GoPro Field Guide: Resolutions, Frame Rates and FOV (Ep 2 of 3)
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GoPro Field Guide: Resolutions, Frame Rates and FOV (Ep 2 of 3)

September 13, 2019

What’s up? My name is Abe Kislevitz, this
is Caleb Farro, we’re from the GoPro Media Team, and today we’re going to go through
all the different modes in the camera, specifically the different Resolutions, the different Frame
Rates, and the different FOVs and when used correctly in different situations, it will
really maximize the quality of your video. So let’s dive in and figure out what each
one does and what the benefits are and how we can use them. So starting at the top, the
highest resolution in the GoPro is 4k. You can film 4k at 12 or 15 frames per second.
While normal video is 30 frames per second, there’s still a lot we can do with this. Since
it’s 4k, it’s huge. It looks awesome for wide panoramas something up here, a timelapse of
the sunset, anything like that will look awesome. Anything where you’re doing high action or
high movement, you probably don’t want to use 4k. Moving right down the list, we’ve
got 2.7k. 2.7k is one of my favorite modes in the camera because it’s such high resolution
crisp video and you can still film at 30 frames per second so it goes into a normal timeline.
I use 2.7k for a lot of mounted shots, anything that’s going to be steady and anything where
I know I don’t need slow motion. This interview that we’re doing right now on this camera
is 2.7k and that camera over there is also 2.7k. Perfect examples of where I can have
fluid motion, 30 frames per second video, and ultra-high resolution. There’s a couple
things we can do with the high resolution. We can either drop it into a 1080 timeline
and crop in or re-size or we can just scale it down. Moving right on down the list we’ve
got 1440. 1440 is one of our favorite modes at GoPro and we use it for everything POV.
So 1440p is essentially the same resolution as 1080p, but it’s essentially taller. It’s
a 4 by 3 aspect ratio, so it looks more like a square and you have more view above and
below what would be a 1080 file. So chest cam, head cam while we’re doing our biking
here, head cam skiing, so anything where I want to see more view above and below where
if you’re skiing you might want to see your tips of your skis and the horizon and if we’re
mountain biking, we want to see below where we can see the trail, the handlebars, and
the horizon in front of us. So next on the list is 1080p and this is one of the most
versatile modes in the camera just because it’s full HD and you can film it at 60 frames
per second all the way down to 24, so you can get that fluid slow motion if you need
it. So at GoPro we use 1080p for anything where we know we need slow motion, we film
at 60 frames per second and it’s not body mounted where we’ll need that additional above
and below the 1080p frame. So anything from follow cam skiing, mounted shots, handheld,
b-roll, car mounted shots, those are all perfect examples of when to use 1080. It’s pretty
much the best all-around mode in the GoPro so if you’re not really sure which mode to
use, I would go for 1080/60. So moving down the list we’ve got 1080 Super. Now 1080 Super
is a new mode for the HERO3+ and it’s essentially taking 1440p but squishing it down into a
1080 file and it pinches the center so the center still looks normal and it’s a little
more skewed on the outsides. What this does for you is you still get the top and bottom
vertical view of 1440, but it puts it into that standard 1080p mode. 1080p Super is great
for head cam, chest cam, or anything POV that’s going straight in front of you. Next up is
960p. 960 is similar to 1440p, but it’s a lower resolution. It’s actually pretty much
the same thing as 720p, but it has additional room above and below the frame. The benefit
of using 960p over 1440p is that it can film at up to 100 frames per second. So if you
know you want to really capture that perfect POV high action moment, 960p is your go-to.
Next we’ve got 720p and 720p is great because it can do ultra high slow motion. It can film
at 120 frames per second. So if you know you’ve got something super high action and you don’t
need the above and below frame for the POV that we like to do, then 720p is your go-to
mode. This is great for Instagram videos, for anything that you don’t really need that
high extra resolution. So next on the list is 720 SuperView and that’s a really similar
mode to 1080 SuperView, but just lower resolution. So it takes that 4 by 3 aspect ratio, the
extra view above and below the frame, and squishes it into a 720p frame. And last but
not least on the list is WVGA 240. WVGA is a lower resolution mode than 720p and it can
film up to 240 frames per second. It’s not going to look great blown up on a huge TV,
but if you’re doing something for the web or Instagram video, it’s an awesome mode to
use and just experiment with really cool slow motion effects. And now that we’ve gone through
all the resolutions and frame rates in the GoPro, the last thing that we can choose when
choosing a video mode is the FOV, which stands for Field of View. So when you’re changing
the FOV and going from Wide to Medium to Narrow, you’re essentially zooming in your video and
it does this by way of cropping in on the sensor, which isn’t the same thing as a digital
zoom, so it still retains high-quality video and at the same resolution, but it zooms in
on your footage. So at GoPro we use Wide for pretty much anything where we need that immersive
view, you really get a better sense of smoother footage if you’re using Wide. If you know
you can do some pretty smooth shots or static video, try out Medium and Narrow and just
see how it affects the video, how it zooms in and gives you a totally different field
than you’re used to with a GoPro. The one thing to consider when you’re thinking about
resolutions versus frame rates is there’s a trade off. If you want a higher frame rate,
you have to go down to a lower resolution so you’re getting essentially a lower quality
video, but think about what your end goal is, if you need high resolution or if you
need high frame rate. Think about what the FOV should be, what the activity is, and just
try to experiment with all different sorts of the modes in the camera.

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  1. I have the Hero 4 black. You said that the best frame rate for 1080p is 60fps, does that mean that I shouldn't use 120 fps and what is the difference?

  2. hey at 0:50 you mention that it would be great to make a 4k time lapse… great idea but it would create so much more data an would be have a lower quality compare to a actual 12Mp time lapse… right?

  3. Awesome vid guys. If mountain biking, should I have the frame, or the standard housing on my GP 3+ silver? Will either effect the quality? Thanks!

  4. How did u record ur voice it looks clear? Is it because u edited it or what? When I record something with the hero 4 silver I get a headache from the windy noises.

  5. Hey! I have a big question! Hope you can help me out! 🙂 I am filming a cycling ride/race for a DVD this Sunday and I've been trying to get the best settings for days but it just doesn't seem to be right… It looks like a normal camera from a phone and I get grainy videos even when there is enough light, any advice on settings??

  6. Great video guys, really help me understand what I have been doing wrong, only question is I do not do a lot of high paced sports and do more vlog and pick up an shoot style videos, I changed my fps to 1080/60 and noticed the video was much more lets say slow motion, so what I am getting at is it best to stick with 1080/30? At that fps everything is more fluid. Also I believe you can not use preview at 1080/60 with the app is that something that will be in future updates.Thanks hope I made sense in what I was asking. Oh by the way I am using a hero sessions 4.

  7. Hello. i have a GoPro Hero 3+ i was recording a soccer game Friday, but I've noticed that it recorded upto some amount of time and my GoPro turned off i have a 32gb card in there and the settings were 1080 x 60 wide i think.

  8. I just bought a hero4 silver I made a couple videos while snowboarding with 1080/60 on a GoPro pole but when I view the raw unedited video on my iPhone it looks grainy and not clean like I see on YouTube. Is that because I haven't edited the footage? I'm a total newb so thanks in advance.

  9. I'm a bit confused, if I record in 2.7k would I see more above and below and side to side than I would 1440p 4:3. I get that 2.7k is a higher resolution but does that mean it literally records a wider fov or it records the same fov as same 1080p and just has more detail, which would mean 1440p 4:3 stretched would show more than 2.7k would just at a lower resolution right? thanks






  11. My GoPro is stuck on Wide even if I change it to "Narrow" or "Medium" do you know how I can change it? Please help. Thanks!

  12. Sickest video thanks for the great tips will be doing a lot of surfing so will do 1080 and 60fps

  13. My GoPro Hero 4 silver suddenly shows that 2.7k can only go up to 25 fps and 1080 can only go up to 50! What's going on!!??! Please help!! I just bought it!

  14. Abe just posted an edit of the skiing footage in this video. 2 years later. He was sitting on that footage for a while

  15. thanks for all these tips, very helpful. You could have also added the effect of frame rate on light entering the sensor.

  16. If I want as little bending on the sides as possible, what setting should I use? the gopro 4 black is basically the only affordable 1080p/120p camera but for like normal films the wide angle, or the bending is just not suitable :/

  17. Help! I have Midland H5 Camera And I dont know Where FOV Is.. Is this possible for the camera not to have that option?

  18. What resolution and FOV settings would be best used for an exterior, followed by an interior real estate walkthrough with a hero4 silver. I like the 1440 as it captures the ceiling fixtures and flooring in the frame however the walls look curved. Using 1440 I cant select linear fov.

  19. What would be good for chest cam or he'd cam where I only have 1080 and 720 and 720s all at 30 and 60 fps. I have hero plus

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  24. Hey I got a question I just got a go pro for silver and what is the best I want to use for I have a Harley Davidson just to see my point of view and four in our way ability issues accidents or something just want to know what the best settings would be for me

  25. when you film with 1440p i have black bars on the side. what could i do to remove them ? :0 i use premiere pro for editing

  26. Ive got a question… i have a grpro hero session and when i select 1440 for things like freerunning, i can get 30fps max… is that still the way to go then for body mounting or should i go woth 1080supervieuw with 48 fps ?

  27. This helped me understand how to best take video on our gopro a lot better. I am very interested in taking 60fps+ footage during our trip to Iceland to slow it down in post and I was really confused about how to do that. Once I found out how to do it in post, it's pretty easy but I never knew that there was a lot to know about, especially how the frame rate you shoot at matters. I never knew that "Okay. We shot all our videos at 30FPS. Now we have lost the option of slowing it down in post." Thanks again. 2.7K30FPS for most video, and 1080p60FPS for slow motion. Got it!

  28. Whats best for dirt bike riding cam mount to top of helmet and chest mount.
    1080p 60 superwide
    1440p 60 wide

  29. Ok I need help. I have a GoPro Hero+ LCD I want to film POV footage and like sports, bike riding head strap, maybe vlogging so what is the best solution for me. On this GoPro I only have 1080,30 1080,60 720,60 and 720,60 superview. So What should I use? And if want to take a picture and I want the best quality as possible which should I use? And if i want to record slow mo what should I use? And if Ima record like sports and action stuff in night what should I use? I'll really appreciate the feedback from anyone who know this stuff. Thanks.

  30. Hi i need help with hero6 🙂 for a riding with  a bike..Waht is the best settings:) RES_FPS_FOV_SHUTTER_ISO_WB_SHARP_COLOR ad what about protune ..shoud i turn on or of

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