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September 13, 2019

Hey graduate! Do you have your super legit degree in one of those document float frames? Well ditch that aesthetically displeasing diploma, and let’s use that float frame for some more on-trend DIY art. Hi guys, my name’s Kelsey. And my name is Becky! And we’re TheSorryGirls. So today, as you guys know, we are doing some float frame wall art. Yes. If you guys, have seen these-they’re kind of around the internet, they’re around Pinterest. They’re super cute, super delicate, and there’s so many things that you can do with that. Yeah, it’s much more interesting than your standard, like, printed out artwork. Yeah. So we’re gonna show you various, ways to: A. make your own frames and B. things to put in them. Yeah! Is that all? Yeah! Subscribe! That’s also something that you can do. There’s this channel and another one! Okay, okay? Going into the video now. For the frames you can easily buy one at many different stores where frames are sold and online we can, definitely link you guys some below. Or you can DIY one so, we took the glass out of some cheap thrift store frames and cut them to be the same size. We did this by using a ruler, a glass scorer, and some cut running pliers. We have another video that explains this all super well if you’re unsure. We’ll link that below for you to check out. So once you have your two pieces of glass that are the same size. We just held them together using some super on-trend binder Clips and voila! Your clear invisible frame is done. Or you can hack a float frame. So to do this, we did take one of our basic frames and then we wanted to make it this more delicate gold chain um trend that we’ve been seeing. So to do this, we took some really small screw and eye hooks and put those on the two corners of the top of the frame and then we painted the whole thing-all the visible parts- with a liquid gold leaf and then we just took some gold chain that we had, cut it to the right size, added some jump rings so that we could attach it to the eye hooks. So now that you have all your frames made or bought-whatever you wanna do-we’re gonna show you some things that you can actually put in the frames to make them look amazing. So the first thing is to put anything flat really in your frames um and try to think of things that aren’t standard artwork. So we used things like polaroids which look amazing. They’re so cute. Or feathers! We tried using feathers in the frames and they look amazing too. So a tip we found is to use a hammer and flatten the base of the feather so that it fits in the glass nicely, because if you’re trying to press something that’s a little too bulky, you could risk breaking the glass. Safety first guys. Don’t have any broken glass, so try and make whatever you’re putting in your frames as flat as possible An amazing idea for these float frames is pressed flowers in any way shape or form. But we did them with some petals and made like this really pretty petal mandala. So to do this we took some fresh flowers and carefully took off the petals that we wanted to use and then we laid them flat within two pieces of wax paper with the wax paper facing the petals and then we sandwiched that between two layers of towel. You can do this on an ironing board as well but make sure you put a towel on top and then iron it for a couple of minutes per side. Make sure you just keep checking on the petals. You want them to lose their moisture so they stiffen and kind of become this like translucent, um but they also become really fragile so be careful of that too. Yes and something we noticed is that the petals actually lose a bit of their color when you dry them out, so pick things that are really bright to start with and that way they look great after. And then all we did was lay them out in a design on our glass. Make sure you figure out which sides your front and that you’re putting them the right side down, because sometimes the petals have like a good side and a bad side, um, and then just sandwich them between your glass and you’ve this really pretty design. You can also use this technique on many other types of leaves too, not just necessarily petals. Just make sure you’re picking something that doesn’t retain too much moisture, because you want it to be able to dry out pretty easily. We did try this on a monstera leaf and it didn’t really press right, but we did do it on a palm leaf and it looked amazing, so play around and see what works for you. And if you guys know a way to press a monstera leaf, you should definitely let us know below. I’m sure everybody’s interested. I was so excited for it to work. Maybe it was just us, but if you have the answer please let me know. Another piece of little art that you can do in the frames is a yarn word. Um, it’s super funny if you use a word that’s like not pretty: we chose fries. Um and all you have to do is cut a piece of yarn. We wrote out our word using a whiteboard marker, but you could also write it on a piece of paper and then just put your glass over top And then trace it out. We used hot glue to kind of secure the yarn in various places. Hot glue peels off really easily off of glass so this is definitely a temporary solution. You don’t have to worry about that. Just continue the whole word and when you’re done sandwich it together and you have a really pretty yarn word. Yeah, and again, use thinner yarn as opposed to super chunky, yarn, so that it flattens nicely. Let us know what you guys will put in your frames. If you have any brilliant ideas that would look amazing and some floating frames that we didn’t mention yet, please let me know. Also if you guys have ideas of what videos you’d like to see coming up make sure you put those in the comments below so that we can check it out. Yeah, we are planning our holiday schedule now which sounds crazy that Christmas and the holiday time is already almost here um, but if it’s anything you really want to see please let us know below. Alright, thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you like it, make sure you give it a like. And if you love it, make sure you sub it. And we’ll see you next time. Bye guys. Bye. [music] We’ll ditch that aesthetically displeasing discl-discl- oh my god you wrote a serious tongue twister. I didn’t realize. Okay. Yes. Alright thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you give-if you give it a like, we would like you back. Yeah. [music]

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  1. I love floating frames! My bf and I have three big ones in our house. First one is of old pictures of parents and grandparents (like old polaroid ones and 1940's pictures. looks cool!). Second one has old pictures of us and siblings as kids. And then third one is of us as a couple, where I put various pictures but also little love notes we wrote to each other. There are just endless possibilities with floating frames 🙂

  2. I bet these are so much cheaper than buying already made frame art. It's so cool. Thanks ladies for this easy solution. Love It!

  3. I love all of your videos! I would love to see some more diy Christmas ornaments for the tree and also randomly baby/nursery/kid decor/toy stuff that is budget friendly and perhaps even diy. Thanks ladies!

  4. For the fries decor, maybe draft the word at the back of the glass instead of where you’re going to work on? So that you don’t have to wipe them off while sticking the yarn, you can wipe it after you’re done.

  5. I don't know if it's only because I just finished watching The Sinner on Netflix yesterday but o m g Kelsey you look SO much like Jessica Biel!!


  7. Kind of like those cut-out ransom notes.. Cut out words or letters from magazines or newspapers and sandwich them in to create a quote 🙂

  8. Hi! Can you film video about cheap Christmas gifts bc I have no ideas!(😞
    p.s. you're so cool! I love your channel so much! I'm going to do the frame with flowers. You've inspired me! ❤😍

  9. Hey Sorry Girls! My friends and I are moving into our first apartment in May and we're starting to look at decor ideas. How can we make our bland, ugly apartment into something super stylish (for cheap!) while still being renter-friendly?

  10. Lovedddd this video! <3

    I just got an idea inspired by yours, If for some reasons the glass is not available, we can use the clear plastic lamination sheet (that is usually used to secure the important documents). and laminate the feathers or the flower petals and finish it with punching a hole in the corners and attaching the golden chain over it.

  11. A snowman or village scene cut out of a retro/vintage Christmas card with some fake snow , glitter, or snowflake sequin confetti would make cute "snow globe" winter wall art. You'd probably want to use a frame or tape the edges with holiday washi tape so the glitter didn't get everywhere though.

  12. I was waiting til the end of the video to comment on how gorgeous Kelsey looks with that bun and lipstick colour but they were already tons so I'm just here liking the comments

  13. https://youtu.be/G39KTmyWEOs?t=5m6s If you look at my video I made a couple weeks ago, I made a floating frame and put some sassafras leaves in it! It is so beautiful! 🙂

  14. I don’t press my flowers, but about two months ago I put dried flowers that I kept that my boyfriend picked me on our first date in a floating glass frame and gave it to him for his birthday

  15. KELSEY YOU LOOK SO GOOD WOW!!! Becky looks so angelic and pure in this video, y'all look like devil vs angel 😭
    ANYHOW, I can't wait to do this DIY, I actually have a couple of frame lying around begging to be used! 😅

  16. I had no clue you could buy frames like that… or that they were called float frames 😂 I made some by buying a pairs of identical cheap frames and putting the glass from one in the place of the backing of another. I put pressed flowers in mine. Side note I’m typing while watching and Kelsey literally said pressed flowers as I was typing it 😂 fate!

  17. I have some pressed flowers from a summer roadtrip that I've been dying to find a use for so I'm so psyched you guys did this!!

  18. Love these ideas!!! Definitely going to update my poloraid frame now!! I would love to see like hygge/cozy themed diy presents! Y'all know how cold Canada gets and I want something cute to give to my friends! 😊😊

  19. I love your videos and I really love those chunky knitted blanket but they're so expensive could you possibly do a DIY on them? 💕

  20. I would love to see more word art videos 🙂 I will definitely try out the yarn floating picture ! Loved how creative this video was with all of the variety

  21. Hi girls! I am a recent subscriber to your channel. I was wondering if you've ever done a DIY where you repurpose a piece of furniture to hide a litter box. I have 2 cats, and their litter boxes are super ugly!

  22. Making these for my best friends for chistmas this year! I have some vintage train stubs and postcards I am using for one and then pressed flowers and a polaroid for the other 🙂 Thanks for a fabulous diy as always <3

  23. Just a few ideas….use adult coloring art or find a pretty gift bag, cut out the front…frame it!! You can also put art on a canvas seal with mod podge and cut tiny holes in it and push Christmas lights through the holes… Wahhh laaaa!! Great job! I love your creativity!!

  24. Awesome video!  When I dry leaves or flowers I put them in between kitchen parchment paper or paper towels and then put them on a sheet pan and then put another sheet pan on top then i put a heavy pan on top of that  and pop it in the bottom rack of my gas oven for a week  or so ( not sure if this would work in an electric oven, no pilot light) and they lighten a little but still have color but they turn out beautiful. I am testing what happens if I put some petals in my food dehydrator.

  25. i'm going to make this frame and put "you are my sunshine" in yellow yarn. she always sung it to me and my sisters when we were little 💓💓

  26. I live for fries. I can't wait to be back in Belgium for the holiday and eat as much I my body can . I love these frames. I looked for those in a shop today and it was quite expensive. These ones are such good ideas!

  27. Love the diy but def wouldn't be trashing my super expensive degree! It might look ugly but I'm damn proud of it and it hangs on my wall next to all the cute things I have worth pennies. lol

  28. Maybe it would be easier to write the yarn word on a piece of paper and just put it under the glass? Cool idea though!

  29. It might have been easier to write with pen on the top of the one piece of glass, put the second piece of glass on top, glued the yarn on, then wipe clean.

  30. how do you guys hang the glass ones? do you think it would hold for a movie poster or something bigger?

  31. Can you DIY some modern Christmas trees 🎄??? Like trees that don’t take up a lot of space ?? Does this even make sense ??

  32. I just made some of these with old sheet music I bought at an antique shop for $1 per sheet. I got my frames from the As-Is section at IKEA. The frames are actually glass doors for a cabinet, but they work perfectly! They look super cute all put together!

  33. I just made some of these with old sheet music I bought at an antique shop for $1 per sheet. I got my frames from the As-Is section at IKEA. The frames are actually glass doors for a cabinet, but they work perfectly! They look super cute all put together!

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