GTA 3 – Intro & Mission #1 – Give Me Liberty (HD)
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GTA 3 – Intro & Mission #1 – Give Me Liberty (HD)

December 11, 2019

Sorry, babe. I’m an ambitious girl and you, you’re just small time. Liberty City is in Shock today, As the Police and Emergency Services deal with the aftermath of a devastating attack on a Police Convoy this morning. As yet no details have been released about prisoners being transferred in the convoy, And no proof has been claimed responsibility. The Convoy left Police Headquarters early this morning, To a routine transfer of felons to Liberty Penitentiary, The attack took place on The Callahan Bridge Leaving few witnesses, and the Bridge itself severely damaged. Some of the convicts are thought to have perished in the explosion that followed the initial attack, Revelations as to the professionalism of the struck police hours afterward, When identification of the missing felons were further hampered by an attack by computer hackers, On Police Headquarter databases. With the porter tunnel project falling behind schedule, This Disaster leaves Portland isolated from The rest of The City. Come on! Senor dickhead! It’s no problem to kill you. You gonna be sorry. A’right, a’right. Get lost. I know a place on the edge of the Red Light District where we can lay low, but my hands are all messed up so you better drive, brother. This is the place right here, let’s get off the street and find a change of clothes! This is Luigi’s Club. Let’s go round the back and use the service door.

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  1. goddamn, when the first mission started it all came back to me, i can't believe it's been a decade since i've seen the game…

  2. Police Car: drives perfectly even tho he's severely damaged
    Also Police Car: engine failure due to being hit a little by a small black van

  3. Plot hole alert: Claude obtains his default clothes after escaping from custody with 8-Ball. But during the bank heist, which takes place before his capture and escape, he has these clothes already on. It could have been avoided if he was wearing Playa2 clothing during the heist.

  4. The theme song sounds so nostalgic, it makes me wanna cry and go back in time when games are so much better 😔

  5. Cold… pain… why oh why did she do that to me?! I was always so good to her! I did whatever she asked! I was always there for her! She was everything to me! Oh, how I despise her! Despise her so much! Wanted to rip her fucking heart out and spread her bone marrow onto my bread! She shoulda never screwed me over! Now look at her! Blown to caramelized meaty bits! FUCK HER!

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha ha eh ha heh… won't be doing THAT anymore!

  6. I remember when i played this game with my dad and I was 8 year old kid, I didn't understand what they were talking and now I understand when I watched this video. It gives alot memories.

  7. "Come on! Senor Dickhead! it's no problem to kill you" AWESOME
    "Vamos lá! Senhor Cabeça de pinto! Não a problema para matar você!"

  8. Gta 3 is the beginning of high quality open world games, because that year 2001 represented a new stage for humanity, that year we can say we have video games !!

  9. Tbh all these years i never once thought where gta 3 took place in i just figured some city but shit its liberty city thats cool asf

  10. 00:07
    Is it weird that my nostalgic memory is my disc glitching at this part and repeating the audio like the old CDs would when they were scratched up

  11. Catalina 1992 GTA SAN:When I say just business that means I love you!
    Catalina 2001 Gta 3:Dating You Was Just A Business.

  12. 8-Ball: My hands are all messed up so you better drive brother. (simply opens and closed the cardoor without any problems)

    Claude: Am I a joke to you?

  13. I love antagonist of all the 3D gta games makes another appearance but this time they we're a supporting character I will give it a list.
    Sal Leone – GTA SA, and LCS
    Catalina – GTA SA
    Lance Vance – GTA VCS

  14. Now I realize that the reason Catalina shot Claude is because there are 3 of them and Claude brought a 2 seater car as their getaway car.

  15. Claude shouldve known about Catalinas betrayal soon as he saw the banshee… Only 2 people can fit in there lol not 3

  16. GTA 3:No Bikes,Gripping,Old Details
    GTA LCS:Year set to 1999,Has Bikes,Drifting,VC Engine,Kuruma looks like a Nissan,Manana Doenst Look like a Corolla,it looks like a Honda Beat,Shinning from GTA SA

    Logic on LCS:Unrealistic

  17. “I know a place on the edge of the red light district where we can lay low. But my hands are messed up, so you better drive, brother.”

    That became a memorable line in gaming history for me, playing this game in 2002, when I was 11.

    Also, back then it made no sense in my mind how he says his hands are all messed up yet he was able to open the car door.

  18. I remember going to my friends house everyday just to play this game 😂.. I had the GameCube lol so it wasn’t on that system lol

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