Gutfeld on Joe Biden’s new ad and his wife’s endorsement
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Gutfeld on Joe Biden’s new ad and his wife’s endorsement

August 24, 2019

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  1. Kudos to Juan for standing in as the voice for Dems. He does his best but it is a losing propostion. Gives the show that little extra.

  2. Anyone connected to Joe “Perve” Biden telling you to “SWALLOW “ anything …FREAKN RUN….tighten up & RUUUN!

  3. I love all this talk about polls, all you have to do is look at the number of people showing up to (fill in the blank) rallies, and look at the numbers at a Trump rally, pretty clear to me.

  4. Jaun is such a leftist. He seems so clueless what the average citizen thinks about ALL of the democrats. None are worth our time! We elected Trump because he HAS NOT spent a lifetime in corrupt politics! They are all awful lifetime politicians who have always taken a taxpayers funded paycheck! NONE have any success in the private sector!

  5. If Joe is picked, many will jump line to Trump. Tulsi is the only true Pick and the DNC won't allow that. So, Dems are doomed again.

  6. Hey there biden voters, if there are any real ones, Haven't u seen the dozens of videos when he touches little girls on their private parts and kissing them in front of their parents while taking pictures, asking if they want to give him their child for one night!? where are the real heroes these days!?

  7. Jill distinctly shook her head when she talked about Joe being able to win the election. That's before she got around to telling democrats that they need to swallow.

  8. we need high voltage hooked to it. American taxpayers are spending 150 billion dollars per year on illegal immigrants and climbing. wake up people


  10. They love that word radical 😂😂😂😂 sander vs Biden are running on different policy so they're not the same fox🤦🏽‍♂️. Biden is nothing but a nicer Republican.

  11. So vote democrat because we only do big cuddles? As Gutfield said, if it were right, every brilliant Managing Director would be out of work, because one needs to make tough real world decisions.

  12. I guess if we can't vote "Alfred E. Newman",  Biden will just have to do…."Make do with Biden,… Make  do with Biden…"

  13. What is she talking about with the primary and the general election? The general election IS the election. So, of course, the only time the electability issue comes into play is in the primary.

  14. ☯ I'd lay money down Jill Biden was "Swallowing" BEFORE Joe's 1st wife died in that "Accident!" Hunter Diddles his Dead Brother, Beau's wife, soooo……. apparently Creepy and Creepy Jr. are Turned On by Women who Choose $$$$$$$$$$$$ Above ALL Else
    LuvQ'all! 🌈Rainbow Warriors prophecy

    p.s. Polls are USELESS and a Manipulation Tool. Unless ALL Polls are conducted UNIFORMLY they are "apples to oranges." There should be something like FASB and GAAP. The Federal Accounting Standards Board, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. All Accounting and Bookkeeping is conducted UNIFORMILY Polls Need to be STANDARDIZED, until then, Q'uit telling us what to Think!

  15. red dress girl… ur neck is way too large… i would still grab the p .. but that neck is too large.. go trump 2020

  16. be careful with zionist women like that warren, dont trust them. would need a proven practicing christian, woman, in office, even then got to check her out and study who she is

  17. I cancel my subscription with the New York Times and I don’t watch NBC either I voted for Obama and I voted for Clinton I had no problems, this time I voted for Trump and People spit on my face trying to take my hat and cancel my Facebook account I wonder why it’s made me realize that I would never ever again vote Liberal again so thanks to NBC and thanks to CNN ,everybody loves the underdog this is America remember rocky

  18. Ok ok look Hillary is goin to wait an c who's beatin trump sorry president trump she's goin to puck them out like she did burnie an try to take there votes to make her look good that's my prediction

  19. I'm black and even I can say I really don't like that black news anchor he's objective-based reporting on politics when he should be trying to give facts I hate listening to him and as soon as I hear him speak I log off

  20. The odds Joe doesn't have dementia are slim. I don't wish it on him but seems like he's in the early stages.

  21. Jill Biden: My husband may be a complete moron, and his policies may suck, but gosh darn-it people like him. All that was missing was the full length mirror and a sweater…

  22. 😂 Biden is a joke … Bernie is the only one that can beat turd trump or even Elizabeth warren. And yes the rich should pay more in taxes to educate and help Americans student eliminate student. Help sick Americans with universal coverage. We live in global world and compete for jobs with Europeans and other industrialized countries who citizens enjoy affordable or free higher college education and enjoy universal healthcare coverage and don’t have to worry about going broke when seriously ill or paying ridiculous prescription prices. We can make America great again if we invest in our education and healthcare and produce the brightest and healthy workers to compete with jobs globally.

  23. It says a lot about a candidate who was a former vice president for 8 years and his former boss, the president, does not endorse him fully. Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton and even campaigned for her, but he distances himself from Biden. What does that say to you?

  24. Thank goodness Juan Williams is back with the group.
    Although o don’t understand and/or believe what he believes I like him. He’s. It afraid to sit up there with the conservatives day after day and holds his own.
    He’s not always right but he’s true to what he thinks.

  25. Joey the idiot….I can't wait to hear joey in the first debate, he'll laugh and smile, then laugh and say "look, I'm joe biden" and that's his answer!

  26. Wow So very sad for the demcRATS….Trump and Pence 2020🙏🏿🙏🏻✝️🔯🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🙏🏻🙏🏿

  27. It's a good thing she believes in sleepy Joe, at least their marriage is strong. Until he loses that is….????

  28. "Put you all back in Chains" Did he Really say that? I have some black blood in me according to DNA test, and I am very offended. If I was all black I would be really Pissed.

  29. Why dont you guys call whaun on the poll results when you only call demacrats and trump gets 39% i say not bad

  30. Lame duck z
    President. One that improved tge economy, American dollar and standing amongst countries not coneiving. This Oresident difbt yell, but wenr passed wishes and expectations.

  31. Let's see let me think about it. Do I want President Trump dealing with North Korea or do I want Joe Biden who will probably have to have his wife / mom back him up. Boy that's a tough choice.


  33. Biden will be dead within 10 years that old bastard you see how fast he's aging?! who the hell would vote for this monster so Many dumb people out there I swear to God.. DemoRATS are Demonic

  34. 3:23 …. When you contradict the agenda because you have to be correct. I thought the left was all extreme socialists?

  35. she just said, we want chinas bottom line. they're about to fall. we can't let that happen because. biden an i will be broke, an thrown out of the country

  36. They can't buy Trump into the nasty realities they created for themselves, so they want trump gone. Makes sense to me. Still don't make it right.

  37. A failed stand-up comedian trying to be clever, I suppose you couldn't book hobo the clown?

    Fox standards has always been trash, but, come on.


  38. "Joe Biden can beat Trump!"

    Are we talking about the same Joe Biden has groped little children on camera DOZENS of times?

  39. She knows him best, and she doesn't seem to sure about him. The most uninspired endorsement I've ever witnessed.

  40. I wonder how many 13 year old girls had to swallow when Joe was in the room with them since he can't keep his hands to himself.

  41. Here's what adults know: You don't have to like your political leaders. The political leaders just have to do the right thing for your family and your nation.

  42. I hate Biden I also hate Trump more than Biden. There was 11 cases of obstruction of justice with Trump in Mueller's report, you clearly have not read it at least the unredacted form that is available to us. Until you do stop talking about it. It's pretty sad that you're up here on a YouTube channel talkingshit about something you don't know and haven't read

  43. LMAO I hope Biden does win the criminal party primary and become their candidate.  How many dismal failures as a presidential candidate  does he have?  Great choice neighbors, he is a much stronger candidate now!

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