Hannity: Dems are guilty of everything they accuse Trump of
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Hannity: Dems are guilty of everything they accuse Trump of

October 19, 2019

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  1. Hannity reminds me of a movie magazine gossip columnist, always spreading innuendo s and malicious gossip that he never backs up with facts. Obvious he is not a news reporter, so why on Fox News? Raise the bar.

  2. Wow sean hannity is disgusting he is lying people all u have to do is follow the president tweets hes guilty vote him out! And Sean hannity u should be ashamed of the propaganda u push

  3. The Democratic party is the NWO Globalist party. Thank God, the conservatives are in the majority. We are all dealing with psychopathic politicians.

  4. Jeff Thompson what he did in business prior to becoming our President is irrelevant. U site so many things in the response to my question which I do admire. Our President has a bullseye on his forehead. If all these a ligations has any real merit the Democrats would pull the trigger on the bullet and take him out. Business practices prior to our President taking office has nothing to do with anything. If he was banging a porn star who really cares. Not like he was doing it in the Oval Office like ole Bill did. But really you can’t blame ole Bill because he surely wasn’t the first to do that. He’s just the first to get caught. I believe that in itself made him more popular myself. For your $150 an hour fee maybe you can take all your hear say evidence and get onboard the go get President Trump campaign to get paid. Best of luck tho.

  5. I hope and pray that our President and Rudy can burn the deep state to the ground. And I also pray that Hillary gets hers in the end! You would think that if you were the reason that 2 Navy SEALs, an IT guy, and a U.S. Ambassador were killed in Benghazi, you would keep your mouth shut if for nothing else than disgrace!! I hope she gets hers, I really do! I'd put a bullet in my head if I got 4 Americans killed!!

  6. Hillary its 3 yrars now she should of been on Trial for Treason and given a Hanging Sentence, Our Founding Fathers would of done this Woman or not Treason is Treason in any Form period.

  7. Rudy G, Is not some one to mess with Rudy took on the Mob & The Inside Traiders & beat them both, In NYC, So people like Nadle, &r Schiff Does not faze Rudy period

  8. Obama got greased from Biden, From the $$$$ he got from China & the Ukraine etc He had to know that Biden used AF 2 Taking his Son along to Foreign Countries for Business etc.

  9. Demoncratic liberals socialist politician hypocrites dishonest liars racist double corrupt not doubt about most politician are very corrupt they obviously selfish people and only thinking in rich in self very quickly with taxpayers people money demoncratic corruption is to much 🤷🏿‍♀️👎🏿

  10. There exists no person who deserves the title "whistleblower" because there is nothing to blow a whistle about.

  11. It's always any criminal defense to deny and accuse , Media believes that Americans are stupid and can't see what's happening this same attack on Americans happened in 08 , then talking down the economy while hiding behind 1st amendment rights cost America billions in bail out no one was charged with a crime!,cyber bullying is legal if done by the Media and illegal if done by citizens? Yelling fire in a movie theater is illegal unless done by media!, making false criminal charges illegal if done by citizens yet is a1st Amendment right of the media , Sedition is illegal if done by citizens yet legal if committed by politicians! Not obeying Federal law illegal if done by citizens yet legal if committed by Governors and Mayors? No one in America should obey laws if your own government and elected officials won't or refuse to, the rule of law is now Mob Rule!

  12. These impeachment attacks have incited obvious libel and slander of our country's President. The malicious attacks are unlawful. These attacks are threatening the security of this country and its citizens. Public figures can be libeled and slandered, and frankly, this has gone on too long. The media should set its boundaries by laws that are in place to protect from libel and slander. This mob approach is an infringement upon the safety of this Nation's President and his staff and all supporters of Trump, whether or not they voted on him. It endangers Independents and Republicans who disagree with far left Democrats and dare to speak up. If you do not agree with the far left, a person is attacked verbally and punished for having an opinion or exercising freedom of speech. If you disagree with the far left Democrat, he or she attacks readily with fire in his or her eyes and attempts to undermine all logic one presents. These attacks make me feel unsafe in my own country. My prayers our with our President.

  13. Somebody should ask Sean Hannity if Obama was caught on the phone asking for dirt on Romney from a foreign leader during the 2012 election, what he will do ??? How big an explosion will it be on Fox News and the conservative media ???

  14. When trump
    Was running he said he had a big, beautiful health care plan that would cover more people and cost less. That was 3 years ago and he still hasn’t revealed it. He wouldn’t have
    Lied to us, would he?

  15. nothing I can personally do until all out civil war breaks out. until then im held back by a leash called the law,

  16. SO every time the accusation comes up, then investigate the accusers for same crime and then proceed if it is proved beyond the doubt. No investigations no hearing committees costing millions to tax payers. If deems are so righteous and are in right and have lily white character then they should not have problems with being investigated.

  17. If Mr. Trump is so innocent all he needs to do is provide evidence that clears him of any wrongdoing. Instead, he engages in denial, personal attacks and distractions. Facts are what matters not false accusations, conspiracy theories or contrived rhetoric.

  18. Biden's new name…
    Sleepy creepy crazy uncle quid pro Joe

    Here's how to handle leaks… Put everyone name in a hat tell them they have 1 week to find the leaker(s) if they aren't found, then pull a name everyday and fire that person…

  19. the democrats has adopted the middle fingers on the poor people for decades now. the democrats only want too see poor people jobless and hopeless. god help us. karma is coming for the media mob.

  20. Donald Trump exposed the Deep State and Mainstream Media to us all
    Never would have believed how bad they are!
    They both need to go~

  21. Donny Dumb Nuts is a criminal. Has been one  his entire adult life. He's just a New York City con man. He's conned banks, investors, contractors, the IRS and ordinary people like you and me. But I'm not fooled. I know what he is. Read up on him. Do your research. He's a master grifter.

  22. There is a rat in the Whitehouse find them and get ride of them protect president office the people need Mr trump .great job Mr trump we no what you are going through no reaction Mr trump there using it against you I no it must be hard but it will come out in the end let it play itself out .your not guilty it all about them there guilty and now we the people no it

  23. No dems have been arrested. Lots of republicans have been arrested, convicted and sentenced regarding Russian collusion.

  24. Yes sir, But who is going to do it ?? That is the big question.
    I hope not the people that are in there already they all have dirty sheets😆

  25. We will support our President Donald Trump.I listen to his speeches They, the democrat party, add to his words, also take away his words.THEY surely are guilt criminals.

  26. HE WILL WIN IN 2020. NO DOUBT IN MY MIND. ❤🇱🇷🇮🇱🇱🇷🇮🇱. I will never believe those evil imps of satan, the father of all lies and deceit!!! And those are my words.

  27. How can anyone vote for a Democrat they know they're all lying? Joe Biden is lying! He's good because he's been in Congress for years, and then vice president for 8 years. If you want your country to be good again vote for Trump

  28. You are so frigging blind until it is not even funny. You would back that crazy SOB in the White House until your last breath. How much money did Trump line your pockets? You are completely biased. So, you are "fake news" as your buddy likes to put it.


  30. They have told Trump time and time again. IT IS ILLEGAL. Biden is his opponent/political rival… so he should just tell his appointed personnel do it for him ….that's THEIR job.
    Its as simple as that.
    But…..Trump did it again today on live TV…….this time asking China to join in on investigating Biden.
    Why cant someone tell him to stop?

  31. NewAmericanFrontier
    Epoch Times ripped me off. I paid their $ 1.00. subscription and didn't want to auto renew so they kept my money and gave me no services. Some trial. It's not a dollar if you have to auto renew to receive the 1.00 month. This is False advertising. On the website it says cancel any time and use subscription until the end of the billing cycle. I found out this was a lie. They said try for a dollar and no hidden fees. This was a lie too. I got some lady who could barely speak in English, and she mocked me and was no help and said she would give me 5o pesos if I was there in her country. Clearly these people don't have integrity. It's not the dollar it's the principle.

  32. The Democrats are the swamp. Lying, cheating elitists who want their cash payments and jobs for the boys back.
    How dare this up start Trump interfere with their centuries of under the table payments.

  33. I can only hope Trump can legally get the law changed so he can be re-elected in 2024 as well!!!
    Hahahahaha, that will teach the stealing elitists a lesson!

  34. President Trump is keeping USAtax money from going to foreign countries. YOU CANNOT TRACK THAT MONEY AND IT MORE THAN LIKELY GOES IN DEEP STATE BANK ACOUNTS. First thing demonicrats in the house approved – FOREIGN ABORTIONS. You cannot track that. BUNCH OF CROOKS AND SHITHEADS.

  35. A CIA Operative in the Whitehouse passed Top Secret Phone Call to Outsite CIA Operative (Whistleblower) . The Outside CIA Operative discuss phone call with CIA General Counsel. The CIA General Counsel did NOT contact the DOJ to investigate a leak of Top Secret Classified Information from the Whitehouse by CIA personnel. All 3 of these people are guilty of Conspiracy. Then the Whistleblower discussed the Classified Call information with Red. Adam Schiff & Staff. This is a Coup by the CIA

  36. TOTALLY DISGUSTING ! ! All of the past incidences PROVES how corrupt the RATS are ~ ~ What normal voter would want to be associated with RATS that are nothing but LIARS ~

  37. Did the democrat leaders buy this guys book and pass around in the House of Congress to Democrat leaders. I was just wondering, Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels noted in his diary:

  38. When Trump wins in 2020, I expect him to do even more takedown of the Deep State, and I look forward to the kneecapping of tons of Arseholes who traffick and eat babies, who commit pay to play horrors, who are treasonous assassination and coup attempters. Unfortunately, I also expect that Trump will see that Medicare, Social Security, and the Post Office will be up for privatising, and that the VA will go away. It makes me sick that I have to choose between the Deep State criminals who have lied
    to me my entire life and who want a NWO nationless police state planet that commits WW3 and then culls me from the herd, enslaves my middle age son until he drops dead and trafficks his child. Vote for election stealing coup makers or for someone with whom I disagree on at least 70 percent of social policy. Well, I cannot vote for those who want to continue to participate in and/or facilitate child sacrifice/baby eating and pedophilia. I will never forget that not one GD Dem, compromised or otherwise, has lifted a finger to change the pure evil that exists, or even to acknowledge its reality as all those "I feel your pain" lies are spoken to me. Shame on you.

  39. Dear Dimmys: You must be exhausted running circles around your lies and projection. It's not working for you. Recipe for success: Do your job and come up with some stuff that's actually good for the American people. Just a thought.

  40. Since when is hearsay considered admissible evidence? The so-called whistleblower is only protecting the leakers that are afraid of getting exposed as the traitors they are… and still, be able to attack President Trump. I guess… the Dems are having their cake and eating it, too.

  41. Well it's official, nobody reveals the truth when power is on the line. It's quite sad and everyone is guilt of it, for the most part. I do not trust any of the mainstream media outlets, nor any politician to state the whole truth. In fact most of what we get is "hal-truths" or just misinformation delivered in a neat package you can easily understand and sympathize with. I think that is a given considering just how polarized this country is politically. Both sides constantly accuse the other while the vast majority of the population is looking on with a mixture of outrage, confusion, suspicion and yes, ignorance. It is a sad state of affairs that has been going for most of humanity's history, the difference being there is an over abundance of it today.

  42. I know you are Big baby!! all you do is lie. you have no real news put of fox quotes like they are legitimate the HILL some random Guy who ever say something that is trumpTARDIAN! been years they are gonna go to jail. Just wait you'll have the same 3 people on your show and fox Quotes makes it "evidence" . NIXONS LOYALISTS TRIED LIKE NIXON TRIED NOT TO COOPERATE WITH CONGRESS, BY NOT RESPONDING TO SUBPOENA, THE HOUSE PUT THEM IN JAIL UNTILL THEY COMPLIED. THAT MAY BE REQUIRED! 3rd article of Nixon impeachment was for not cooperating with congress.

  43. Hey Sean – its time to usher in PEACE with DR. SAVAGE and the SAVAGE NATION! Enough of the nonsense! Our Republic is in DANGER! WE need all WARRIORS working in UNISON! COPY THAT!

  44. Remember when Christopher Hitchens depants Hannity. Hannity did not know what to do and looked like he was about the cry.

  45. Where is the proof? Fox news out of all news stations is the only one siding with the potus. Make you wanna go hmmmmm? Take your head out of the sand. This man is destroying our democracy. Phuck everything else. Really people? Changing my status soon.

  46. At what time does the House Republicans and Congress Stand up and Say ENOUGH. Democrats have BULLIED AMERICA ENOUGH.

  47. The Election of Trump has pulled the curtain back on The Administrative State (deep state) …Greatly points to the fact the we don't have a "Justice" system. We have a "Just Us" system. I no longer trust any of the alphabet Law Enforcement Agencies including the IRS or the Courts…Democrats are now a adversary of the U.S. and like any enemy of the U.S. they care nothing about National Security and Public Safety..

  48. As an Australian, I have no problem with my govt. helping a friend (USA) to investigate possible corruption in their govt. That's what friend's do…DJT 2020!




  50. That is how they operate, They break the laws and blame someone else. My Question is where are the Republicans I do not hear any of them doing anything to help the president. All i hear is our friends on the other side !!! I am sick of the we need to talk justice that is going on in Washington. # years ago it was discovered hillary had used a private server for her email and comprised classified material @!!! If that wasn't enough she sold uranium to Russia and of coarse the money went to the clinton foundation!!! now 3 years later nothing is happening to her and she is threatening to run for president !!! I guarantee a private citizen doing that would of been in Jail long ago. definitely 2 levels of justice depending on the size of your bank account !!!

  51. Here we go again. Hillary is now going after her own party. Accusing the of being Russian assets. Flip it around HRC is most likely guilty of being a Russian Asset. She is panicking and afraid of all this truth coming out. We are obviously getting hotter. Remember that game? Well the Dems play it all day long with their Obiter dictum.They try to create a diversions whenever we are getting closer.

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