Guess Who: #MeToo Edition
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Guess Who: #MeToo Edition

October 22, 2019

– [Narrator] Introducing Guess Who #MeToo, the newest edition of your
favorite classic game. ♪ Guess who, guess who ♪ ♪ Me too ♪ – Is your person a man? – Of course! ♪ Guess who, guess who ♪ ♪ Me too ♪ Did your person include a recipe for his famous cinnamon rolls in his apology? – No. ♪ Guess who, guess who ♪ ♪ Cooks do it too ♪ Did your person pray on men? – Not this time. ♪ Guess who, guess who ♪ ♪ Men get it too ♪ – Hey guys, can I play too? – Of course, you’re a woman,
you don’t have a choice? (laughing) – [Narrator] And now available,
the 2017 expansion pack. – Oh no, you guys, you’re
playing the old version. There are so many cases
of sexual harassment that they update a new deck every ten hours. ♪ Guess who, guess who ♪ – Did your person plan
a vacation to escape the many allegations filed against him? – Technically the vacation
was already planned. But no, it’s not him. ♪ Guess who, guess who ♪ ♪ Me too ♪ – Ooh, I know, does he have red hair? – Wait a minute, is this two against one? – [Narrator] Ladies,
we’re all on the same team here if you really think about it. ♪ Guess who, guess who ♪ – Is your person Louis C.K.? – It is! (hands slapping) ♪ If things don’t change ♪ ♪ They could get you too ♪ – Unfortunately, sexual
assault is not a game. – If you wanna make a difference, put your money into
something that matters. – Join Rise and help pass civil rights for sexual assault survivors. (gentle music)

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  1. I find it amusing that the majority of people so against and offended by the #metoo movement are straight men.

  2. The bit was hilarious to me.

    As for the message at the end, i think the subject is WAY more complex than just "we are hurt women, help us". I think the MeToo movement should stop untill we improve the justice system. Right now a single accusation can cost millions, ruin careers, and threaten prison time, JUST on words. before any evidence is even shown.

  3. So this helps your weapenized movement how? Keep up the man shaming it's starting to discredit the #metoo

  4. If you ever want to know why men refuse to date and prefer 2D digital pictures/drawings, or porn, to actual real relationships, well look no further then this. Generally speaking, accusations follow with trials, judges, a jury, evidence, and people actually trying to discuss whether a wrong doing has occured. Innocent until proven guilty is there for a reason, and not to favor criminals, but to ensure that justice is actually enacted and not an injustice. "Me-too" has been Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Did some people get justice? Absolutely. Did some people get falsely accused and have their lives irrevocably damaged? Absolutely. One thing this has definitely achieved is a toxic environment for men who want a relationship. It is no longer safe for a male to make any sort of first move. Legally or socially. This has created an environment so toxic, that it makes being single forever a more favorable option. Companionship? Get cats/dogs. Sex? Everyone has hands, and there's plenty of toys on the market that are better then the real thing for both men and women. Kids? Adopt. Relationships? Hell no to the nopity nope nope. People driven by logic and rational thought cannot justify the risk. I am fully aware that women risk their lives every time they date, guys do to and always have. Is it swayed one way vs the other? Yes, always has been. Does that mean "justice" is swaying it to the other side? Not at all. If women were justified to point out the inequity of power when the needle swayed too far on the mens side, then men are entirely justified to point out when that inequity of power shifts the other way too.

  5. Louis CK was the funniest thing about this skit.

    Because he's 100x funnier than any of these chicks could ever hope to be. Js

  6. Whiny males not able to take the facts so they just through shitty arguments like "women harass us too y'know" yeah lol

  7. One woman's pleasure is another's assault, and this can depend on mood. It seams penalty for sexual assault is predicated upon sensitivity of the alleged victim.

  8. What specific rights does Rise fight for? I meen people actually can prosecute their assaulters and harassers, the legal side seems mostly fine? Like I meen this question very sincerely not to be catty.

  9. saw evan rachel woods i clicked

    whoa the ending got hella real "These violent delights have violent ends"

  10. Dolores has been getting assaulted for 30 years and still chooses to spend time with her attackers. It’s her own damn fault. 😂

  11. This undermines REAL victims.
    If you willingly had sex, you were not victimized.
    If you had sex to further your career, you were not victimized.
    If you LIED about being assaulted for fame (like around 50% of the metoo movement), you are obviously not a victim.
    If you had it FORCED on you, either physically or through coercion, you WERE victimized.
    And if you were one of the many many men lied about, you too WERE victimized.
    This movement has caused nothing but problems. Real victims are being ignored, men are scared to hire women now, men AND women are having their lives destroyed by this shit.
    But hey, it's metoo is trending, so it MUST be good right? Let's make a video to soak up some of that fame!

  12. the dudes in the comments trying to downplay this video are just living proof that its always the people who cant relate that have the most to say. if shit like this annoys you, maybe instead of bitching about it, acknowledge that its a real issue and maybe then something changes. yall who just sit there and act like this isnt happening further the issue. just my 2 cents

  13. God damnit you guys were funny for once and then you want for the biggest pile of crap of facts!? You guys suck!

  14. At first I thought this was going to make fun of women who stand up against sexual harassment, luckily, this video was on their side.

  15. At first, the fragility of men in this comment section was funny, but then I realized that that same fragility is what often times drives them to assault and abuse women. If you’re genuinely upset and about a video that’s attempting to raise awareness about a serious issue that affects women (as well as some men), get some serious help.

  16. The me too movement is a joke so this is fitting. James Franco's ex girlfriend actually tried to say it was rape that blowing him didn't further her career because that's the only reason she was doing it. So now failed gold digging is rape. When a woman can be blindly believed and a man's career completely destroyed on her word alone, how the fuck is that equality?

  17. I burst out laughing when i heard it was serious at the end!!! hahaha…. wow Civilization is so god damn over! i thought it was going to take 4 years maximum …. no way…. more like 2!!!!

  18. Yeah…why don't you start by calling out and denouncing the men you sleep with to advance your careers ladies instead of "pretending" you care, let's not forget, Hollywood knew about those men for decades and you remain silenced….by the way, I believe sexual harassment on Evan Rachel Wood but on the other two…..come on…get real..the Vietnamese and the black girl are so disgusting looking that I find so hard to believe any man would want to touch them anyway……

  19. Someday, I hope to be rich and famous enough for women to falsely accuse me of sexual misconduct..

    Their stories are always so bullshit. "Oh I just went to his hotel room at 2 am thinking we'd be discussing my acting career, we did drugs and drank alcohol all night, eventually I was unable to make coherent decisions and he forced himself on me."

  20. Can't wait for Star Wars Guess Who. "Is your person recently introduced? Was she in The Last Jedi, the worst Star Wars movie ever? Is she just another token minority that actually made an already bad movie worse? It must be Rose!"

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