congress didn't investigate a blessed thing, they just ignored it all. If they have the senate, then like in the only two times congress has passed a vote to impeach a president, the senate voted against it, which everyone expects to be the case with Trump as well, even now.

    Impeachment itself has almost never been used, and has never removed a US president, the closest it came was with Nixon, where he quit before I think they had a chance to even vote on it in congress. If there's going to be something meant to control an out of control president/government, then it needs to be decided by people not directly in politics, or at least not a part of the political parties. If everyone was paying attention, the political careers of every Republican that has been giving Trump a pass on everything would already be over, regardless of how those in the senate vote, except what they count on is the wilful ignorance of the typical American, that will vote for their preferred party, no matter who is in power, and what they have been doing.

  2. It all going to boil down to timing.
    Will things drag out so far, with no time left to undergo primary elections for a different candidate? So forced to use him as the only option?
    And will Mitch pull the same stunt he did with Obama's SCOTUS nominee? Simply run out the clock and deal with a trial if the guy in the WH wins reelection?

  3. If it is based strictly on this issue, would trump still be able to be indicted for his other crimes at the same rime, later on, or does he not have to worry about that at all? Can he retire and hop on a plane to freedom like Nixon did? It doesn’t seem fair that he get away without penalty…..his crimes are outstanding in number and his attitude stinks!

  4. Beware of the wolves in sheep clothing ie so called ex-Republicans that are trying to steer you away from nominating a true progressive.

  5. So far only  o n e  person has ever been   e x e c u t e d   for treason against the federal government: William Bruce Mumford, who was convicted of treason and hanged in 1862 for   t e a r i n g    d o w n   a United States flag during the American Civil War.

  6. Dont give up Americans. We got this.. I am glad to read all the disdain for Trump finally becoming legit.We have to keep Patriotism. alive. Vote…. This will be the only concrete message to those that are greedy and corrupt, and shall fall. We as AMERICANS: #LOVEAMERICA,# LOVEAMERICANSOIL, #LoveAMERICANJOBS, # LiveAmericanBeliefs , #LoveAmericantruths


  7. Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, Waters, and the rest of the Demo rats, need to leave the Congress, or should be accused of treason. Nancy must be on drugs while the others are a bunch of thugs.


  9. Go ahead with your impeachment plans, President Trump will emerge with more power and support than you can ever imagine, however, I won't assure those in congress will be in congress after 2020 elections! Your wrap and smear campaign is at your own demise. The double standard has destroyed the Democrat Socialist Party chances, now it will be the RINO's! Our votes put President Trump in office and we're united to re elect him to his 2nd term, you don't have to like it, but you will respect it! Your 4 year war isn't on President Trump, it's on We The People and our right to elect our choice!!!

  10. 30 republican congress members that will only do what’s best for them
    I’m sure they all are that weak that’s why no member of Congress should be re elected and term limits need to be put in place

  11. Guys, lighten up on Trump. He only wanted to be president. It is every boys dream. He has demonstrated wonderful management skills:

    • Ability to keep his eyes on HIS prize, despite many obstacles
    • Ability to establish long-term financial opportunities for his children to safeguard their future
    • Ability to take risks on right wing, breathtakingly unqualified people and promote their rise.
    • Ability to keep secrets, like the Alabama hurricane threat.
    • Ability to keep his tax returns and other financial records secret.
    • Ability to look the other way while Russians tamper with U.S. elections and promote propaganda to destroy his political opponents.
    • Ability to discredit news sources critical to his agenda.
    • Ability to fund his vanity wall with diverted funds allocated for military family's housing and schools.
    . Ability to multitask, pushing toward war with Iran, while destroying EPA and Education. 
    • Ability to work at cross-cultural purposes with Muslim ban and deporting Dreamers.
    • Ability to promote the same nationalism that created both World Wars
    • Ability to disempower NATO, SEATO and EU.
    • Ability to inspire the downtrodden and the oppressed to follow him in championing HUGE tax cuts for the very wealthy.
    • Ability to deny toddlers normal childhood by placing them in cages and deporting their mothers and fathers.
    • Ability to inspire mass-murdering racial hatred to levels not seen since WW2
    • Ability to re-make the presidency from a respected institution to a “reality” TV show.

    There are many, many more, but this is Lesson One.


  12. Oh dear, you poor baby. How you freak out when someone speaks a language other than English. Run, hide under your rock. trump violated his oath of office regardless of what language I speak.

  13. The Republicans should not worry about going against Trump and go with the Democrats and vote for impeachment. They will still have Pence, a Republican, as their president. In my opinion, if there are enough Republican senators to exact the requirement for impeachment , Trump might resign before getting impeached. Pence will be the President and he might pardon Trump of all kinds of wrongdoings. I don't like this American system of pardoning. It frees people of wrongdoings for the privileged people and leave the under-privileged to rot in jail.


  15. Mike Murphy: "If it was a secret vote 30 Republican Senators would vote for impeachment." Ukraine-Gate proves that those lily-liver GOP Senators have castrated themselves and delivered their testes to their cult leader, Comrade Trump-ski. Disgusting, loathsome GOP Castrati!

  16. It would be moronic to only focus on one impeachable offense. You know the dems will botch it, which Trump would be able to say "see" and be forgiven for EVERYTHING.

  17. Lying, treasonous Trump should be impeached along with AG Barr. Barr should be disbarred, and put behind bars. Impeach and remove! !

  18. HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE PEOPLE IN THE WHITE HOUSE ADMINISTRATION – yes men – boot lickers – cover-up spin doctors? where are the honest people??

  19. So Joe Biden’s son Hunter received 50k per month on the board of the Ukrainian Energy Board in which he had zero experience. He was being investigated for corruption and Joe Biden held $1billon in aid (paid by us taxpayers) unless the investigation into his son’s corruption was stopped with the prosecutor fired. CrowdStrike which is their server / investigative company which started the Russia misinformation that trump is asking about that the DNC funded during the 2016 election to get dirt on a UScitizen…. and you think trump is corrupt?

  20. People who care about Trump, if in fact there actually IS anyone who does, should really start keeping an eye out for possible suicide tendencies. He's demonstrated how unstable he can be. He's failed at EVERYTHING he's ever tried to do. Marriage, parenting, business, now politics. He's a miserable failure. He may suddenly realize that. Worse than that…he may decide to take us all with him.

  21. Unfortunately, it's been argued that "not knowing the law is not a defense against the law". This is why Trump has an executive cabinet to inform and support. if his Cabinet is not informing him constitutionally, the cabinet's actions are Treason. If the cabinet members are supporting his unconstitutional actions, the cabinet's actions amounts to conspiring with the president in Treason acts against the United States.

  22. What does Trump have to do…shoot a man in the temple on prime time tv????? Why do Republicans want to rest their hat on this crook and die on this hill. He is a scum bag.

  23. At least Hillary isn't in jail. That would have destroyed the Democrat party. I sure hope they all keep falling on the sword to protect the queen.

  24. I foresee that Commander in Cheat will follow Republican's sacred protocol to initiate war/aka "military conflict" to deviate people's attention from problems at home. Inspiring feelings of collective patriotism have always helped mediocre government leaders.

  25. Make the democrat take a hard vote! This is a lie, just like they usually do! There is no evidence! It is going to get worse for Joe Bidden! He threatened a foreign government!

  26. VOTERS deserve the TRUTH and NOT your LIES about President Trump! You, FAKE NEWS, are trying to HIDE your EVIL and what you have been doing for the last 10 years…many are Satanist!

  27. Democrats have no impeachment plans in effect they never even sent it the House for a vote which is the law such lying p.o.s !

  28. silly to bring just one count. pickseveral with good proof and bad looks. so nobody can reject on one thing. leaving several good ones you could go at him again if this went bad.

  29. It’s ok. After he’s out, he’ll be all over the media exposing all the deep rooted corruption he knows of and suspects. Some stuff is undeniable like Biden’s long history of feathering his nests by abusing the power of office and political influence and his unpunished blackmail. He didn’t sweep this under the rug alone. Hope he writes a tell all.

  30. They had better have an airtight case in place!!! Because this rabbit has an escape hatch for everything that he does!!! One mistake and he’s never going to give up the presidency!!!

  31. Focus ..On everything so there are no ..Loopholes for escape…not just (1)
    thing….(CON & MOBSTERS knows how to get around things)

  32. After listening to this, I change my mind about going broad on the charges. I now agree that the narrow scope of one encompassing charge so that Congress members will only have the choice to Impeach or not to Impeach with no other face saving vote is best!

  33. Defections ALREADY have occurred. The Inquiry of Impeachment Team needs to subpoena EVERY single person who has exited the Trump White House administration. ESPECIALLY since there are those still there who are NOT co-operating with releasing information. There is a massive cover-up of cover-up of cover-up that has been going on for YEARS now. There is NO need for anyone in this administration to concern themselves with the 2020 elections until this corruption is extinguished and eradicated from our White House. EVERY person who has aided in the corruption must also be removed and never be allowed to partake in ANY part of leadership ever again. WE THE PEOPLE are NOT being represented. These criminals have taken the United States Government hostage and must be judged for their words and actions and punished according to their involvement. And just to be clear: Biden and his DISHONEST story-telling does NOT need to bother to try to get elected to anything. We have seen enough of aimless banter that does not even resemble truth.

  34. I think he has a point and I think this has actually been Trump's strategy….be SO LAWLESS that the dems are trying to capture everything he is doing wrong…..keep it simple….the American ppl like simple or you would not have Fox News that is what they do…they keep their propaganda very simple so you don't have to think to much.Show the American ppl who he is…..close the door….impeach

  35. Once again…hide and dodge responsibility as elected government officials is not acceptable… Either jump ship or sign on for the duration…no flip-flops …sign your name in ink to show your "loyalty" and to whom … either party , country or individual 1… Complicity is considered criminal behavior when knowledge of actual act is not reported or questioned ,if only to go on public record …True TRANSPERANCY… Silence amongst GOP base and MIA " insiders" , Ivanka and Jared speaks volumes to complicity in complete totality…no one is above the law…but also entitled to judge ,jury and your day in court…feel a sense of entitlement …your entitled to defend your personal behaviors …but remember , nowadays, you're guilty until proven innocent… especially in the public eye, concerning rampant disregard of Truth , Justice and The American Way…

  36. Why don’t those thirty just stiffen their backbones and save our democracy! It will make them feel much better!

  37. Why not make it a “ SECRET VOTE “ . Protect the Republicans who will need it? Go 218…….impeach and Arrest! let’s be more outspoken SDNY……..Trump is a Traitor. Pence is JUST AS BAD!

  38. I love the advice from your concerned Republican friend who tells you what you as Democrats should do to get the policy you like enacted even though your concerned Republican friend never wants to see go into effect smh. That like Buffalo's head coach trying to get advice from Bill Belicheck before they play on Sunday.

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