Graham opens IG hearing with scathing take on FISA report: The system failed
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Graham opens IG hearing with scathing take on FISA report: The system failed

December 15, 2019

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  1. CORRECTION: Nope it was not the Russians either. WHO is Seth Rich?
    WHY did NWO Globalist-Socialist satanic cabal Hillary and Co. have him murdered??
    To answer that you'd have to know what was in those e-mails.

  2. You should investigate AG Barr's actions of working as Trump's personal attorney . He is NOT acting as the People's AG. With over 150 contacts made with the Trump Campaign and the Russians in 2016 along with 25 Russians being indicted, why isn't Barr working on Bringing them to the US for Trial? He's to busy throwing dirt at the investigators. How many of Trump's associates are doing time now? Quite a few and more to come.

  3. the only time I will fully agree with this coward. You can only take so many punches before you punch back. Trump has now been given the ability to really throw some haymakers. With the impeachment he can now unleash his lawyers on those who out and out lied. And reveal them to the nation. The democrats desperately want to hide these individuals from scrutiny. That's wrong and in most cases here illegal.

  4. Ummm Lindsey , how do we know the Russians hack Hitlery's emails WHEN THE FBI NEVER investigated THEIR SERVERS!!!!!!??? Cause our FBI and CIA SAID SO!!!!????? 😂😂😂😂 and Ukraine did interfered!! There's evidence for that!!! Smh I hate politicians

  5. @lindsaygraham, answer to your Question, "how did this All start"? THIS all started when CITIZEN Donald J. Trump vowed to END the corruption within our great nation! THESE people who hate AmeriQan CITIZENS are within YOUR House, CONgress, y'all broke it and with President Trump, WE will fix it! Doubt it? You haven't been watching. WWG1WGA CITIZENS! I'm damned proud to be on the RIGHT side of this COUP!

  6. While Graham is rattling the garbage perpetrated by the hateful Democrats of Obama, Feinstein is looking so defeated but still thinking how she can change the narrative that Graham is talking about. This is how the taxpayers money is squandered right before our eyes!!!!! Politicians who will go against simple decency to complicated lying to the very end. This is the time we want them to all burn in hell.

  7. Stage one we have learnt how corrupt senior members of the FBI are next stage >  Is the FBI above the law  because after all this is over and if none are given prison time the FBI will lose all credibility and trust !

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