GTA Episodes from Liberty City Beta Version and Removed Content – Hot Topic #14
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GTA Episodes from Liberty City Beta Version and Removed Content – Hot Topic #14

November 25, 2019

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  1. something interesting, Terry's beta shirt still exists in the game, is in the textures of "cs_terry" but in a bad quality.

  2. Is there gonna be GTA 5 beta and removed content? I mean come on there is some beta missions cut and some changed and there is some beta features

  3. Idk if it was just my copy of the game but in the lost and damned my screen was always fuzzy it wasn’t super unplayable fuzzy but it made the game look terrible so I never finished it. I finished ballad of gay tony and the main game

  4. Louis was a badass. Really wish we found out what happened to him, I mean we know Niko "went quiet" and Johnny was killed by Trevor. But wtf happened to Louis?!

  5. I think the cool thing about the dlcs and how people look different in each one it makes me feel like everyone has a different view of someone

  6. I had the 3 disc boxset when i had a XBox360 i would play it numerous times after i beat it….in some ways GTA 4 & L.A.D / B.O.G.T. storyline is alittle better than part 5. The storyline in part 4 drew you closer to certain characters and being able to date and help out the distress characters in need of your help. The music was phenomenal and the auto lock with guns was smooth….downside the driving felt heavy like driving a bus. It can hinder races but ultimately great game. The protagonists were different 1 protagonist a Yugoslavian gun for hire ( Niko). 2 Protagonist a Biker with with revenge on his club leader (Johnny) & 3 Protagonist a ex thug turned club owner bodyguard & problem solver keeping the night life poppin ( Luis)…..this was a brilliant concept……Thank you Rockstar for setting the bar so high with its adult content open world crime tale that we all know and love today…..

  7. The fully drivable wrecked police car was available for me because of a glitch for my first mission. strangely, only homeless people drove the cars.

  8. I wish I played GTA IV

    But at the time I couldn’t get a console (money problems, family problems). I’ve always wanted GTA IV and I want to try it out. I’ve played GTA CTW, GTA VC, GTA SA, and GTA V.


  9. Removed content? Seems like half the game from both was removed. Why is it so short? Why are there only 5 mission characters for both? Ridiculous.

  10. Am thinking maybe a reason they didn’t add single player dlc to gta v is bc maybe rockstar thought they weren’t gonna make a lot of revenue of the dlcs

  11. That would’ve been funny if Johnny and the gang rode bmx bikes instead of motorbikes at the first mission. 😆

  12. 9:16 ахуеть, да это тот самый уёбок Тимати, просто вылетый

  13. They need to add the 4 removed tome stubs missions back and from battle of Gay Tony they need to add a ray balgareno mission

  14. Niko : hey i am niko
    Roman : hey cousin how about we go for bowling
    Cops:let them go
    (it happen with me lol i was doing police chase and then suddenly ge called and then they let me go lol)

  15. Gta 4 lost mc chapter 1 Billy gray joins the lost mc 1982 chapter 2 1984 sees michael klibets
    Chapter 3 in 1989 Bill got in prison and met brian and chapter 4 in 1991 billy did a crime
    Then in 1994 Billy meets Johnny
    Chapter 5 2003 3 missions
    Chapter 6 2004 1 mission
    Chapter 7 2005 1 mission
    2007 Jackson Michael
    In early 2008 angus gets hit buy a truck and a while later Billy gray gets arrested

  16. In the development of gta 5 some of writers of the story were to add characters like luis and niko when you in missions later of lester mentions niko at that time they wanted to return niko and some more ggta iv and san andreas characters and niko or luis might or would have been the 4th character you could have switched to but it was temporarily until niko dies and when you finish the game you could switch to niko again and maybe they were thinking of luis as well now thats some great ideas they got but sadly some developers disagreed but gta 6 might bring old gta iv characters like roman or niko or luis or Michael or franklin or trevor or not sure enough cj i don't know maybe An explanation in some part of story of gta 6 that what happened to claude or Tommy from vice city or maybe what happened to cj

    i hope gta 6 map has shit load of things but the big idea i have on my brain if i was a map maker for gta was you could travel to lc and ls and vc and uh yeah i hope they have these ideas but gta 6 is a 80gb game or maybe bigger like if I'm not wrong atleast 80 gb from a winrar extractiong is =100gb so be ready to but an 2tb hdd Nd 128gb of ssd eith 11th gen cpu i9 or i7 and a new 2021 gpus

    I see what rockstar was doing we know some features from gta san Andreas that were great didn't make it for gta iv and gta iv has great thing gta v has good graphics and some features that were included in gt sa and the feature of these 3 games that didn't exist in each other combines something rockstar was doing for past 7 years they didn't add some of this stuff from old gta games for an excuse to make a new gta when gta 5 was released and afte some yearslater some developers or crews are making dlcs to distract us so rockstar wants more time and want to make his own universe in gta gmes this is they're plan they're trying to make a big game and realistic things and the experiences and add more storys and then they could make another gta game but with greater things experiences and many more and this is what i have to say adios gta series crews

  17. The lost and the damned seems like a really short DLC episode it also seems like they didn't really bother with LATD as much as they did with the Ballad Of Gay Tony

  18. Rockstar are stupid with music. Do a Steve Jobs, explain how the game pushes sales/plays, that it does. And not give into the problem for 00s games, the music license running out. The greedy cunts.
    Wanna push pirate activity on another industry, have a limited license for music that makes some games a game.

  19. I could’ve swore the tampa was in IV. Probably not, probably just Mandela affect, but I feel like I remember driving it at least lol.

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