GTA Liberty City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #5 – Smash and Grab
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GTA Liberty City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #5 – Smash and Grab

February 3, 2020

Oh, it’s you. Yeah, how ’bout that. It’s me. What-do-ya-know! I’ll tell you what I know tough guy. Some of our boys have screwed up a simple, no brain, fucking job. Lousy bastards can’t even pull off a simple raid. Marron! Why am I surrounded by so many fucking idiots? I don’t know… ‘birds of a feather’? Oh, you’re a fucking comedian! Well laugh this off wise-guy. You’re the one who’s gonna clean this shit up for me! Now, get over there and drag those morons back here! We’re screwed! Floor it Toni!

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  1. actually 4get about me asking about drive bys i mean of course u can its GTA but is godfather a good game 4 this

  2. bravo…thank you who so ever upload this video..thank u so much…i cant get out of this round from last 5 days and my mind was fucked up…so thank u so much 🙂

  3. @Jartarf I tell u what? Get the guys from the shooting area and drive as far as u can. Then enter this cheat code:L,L,Triangle,R,R,X,Square,Circle. That decreases your wanted level and u can bring the guys easily in Vincenzo's House. Hope that helps 🙂

  4. @GTASeriesVideos um can i please ask you a question? i was wondering if you beat all the missions already can you still replay your favorite missions without restarting the story????????please answer

  5. Cop Jim: dang it we lost them
    Cop Bob: but sir isn't that them over there
    Jim: no no thats no them
    Bob: but i saw them going into that spray paint garage
    Jim: no see their car was violet red, that car is white that cant be them
    Bob: but-
    Jim: look you may be new to this job but i think i know what im doing, come lets go get a donuts
    Bob: Ok

  6. This game is kind of a professional Rockstar San Andreas port, since the graphics and some animations are like San Andreas, that's just my opinion but I may be wrong…

  7. The Leone's screwed up a simple store robbery and what happens THE OWNER CALLS THE COPS! you have to go save their sorry butts.


  9. The cutscenes in the gta series are hilarious and great. I. Swear they can make a movie out of the cutscenes from gta 4 and they could make a comedy from the cutscenes in this game

  10. Man, this mission was kinda tough for me (Learned the hard way you have to stay off the road so the cops don't give you a nasty surprise on the road)

  11. "Marron! Why am I surrounded by a bunch of fucking idiots?"
    "Oh, I dunno. Birds of a feather."
    "Oh, you're a fucking comedian."
    That always gets a laugh out of me.

  12. i drive Bickle 76 to rescue Vincenzo's men quickly, collected 2 bribes (1 at Saint Marks & 1 at Chinatown) & take them to Vincenzo's place after heat lost.😊😊😊😎😎😎

  13. Played this game for the first time yesterday. The cops are fucking brutal, I learned the hard way to always have at least a hundred dollars to pay for respraying your car.

  14. Fun Mission, Introduced the Wanted level system and time limits in GTA for me (This was the first GTA I ever played)

  15. Vincenzo: Oh, you're a fucking comedian! Well laugh this off, wise guy! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S GONNA CLEAN THIS SHIT UP FOR ME!

    I love this part.

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