Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – Mobile Trailer
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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – Mobile Trailer

December 10, 2019

Antonio! How wonderful to see you! Tough guy – I need you to do me a favor. I’m gonna help you take over this town. Hubris is a nasty, nasty bedfellow. You think I’m an idiot? Is that what you think? You’re disgusting. Where’s your respect? I love you, Toni Cipriani.

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  1. This makes me wish Rockstar would take over the Mafia franchise, or do an open-world mafia-esque game. I dunno, I'm just a sucker for that kind of thing. Also, play this game on a ps2, much more enjoyable that way.

  2. Now this is good to play again. But I'm looking forward to playing vice city stories again. As a matter of fact, I wanna see this and VCS being officially released on PC instead of Mobile but all good Rockstar. Now I don't even have to play a PS2 ever again.

  3. Why rockstar remastered old games?? I remember this game when came out it was cool but after a year it's was old but why should I play this game in 2016?? Rockstar should make a new games for mobile. And the graphics of this game worse than gta 3 lol. Am I right??

  4. Shit ass game stuck in the mission claim before the storm there is a god damn in this mission fuck u rockstar can u fucking fix it damn son

  5. The game was so poorly ported. Runs better on my psp1000 than on my note 7. And why does gta 3 vcs and SA run alot better than this less demanding game which is running the same engine as SA?

  6. Eh , how many can expect on GTA vice city stories for ios and android – more than 10 years old has the game.

  7. This is probably one of my personal favourite GTA game, wish they’d bring this along with Vice City Stories to PSN

  8. oh come the fuck on rockstar you put that disgusting, ugly gta 3 hud on a game that's got released even after the legendary san andreas?

  9. Fun Fact 1: this theme is on Flashback FM in-game
    Fun Fact 2: Mostly every GTA trailer has the player in the rhino even though there are sometimes no missions where you get the rhino

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