Hanging A Frame On A Brick Wall, Drill Into The Cement or Brick?
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Hanging A Frame On A Brick Wall, Drill Into The Cement or Brick?

October 14, 2019

– Hey, how are ya? This used to be, well this used to be here then it fell off. Why did it fall off? Well, because the person
who put it on here didn’t do it as good as we will today, let’s just say that. The wire broke, the nail
came out of the mortar. So I wanna show today, how
to hang picture frames, mirrors, and stuff like
that on brick walls. Ready, here we go. Make, fix, grow, cook, garden fork. Are your excited about this, are you? (dog barking) You’re very excited about this project, all right, let’s go. All right, let’s talk about
stuff that you’re gonna need. The key piece is a hammer drill,
we’ll talk more about that. These are masonry percussive drill bits. Ear protection, dust
protection, eye protection. For this job some plastic
anchors, and a vacuum. So we need to fix this wire here. Let me show you what I’m gonna do. This is a galvanized,
braided hanging wire okay. I’m gonna take this out. (light music) And I tie a double knot in it. And I bring this over here. Some people will just
fold this, will just wrap this on itself like this and it’ll grab, but I like to tie it. And now you’re good to go. So we’re all set, we
fixed the mirror wire, we’re gonna hang this thing up, drill a hole boom, done,
we’re out right, wrong. We have to kind of talk about
the elephant in the room, and that’s the controversy
that are on my other videos whether to drill into the brick, or the masonry joint between the brick. Let me show you show you
why I drill into the brick. So here’s out brick wall where we’re gonna hang our mirror, right. Brick, mortar, but look here, (metal scrapping) I work in old buildings all the time. But brick is much more solid than the mortar most of the time. You can argue below with the comments, I’d love to hear what you think, but I drill into the brick,
I don’t go into the mortar. (light music) so, let’s go over the
tools for a minute okay. This is a hammer drill, it is corded, it’s not cordless, doesn’t have a battery. It plugs into the wall. It is a percussive hammer
and rotary drill in one. They’re not that expensive, I’ll link below to the one that I use. If you’re doing any DIY projects that you’re gonna do stuff in the future, this the one drill to buy,
it’s gonna last you forever. It’s gonna save you a lot of headaches. There’s sometimes where cordless drills just don’t have the torque you need to really unscrew something,
or slam something in. So this, and a set of masonry bits, percussive masonry bits, hammer drill bit starter
set, I’ll link below. Hammer drill, hammer drill
bits, one time investment, lifetime of pain free hanging of stuff, cement, brick, okay, did I make my point? Oh that wasn’t very elegant it? I forgot to take my
glasses off, I guess so. Eye protection, ear protection ’cause this drill screams, okay. If you’re gonna hang a TV into brick, don’t use this, use what’s
called a sleeved anchor. I’ll link below to
information about these, and these, and all the other tools. I highly suggest using
a vacuum or a shop vac. I like these because they’re light weight, you can hold the hose up. When you’re gonna drill in the brick, brick dust is gonna come
out and if you don’t catch it right away, it goes,
well, it goes everywhere, so it’s a good thing. One last thing, I always
start the drilling on regular rotary drill setting, and then, once I get a
point made in the brick or cement, or tile or whatever, I flip it over to hammer and then I go. If you start with hammer, this can jump, so start and make little divot, kinda like if you’re
drilling through metal you set a little point,
you’re setting a little point on rotary (vocalizing drill
noise) just a little bit, go to hammer, (vocalizing
hammer drill) and you’re in. (drill screaming) remember when I warned you about the screaming part, here we go. (drill screaming) (hammer banging) Oh, great.
(drill screaming) (hammer banging) That’s what I get for
using the masonry bit that came with the screws and the anchors. I’m gonna use my real hammer drill bit and make that the true
diameter for our anchors. The real bit, real tight, good to go. (drill screaming) (hammer banging) (light music) So I’m gonna stop and leave a gap so our wire can go behind that. That, is not going anywhere. All right, we’ve got the new
super strong braided wire, hang that right here, center that, and that is a beautiful thing. Am I a beautiful thing? You can let me know in the
comments, be nice to me okay? So it should be floating right
here with some other videos. More about me, click the
down arrow below the video to find out about the
kind of drill, drill bits, sleeves, anchors, all about
Eric’s World right below. So go out, do cool stuff, come
back and tell be about it. All right, make a great
day, I’ll see you later.

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  1. So I was passing along the street and I noticed some people had graced there Dogs (capital D) with there …..ready for it? With there VERY OWN FIRE HYDRANT! Sweet huh? Er, DO YOUR DOGS HAVE THERE VERY OWN FIRE HYDRANT? If yes THEN YOUR A BEAUTIFUL THING ….if no …..then YOUR STILL A BEAUTIFUL THING 😀

    Dogs and fire hydrants just go together O.o

  2. Our quandary is hanging a TV on the fireplace.. We have the hanger, our chimney is "finished" with old house plaster..so our TV and sound bar sit…in a misshapen corded mess on our beautiful mantel.. I am seriously thinking of purchasing a new extremely thin lightweight one.. Just to get around "the hanging debacle" it might be more expensive.. Our may sit even higher….on second shelf of mantel.. Admittedly not the best viewing angle.. But it would "get the job done!" The mess would be mitigated! How/what have you all done/built to get around the modern TV on mantel debacle..

  3. THANKYOU! I have to hang literally dozens of grab rails for my aunt. No wwaaaayyy am I letting her pay nearly a thousand for that. They love to make money and rip off the elderly and disabled. This video actually helped.

  4. I have drilled into brick before. My first efforts were a joy. With the right tools, all things are possible. Choosing brick seemed like the choice. I miss my hammer drill but It's ok. I don't need it right now. Thank you for giving me a vote of confidence. You had no idea.

  5. I'm sure that job was inspired by the camera lady, whose comments, questions and laughter were missed. Good job hanging the mirror and I agree, into the brick. Another vid coming up on how to re-point a brick wall?

  6. If the cement between the bricks is brittle, I drill into the brick as well. But if the cement (masonry) is strong, I like to drill into that rather than than making a hole in the brick (the cement can be replaced/patched if needed later on).

  7. Painfree ??? Just the screaming Sound makes massive headache for other people nearby . Why don`t you use for work like this a pneumatic rotary hammer drill with SDS or SDS-PLUS System from HILTI , MAKITA or other Producers ? You could by cheap ones for under 80 Bucks , Makita for under 150 . They are much faster and not as noisy as the normal drillers. ( Neighbours will be grateful ) And with Motion Stop and mostly included SDS-Chisel they are able to make bigger holes and slots through Bricks and Concrete for cables and tubes you use a manually "powered" chisel …. 🙂

  8. On larger or heavy items I like to use two hooks or screws spaced a little space apart, say 1/4 of the width of the frame. This makes it much easier to level the frame and it stays level because it won't swing from the single hang point. I watch everything, keep it up.

  9. Eric, when we used braided cable wire for the hanger, we both tied/knotted it, then wrapped the end so it didn't hook someone or hang out. Looks professional to the client. FYI when drilling into brick, we duct tape the vac' hose to the wall. Then you safely have two hands on the drill. You're welcome. 😉

  10. Super enjoying your channel… I’m waiting for my hammer drill and bits in the mail so I can hang a canvas hanging on my cement wall in my little studio. Thank you 😊

  11. Thank you, Eric! I have a block house and am pretty sure the same method works. (can't tell you how many masonry drill bits I went through in the past!) You've explained this so well!!

  12. I love you! you are so cute! at first I saw that it was 7 minutes and I wasnt going to watch but, I really enjoyed it. you explained every little thing and why you do it and even showed how you can make mistakes etc. I Loooved it and am totally excited about taking on my first ever project! Cant wait to watch more of you!

  13. yeah you're a beautiful thing NO HOMO. anyway i am hanging an acoustic diy panel, and trying to figure out if i should go the concrete way against the wall, or hang from the ceiling which i would assume is a joist! since im renting, might go for the joist. either way this video was super useful.

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