GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile – Mission #2 – Slacker
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GTA Liberty City Stories Mobile – Mission #2 – Slacker

November 16, 2019

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  1. The unexpected GTA: Liberty City Stories Mobile version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I always wanted to play it on mobile I downloaded it so I can play it now yay! But before when It wasn't out I always wanted it to come out

  3. I figure this is a good opportunity to ask: For anyone who downloaded the PS2 version of LCS on PS3, does it freeze a lot for you? I usually got no more than two hours of playtime out before it'd freeze for seemingly no reason. Kind of killed my motivation to play it.

  4. I know they do a mobile version after every ten years but gta lcs and vcs should have came together like episodes from liberty city

  5. Lol very similar gameplay to San Andreas – if I hadn't seen the title l would have thought it was just a modded San Andreas

  6. guys now i have an android phone if i bougth an iphone can i play on the same village in clash of clans , in the same cloud in real racing 3 or stay with the same clouds and saves (i talk about games) ?

  7. Wow and ofcourse they wont release it for pc,i played this long ago on my ps2,why the frak they won't release it on pc,what they have to much money ?

  8. I remember when I had my psp playing this and now it's on ios! Awesome 🤙🏼 psp graphics are little much better than ios I can just tell … but hey 6.99 is worth to buy hope it could have cheats I doubt anyways .

  9. My first gta I ever played and that was way back in like 2009 on the ps2, great memories. When I first found out about the mobile version on the lasf year in 2017, I started watching videos of this game and I felt the nostalgia. I can just remember playing this game back in the day. I still feel some nostalgia this day.

  10. I think remember Toni Cipriani was 30 years old has to be seem getting apathy from becoming adult back in 1998.

  11. Was anybody else annoyed by the laziness of most of the cutscenes throughout the game? The ones where the characters just stand there and use hand motions and talk without moving their fucking lips and shit?

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