Green Bay’s referendum on corporate personhood
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Green Bay’s referendum on corporate personhood

August 23, 2019

welcome back to martin here with the
ball errands on the line with the sea is a a he is a student a senior at the
University wisconsin-green Bay & Co Chair up the Green Bay Move to
Amend organization is a breeze astute enough professor RTK who is on the show couple
days ago professor BK the author several of my favorite books
and Paul welcome I hate her great I understand a you got 8 constitutional
amendment to rollback citizens united say
corporations are people money is not speech on the ballot in Wisconsin to either
right I’m well as much involved in was just
getting at the resolution on the ballot for Green Bay yup okay I’m not ever other
municipalities in wisconsin that of the same and how did that turn out it was
really good actually I senator percent agree with the exact
number for on the people voted and social again seventy-seven percent I
have a deep seven-percent yes 77 percent but I’ll were there any
politicians in Wisconsin I got 77 percent of the vote now no know anything here that I shiny
way sergei money out of politics saying
corporations are not human beings are not persons are not protected by the
Fourteenth Amendment and money is not speech in bus not
protected by the First Amendment is more popular than any politician Wisconsin yes while that’s amazing that they know that my mind you yeah yeah
yeah that his own in credit was yeah and it was it was
after a sick because you ever go to my people doing for about
the outcome of the election yes seventy-seven percent of people
agree on something really important yeah how did you how did you big get
involved moved to amend Paul well other organization was 5 II a retired teacher hansberry kasich her shopper with Green Bay she founded
after running into some people in the national organization you know they said what you are start up
a local it’s not technically chapter but we’re starting the local organization you’re free to do so and she did that in
I actually ran in beddy at UWGB when she was collecting petition
signatures to get is just such a stark why can’t you get the referenda put on a bow and you know
she mentioned that she is having heart right time getting into the
college season kicked out by security and people or even so you in your heart and
the park aligning you know I said well agreement let me help you if I can still
hear an answer key decision table seem quite signature and I’m thinkin it’s narrated your you
getting kicked out all this in into the heart I’m so the one thing I do
know their health issue that and shoot just offered a she says you
need a culture on plane after the helper and yeah we we got enough petition
signatures we had a couple hundred over we by senator City Hall and know when that
a we we we went there and we just can’t
have your proposed a resolution to then spoke for a few minutes and yeah actually all the aldermen and the
very least most of them were already in favor the resolution but while and we agreed that by putting it
to about it would have more on more sway since it was in a binary
that that is there’s absolute great ball
congratulations on your activism congratulations on your electoral
success on Tuesday we keep hearing you know over and over and over again
all over the country in Wisconsin courses reelected Scott Walker and the
on that exact same ballot seventy-seven percent Wisconsinites voted to say monies that
speech in corporations are not people congratulations on that Paul well thank you thank you I appreciate it
great and and thanks for dropping by today and splay say hi to her before me

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  1. Corporations are not a single person entity, but are comprised of a group of individuals, as is a labor union. They should have the exact same permissions as that, no more, no less.

  2. Corporations should be heavily regulated by " WE THE PEOPLE " assholes like Alex Jones equate " WE THE PEOPLE " as collectivist/communists  LOVE THE obscene wealth inequality in AMERICA these days ..

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