Graham: Trump will bring Iranian regime ‘to its knees’ if conflict continues
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Graham: Trump will bring Iranian regime ‘to its knees’ if conflict continues

January 7, 2020

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  1. its very easy for trump to declare war against iran because his country are very far from midle east and we filipino oversease workers will put in danger anytime and will lose our job, if people america and philippines are real alliance from the very start pls give us consideration, we know when war begin here in gulf midle east will be battle fields while america can sleep tigt, what will happen to us🤔😔

  2. Removal of Soleimani okay. Bombing cultural sites in Iran reflects an unhealthy mind, sick, sick, sick. Our President wants War! Remember the Mental Health Professional Community diagnosis "pathological narcissism" and "sociopath". We the people demand, demand all witnesses at the senate trial.

  3. Yesterday 3 Americans were killed in Kenya by Al Qaeda and of course we all know the reason why, they told us so…Every American became a target because of this manchild in the WH , it's hard to believe that so many republicans are this fcuking stupid to continue believing their lies…When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat.

    …If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're gonna get selfish, ignorant leaders.
    ..George Carlin
    How I wish George was still around because the Trump cult would have raised his comedy to new heights, more ammunition than a .223 Remington…

  4. Stop building missele and rockets.. why only for Iran why not for america and israel biggest terreroust in world is america and israel cruel countries both

  5. Just because you got a white skin doesn't make you the gOOD GUYS! I've seen what US Military has done, why coming in middle east , why set your armies troops why creating base here, why don't they just stay in their american soil, why coming here, why not release DIEGO GARCIA, WE WILL KEEP FIGHTING FOR DIEGO GARCIA UNTIL YOU LEAVE US IN PEACE. GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY WHY SETTLE YOUR BASE MILITARY HERE IN OUR HEAVEN ISLAND ! WHY MAKING STOLE THE ISLAND. THE LEASE WAS 50 YEARS OLD ONLY AND THE CONTRACT EXPIRED IN 2018 WHY YOU STILL IN DIEGO GARCIA !!

  6. they lied about the iraq, afghanistan progress just to gain money over military projects… life for money paid by American taxes for their own politician and contractors..😀😁


  8. Rise of the neo ottoman empire. America is in big trouble. And the best part the American people have no idea how vulnerable they are.

  9. No one can win a war especialy near to us pakistanis. Look your history what we did with russians and americans in 17 years in AGHANISTAN? Americans are begging for us to take out them from Afhganistan. Shamefull for Americans

  10. Strap one of those backpack nukes on me and drop me where needed! im an ex 82nd ABN troop and i will do it for my Commander in Chief 🇺🇸 and for people that actually care for the USA 🇺🇸 no parachute needed

  11. That Colin is a trader anyway ,he done proved he don’t like Americans ,he has no respect for our military,he needs to go to another Country to live.

  12. This ‘making deals with the devils’ has to stop. Iran hates us and we give them aid! Keep an eye on them but stop helping them out!

  13. Why was the top Iranian general killed in Iraq after the US embassy
    was attacked. Iran wants to take over Iraq. Iraq needs US help…or they will become part of Iran.

  14. American Keyboards Warriors Listen :
    We will Open the gate of the Hell over all of your Base on the whole Middle East. Including its US Dog Israel and its Pet S.Arabia to Stone ages.

  15. Trump is going to bring Iran to it's knees!

    Well Lord knows Putin already brought Trump to his knees……So……..

  16. The entire world would be better much better without people like these. Human garbage on propaganda wheel machine. Oh by the way the truth is exactly opposite of what this blood thirsty moron is saying.

  17. Graham the switch kid says one thing about one person and another about someone else no brain hope America will be judge

  18. Is Trump gonna be leading men on the battlefield? I love those clowns in suits talking about war and armed conflicts as if they will be the ones fighting and risking their lives. Put this clown in the octagon with Iran's equivalent.

  19. whatever do they want to their country is not Americas problem. every country has their own political system, just mind your own America

  20. Wrong Lindsey… the USA is the largest state sponsor of terrorism. Simply because it's the only world hegemonic power now.

  21. Kills Iranian General
    Iran: We will retaliate!
    Also Iran: Tries To Get Past The US Forces
    US Forces: There here!
    Trump: Book ‘em boys!

  22. col.colin sputnik  ,theres a vacancy in the Iranian army,comes with co staff car that could use front end alignment and carpet cleaned,

  23. These fox comment threads concern me, lot of hate and assumptions, scary times yikes seems most trump supporters don’t see this as something bad, please do a little unbiased research to see why this is not a good

  24. Whoever said they will sell their country to Putin for retaliation, I'd like to know where Putin got all this money to buy countries? Lol

  25. I live in South Africa and having followed your Politics since Pres Trumps election to recent events in Iran, i now understand Americans

    I thought the slogan of the Three Musketeers would ring true in your country that being “All for one, and One for all”
    The hate that your Liberals and Hollywood exude toward an office (That of President) and the dissent toward unity is to say the least shocking and quite sad. Where on earth do actors suggest that the White House be blown up?

    It almost appears that the appeasing toward Iran from the Liberals trying to discredit your country in front of the world is at play. Nothing less than revenge against a man they thought would never win the election , this to the detriment of your country

    Politics exudes an ugly face no matter who’s in the driving seat

    My guess is that if Hillary were President, the US would be at war with Russia by now..
    So choose, Persia or The Bear?

  26. This man was loved by his folk, nobody asked the americans to be there, they invade who ever they want. They also invaded Irak without reason, just for the oil. The whole world knows this, just the Americans seam to be blind to this fact.

  27. "We are not the bad guys" …. YES YOU ARE ! You just want to have ultimate power over the middle east to steal their oil !

  28. Trump is blessed by God **ONLY** to protect and defend Israel, that's ALL!!! Bible prophecy said USA will FALL to IRAN by EMP, i.e. no Internet, no telecommunications, no ELECTRICITY. Our ELECTRICITY grid will FALL. Iran (The red Horseman) then will NUKE Saudi Arabia. Israel will nuke Iran in Syria/Lebanon. Israel will ONLY be invaded not destroyed.

  29. Why take what's not properly yours? Let them establish their own Gov't. You don't own any country you conquer, since persia (iran) and mesopotamia (iraq) has been there longer that america.

  30. Iran is weak. That is why they kiss Russias backside. Iran is absolutely nothing without Russia. Khameini is Putin's lap dog.

  31. Americans are crazy! they dont know what they are doing. Assassination and humiliation are the worst weapons. very low!

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