GTA Liberty City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #6 – Hot Wheels
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GTA Liberty City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #6 – Hot Wheels

November 22, 2019

Sure, momma. I’ll call you later. Vincenzo! Yeah of course, of course I’m being a good boy. Love you. Hey, Cheryl, hey sweetheart, give it a rest now. Here now get out of here. A little trumpetto for you. – Hey who loves you, angel?
– You do, Vinnie. – Was that your mother on the phone?
– Sure. You’re disgusting. Where’s your respect? Respect? I call it multi tasking, Antonio. – What, don’t you like getting a hot broad to suck you off?
– What? Cause if it’s a problem, I can get Ray to help you out. Fuck you. I’m just busting your balls, relax. Listen, tough guy – I need you to do me a favor. I got girls crazy for blow; I got a car full of it parked in Trenton. Go pick it up… give me a call. What am I? Your driver? Screw you. Listen, listen, listen, listen… I’d do it myself, but I’m being watched by the feds. You know I’ll look out for you. Trust me. Besides, remember there’s a hierarchy here, Capiche? Now be a good kid! Freeze! Don’t move asshole! Hey! Toni, how’s the car? You son of a bitch, Vinnie! You set me up! Set you up? SET YOU UP? When you came back to the city you had nothing! NOTHING! I set you up alright, you ungrateful bastard! With an apartment and a job! And for that generosity I expect you to take a few risks now and then. I ain’t a charity, pal, okay? And I ain’t your sugar daddy. So the police were watching the car! Screw the police! When I tell you to do something, you do it. Capiche? Oh, yeah, I understand Vinnie. I understand that as long as I work for you, I get treated like a bitch. I was making scores while you were looking up girl’s skirts. Have your bitch job back, ‘boss’. I quit. Toni, you’re making a big…

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  1. That's what's left of your Wanted Levels after visiting a Pay n' Spray. Make another mistake while they're still flashing, the cops will be all over you again!

  2. After respraying your car in the ''Pay N' Spray,'' your wanted level turns from yellow to blue. Blue being a ''cooldown'' or evasion of being pursued by the police. It remains for several seconds, then dissipates.

  3. GTA logic: lose the cops by getting your car a new paint job, but with the same person driving who originally stole it without the cops knowing

  4. vincenzo set toni up for no reason because vincenzo was an jerkoff i never liked him but i like toni the most because he got respect

  5. Its harder than going to the spray and pay dumbasses, you have to avoid the cops trashing your car until you get there, or less costly going to your safehouse.

  6. Because if you cheat in this game, one of the misions (before the last one) will be impossible to beat

  7. Vince is a snitch tells Tony to dispose of a car full of SPANK and guess what happens THE COPS ARE WATCHING IT! Tony is done working with this snitch.

  8. Hotwheels unlocks The CRUSHER bring any car here and the metal will be your reward. In GTA3 Dead Skunk and Crook unlocks The CRUSHER

  9. Vincenzo is such an annoying little bitch, i have never hated a GTA character more than him. BTW that cop sounds like chris walken

  10. Vinnie sold you out take his car to The Crusher and get rid of it this wiill teach the rat not to mess with you again.

  11. When I was a kid I thought that hoe was fixing Vincenzo's phone cable because he was having trouble to speak with his mother. I was wrong, lmao.

  12. i drive Banshee, got surprised by 👮🚓🚔, collected 2 bribes (1 at Trenton & 1 at outside Saint Mark's Bistro), drive Banshee to lockup after heat lost & drive Banshee to car crusher after phone call from Vincenzo.😊😊😊😎😎😎

  13. This was the one thing that always irritated me, somehow the police or one of the rival gangs will always manage to shoot out a tire or three every time I get into it with them.

  14. The first thing i made after enter the Banshee just wait the car stop " i don't know how to say it " 😂 to evade cops wanted level, so i knew something would be happened

  15. When I was a kid I thought that Cheryl was just hiding under the desk and it seemed funny to me

  16. When I played this game for the first time I hated Vincenzo from the moment I saw him. He's totally the most annoying and disgusting character,

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