GTA Liberty City Stories – Ending / Final Mission – The Sicilian Gambit
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GTA Liberty City Stories – Ending / Final Mission – The Sicilian Gambit

December 7, 2019

No, I’ll talk to you later… – Hey Toni!
– Sal! You’re back where you belong. Hey we’re both back. You and me! We did it, huh? You know it. We cleaned it up with the Forellis. The Sindaccos we sent into the fucking sea. Now I got the Sicilians on the phone, wanting peace. We all want peace! But my peace, not their fucking peace. I’m the big man now. No chump from the old country is gonna tell we what to do. I told them to go fuck themselves. You did? Was that wise? Hey, I’m the boss now. ME! Now let’s go see the mayor about getting my charges dropped… Step on it, Toni! If I’m right, then the Sicilians will be going after the mayor. We gotta get to him before they do. God-damnit! They’re here already! Burn ’em down Toni! I’m gonna get the mayor! Don’t annoy me! Lousy bastards have taken him already! There they are! Come on Toni! This way! I’ll drive! You keep us covered! Where did those bastards come from? Behind us, Toni! Toni! Take out the chopper! Great shooting Toni! They think they can hide at the lighthouse! How many bastards are on this rock? You shoot one bastard, and another one bites you on the ass! That ain’t no way to drive. Torini…it figures. Give him up! The mayor is mine! THIS CITY is mine! Salvatore… Sicily never wanted questo schifo di citta. But, when tribute dried up, what could we do…? It was nothing personal. Nothing personal? After what you put me through! I’m gonna tear your fuckin’ heart out! Hey! Mr. Mayor! We just saved you from that bunch of crazed Sicilians. Yeah, thanks. and that means… Uh…the city is greatful to you? Try again. That you work for me, right? Oh yeah, that I work for you. Good. Now don’t call us. We’ll call you. Get outta here, prick. Thank you, Mr. Leone. Toni. We did it. We run things now. You and me. We’re a team, huh? Now, I just need you to do one small thing for me: I got some problems that I’ve been dealing with… Hey Uncle! How ya doin’, huh? You look good. Ahhhh Salvatore, all we really wanted was clarity. Yes, uncle. I appreciate that. – So, we are at peace now – you and the old country?
-Of course. Me and all my people. Good, very good. Sneaky little bastard. I wouldn’t trust him a fucking inch. Every dog has his day… Yeah, but we did it. Yeah. We cleaned up. You did good, Toni. You did real good. I always knew you was a good kid. You saved my ass a few times. And I appreciate that kind of loyalty. Thank you. A good worker. I like that. Respectful. – So I got you that half million I promised you.
-Half? Woah! I thought you, uh, said a couple? I said one million dollars! But what? You can put a price on friendship? The kind of friendship you and me have? Shame on you! Come here. You’re a good kid, but shame on you.

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  1. This mission ass, it just like GTA III's ending. This antagonist is ass, he don't even have a relationship with Toni to make Cipriani hate him. He just some dumb muscle following orders. Not to mention the antagonist only appears twice in this game and ik Sonny Forelli barely appeared in Vice City, but he added that level of intensity in his phone calls to Tommy. I think The Truth Revealed from GTA Advance is a better mission with Protagonist vs Antagonist…

  2. GTA 3: Take down a chopper
    GTA LCS: Take down a chopper
    GTA Vice City: (okay, there's no chopper at the final mission)
    GTA VCS: Take down a chopper

  3. Ending is kinda depressing. It shows The Leones on top and as the winners here, but you know if you played III how they end up: with hardly any territory and Salvatore killed (also LCS was good overall, but what an awful final boss and mission. Blow up boats like toys, kill a couple guys at a lighthouse. And we see the supposed main villain Torrini like what TWICE? This being the second? Barely even remembered him existing 😐

  4. ok ill give you a cheat gta liberty city stories on psp this cheat is a tank (press left button 3x press right button 3x and triangle circle

  5. this is why LCS was really underwhelmed: the game was all about being a good dog, not being a mafia/gangster.

  6. I was playing at my mobile GTA lcs and I was on the last mission…I every time get stuck in the wise sillician hiding behind the boxes

  7. …And then, after the events of GTA 3 , the Sindacco Crime Family will rise from the streets of Las Venturas, conquer back the old turfs and became the most powerfull Family in Liberty City !!!

    Yeah i will be waiting for this…

  8. Damn, can't imagine how dissapointed everyone must have been to play this a year after San Andreas… No wonder it's the most forgotten GTA game of them all

  9. that scarface refference tho
    rockstar must really like it because of so many ees and refferences in their series

  10. 6:59 that motherfucker behind the crate is the most dangerous npc in this mission,he will stay tuck until you approach then kill you before you manage to even aim

  11. I really hate those earrape motorcycles but im not saying its not a good game. I actually enjoyed this one.

  12. Watching this always makes me remember the great legendary actor Frank Vincent, rest in peace Frank we'll always miss you

  13. 70% of the comments on GTA LCS videos are from non American bots that post the obvious or use poorly worded sentences ending with multiple emojis or "XD"

    I made a video about it, check it out

  14. Every place in gta 3 and liberty city stories is based on the real places in liberty city but the only thing not mixed with a weird name is liberty city itself in the game!

  15. Gta Vice city 1984
    Gta Vice city stories 1986
    Gta San Andreas 1992
    Gta San Andreas stories 1993
    GTA 3 1998
    GTA liberty city stories 2001

  16. Pff i am in the final part , when the capo kiss tony and my fucking cellphone off for low batery😠😠 i have to elilinate the game😤

  17. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – 1984 Year – City: Vice City – Protagonist: Victor Vance
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – 1986 Year – City: Vice City – Protagonist: Tommy Vercetti
    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – 1992 Year – City: Los-Santos, San-Fierro, Las-Venturas – Protagonist: Carl Jonson
    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – 1998 Year – City: Liberty-City – Protagonist: Toni Cipriani
    Grand Theft Auto 3 – 2001 Year – City: Liberty-City – Protagonist: Claude
    Grand Theft Auto 5 – 2004 Year – City: North Yankton – Protagonist: Trevor Phillips, Michael De Santa
    Grand Theft Auto 4 – 2008 Year – City: Liberty-City – Protagonist: Niko Bellic
    Grand Theft Auto 5 – 2013 Year – City: Los-Santos – Protagonist: Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips

  18. 11:35
    The reason why Toni Ciprani become fat at GTA III because he spented all his 500000$ that he won from his last mission on Pizza & Spaghetti🍕🍝😅

  19. Weird my game keeps crashing only in that mission like when youre approaching the tower with Salvatore it says loading?

  20. I was so mad when I went to the lighthouse cuz the enemies were op as fuck, especially the armoured one. Then I randomly one-shotted him and complete the mission. After 570 fists in the wall I made it

  21. This is my least favorite 3D GTA.
    Massimo Torrini was shoehorned into the storyline and doesn't appear in more than two missions.
    He doesn't feel like antagonist.
    A better storyline would have been Vincenzo Cilli as final boss betraying Salvatore with Toni saving him and earning his trust back into Mafia family.

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