Harris Faulkner – Liberty University Convocation
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Harris Faulkner – Liberty University Convocation

November 19, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: I’m really honored that
we get to have today with us someone who hasn’t just won six Emmy Awards, or hasn’t just
been a real voice of truth, and isn’t just a strong sister in Christ, but somebody that
a lot of us are familiar with because of her highly successful television show on the FOX
Network. I kind of feel bad in that I got really excited
when I got to see some of, just some the things that are going to be a part of her brand new
book that’s coming out, The Nine Rules of Engagement. And I got excited when I found out that she
actually wanted to come and talk about those nine rules. But this morning she said that, “These are
talks that I’ve given as a military brat all of my life, and these are nine principles
that I want my own children to know. These are nine principles that I talk about
in a lot of different places, but ultimately, I mean obviously, in a moment like this I
don’t have time in 25-30 minutes to talk about all nine.” And so she told me this morning that she typically
just prays about like what the two, or one, or three principles are, out of these nine
life rules, nine principles that she can bring in who is in front of her. And today we’re going to get to hear two
of these nine principles from Mrs. Faulkner. And then I want you to know, on June the 5th
her book will be released throughout the world. And I know when you hear these two you’re
going to want to get a hold of the other seven as well. It’s just an honor to have her here. Can we put out hands together for Harris Faulkner
everybody? [APPLAUSE]>>HARRIS FAULKNER: Thank you so much. Wow, I have to tell you that when the Lord
puts you right where you’re supposed to be there is a calm that comes over you. Normally when I look are 12,000 faces I might
have a pause, but I don’t. I’m supposed to be here with you today. It is divinity. It is divine. It is a promise kept, and I’m grateful. I applaud all of you at Liberty. Some of you are visiting and I understand
there’re some military cadets among you. Right? [CHEERS] You guys bless me with your presence. You have a dream, and Dr. King did, but it’s
specific to each one of you in your legacy as you go forward. I want to help you get there. We all need each other. Do you guys ever feel that because we believe
that sometimes it’s harder for us? That the struggle is there. That it’s, as my mom used to say, “The
struggle is real, and sometimes it involves a bad hair day.” [LAUGHETER] But it is real. So I want to give you some things that I know
will work. I was born brat on an army base in Atlanta,
Georgia. And what I- yeah! [CHEERS] And what I didn’t realize at the time, and
even on through my elementary and high school years, was that that military background was
giving me the basis to fight whatever battles came along. Now I just heard David Nasser call you freedom
fighters. Well whatever our battle is at the moment,
you’re going to need some weapons. And my nine rules of enjoyment- I might give
them three today if I can stay on time I might give you three. I’m going to at least give you two. They’re weapons that you want to use in
your life. They’re not benign, but they will fortify
you in a very positive way. And the only people in your life who will
be cut by them are those who probably should not have been there in the first place. So there, I begin with my first rule of engagement. And you guys, fortunately at Liberty University,
are already living it. Who are your special forces? Who are the handful of people, handful or
so, of those in your inner circle that you roll with? It matters. Let me tell you why. In life, science has shown that the five people
we spend most of our time with invade our souls in such a way that we begin to emulate
them. Now I don’t know about you but there are
very few people in the world outside of our conclave that we create for believes that
you really want to emulate in the world. Right? So we got to be picky. As you go forth there is one sure rival on
this planet, doubt versus belief. Doubt always has a bigger team, belief is
never outnumbered and it is never outworked. That’s what we’re going to work on today. Your special forces, your inner circle, those
are the people who, as we say in the military, and I’m a civilian but I heard it my whole
life from my dad, “They watch your 6.” Sometimes I eat too many biscuits and I have
a 12. [LAUGHTER] But generally, they watch your backside. Thanks for getting that. I can hear some woman laughing over here. It’s like, probably because she could see
that side of me. [LAUGHTER] And she said- I know in her mind she’s thinking,
“You better multiply. You know that’s an 18.” [LAUGHTER] I love you whoever you are. Having an inner circle means just that. These are true believers of yours. These are the people who help you press against
the doubt. And you know what doubt looks like, right? It always has something to say about somebody
that’s not good. Doubt loves to gossip and sow seeds of division,
derision, and pain. And sometimes doubt can come in a really pretty
package. Sometimes we date doubt. Doubt’s cute. [LAUGHTER] I was single once. Sometimes doubt comes in the form of a relative. That’s complicated. But you know what you have to do with doubt? You got to outwork it, you got to outshout
it, and you got to root it out. Isn’t that what you said? You got to fire some people. Anybody ever fired anybody? Really? Not a whole lot of show- now it doesn’t
mean that it happens on your job. Come on, somebody’s had a firing someplace,
right? You had to maybe tell a friend, “You’re
not acting like my friend right now?” No, really? Sometimes we don’t do those things- oh I
heard a shout. Sometimes we don’t do this because it’s
uncomfortable. It’s hard to tell people that you’re on
a mission and your mission is about goodness, no gossip aloud. It’s about truth-telling, no fake news. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] What? Oh yeah, ok. I thought maybe you guys fell asleep. I wasn’t quite sure. There we go. It’s about people around you who would make
sacrifices for you without you even having to ask. Because they get you. Now I know it’s hard sometimes to press
against that. “Get a spine, Sunshine.” That’s what my dad used to say. He still says it every now and then. “Get a spine, Sunshine.” Like, really? Yeah. And it really, once you kind of understand
how belief in you lifts you up, not in a prideful sense, but in a powerful way to be able to
do more than you were intended to do, you won’t allow people in your inner circle
to distract you anymore. They just won’t even get in, so then you
don’t have to fire them. There’s a way that you can meet someone
and shake their hand, and always be present and kind. That’s necessary because we all want a legacy;
may as well have it be good. If somebody’s going to hashtag your legacy
make sure it’s good. It follows you forever. Have you ever tried to erase a hashtag online? So once you see how that feels you will be
particular. You will say, “Oh yeah, great to meet you.” Whatever, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Always be present and kind, but you don’t
have to invite them into your supper, into your circle, your dream zone. Now I know from my X-amount of years on the
planet- you can wiki me and find out my real age- but I’m going to call it “X”. I know that we are here for a reason. And I don’t mean a fleeting reason like,
I’m here today to be with the Liberty students. No, no, no, no, I’m here as part of your
mission, and you are here as part of mine. It is a divine mission and not every place
we go can we have this kind of conversation. So I feel so blessed that I can have it with
you. I work in a place where I feel quite comfortable
to say I’m strong in my faith. And when big news happens and I have to lean
because it hurts, I hit my knees. I don’t much care who sees me. I know it’s necessary, it’s part of who
I am. So my inner circle may not always be yoked
to me in exactly how I worship, but they do believe that there is a greater love. That’s an unbreakable. You have to come up with your own list of
unbreakables. I want to give you an example of how tough
this can be, and how important it is. So Jesus had 12, I only have 4. Jesus had 12 true believers, and when He entered
Jerusalem and He went to pray, He would tell His disciples, “I’m going to be gone for
a while. All I ask is that you stay awake.” And He would go and He would be in conference
with the Lord. He would come back and everybody’s like
laid out, sleeping, snoring. I don’t know if they actually said snoring
in the Bible, but y’all know what I mean. They were out, they were dreaming, and they
weren’t dreaming about him. They were out. So he went away again. And he said, “Look, I’m going to be gone. I’m going to go pray. All I ask is that you stay awake for me.” He came back. What were they? Asleep! Now in this next one, I want you to say “asleep”
with me. Yep, happened again. The Lord gets ready to go- or Jesus rather
gets ready to pray with His Father and He says, “All I ask is that you stay awake.” Now, of course, one among them was already
sowing some other types of betrayal seeds, but the beginning of betrayal is when you
ask somebody to be with you and they can’t stay awake. He comes back the third time and they were->>AUDIENCE: Asleep!>>FAULKNER: Asleep! And of course we know that Judas turned Him
in with a kiss, and there began the journey that led to, well, resurrection. Now, the Lord had a bigger plan for him, but
I just want to impart on you that if picking an inner squad is that hard for Jesus, how
hard is it going to be for us? Woo, did you get a load of that? If it didn’t work out for Him, that means
we have to be very particular and specific. So I didn’t start with 12 I just have 4. And I don’t even ask them to stay completely
awake. Could you just keep one eye open? But here’s the point, not everybody belongs. And when you realize that someone is not watching
your 6, not doing truth-telling, gossiping, that is the kiss of Judas. That gossip? Woo, don’t. Don’t tolerate it. When you realize it, you have to renovate
your squad. Hashtag that. I’m renovating my squad, which has the people
following you going, “Am I- am I being renovated? What? Is she renovating me? Am I out?” If you don’t know if you’re in, you might
be. This is especially important because I want
you all to think about this question for yourselves. Why am I here? What is my purpose? If I exit, what doesn’t get done? I’m giving you some clues on how you find
your purpose. I was taught that in special forces situations-
my dad was a combat pilot, he was not special forces, but he flew in small squadrons- you
don’t take 55 people with you, you only take like 6 or 8. And everybody has a job, a purpose. And so when one exits, you are trained to
be able to fill in, but you’re going to miss Bob. That’s my dad, the Colonel. You’re going to miss him because even though
you can fill in, he has a specific purpose. You realize the Lord created each one of us
like that right? If we get on the right squad, when we exit
they really miss us. Do you know what your purpose is? It’s not an age that you realize it, it’s
life experience. And if you feel like you haven’t figured
it out I’m glad you’re here, because this is a place that’ll help you figure out your
purpose. Liberty will put you to work in all the right
ways. But you need people around you in smaller
sets to work it out with you as well. You know people right now in your lives that
haven’t figured it out. They tend to be a little bit more aimless. If somebody recruits you to be on their inner
circle, help them find their aim because it’s just as important to have an inner circle
as it to be part of one. And they may not have all the same members
and that’s okay. But reciprocity is important. I call it being clutch. I like it when somebody says- you’re going
to get this because you know where I work, “If I were in a fox hole, I’d want Harris
Faulkner.” I won’t let you down. I won’t lie. I won’t make you feel bad about yourself
to puff myself up. I won’t not show up, I’m present. I’ll find a kind way to tell you the truth,
but I’ll tell you the truth. I’m clutch, yo. [LAUGHTER AND CHEERS] My daughters laugh at that too. They’re 11 and 8 and they- “Mom, stop
talking like that. You don’t know what ‘yo’ means.” What? I invented yo, yo. [LAUGHTER] So here we are, and we’re working on our
inner circle. And we’re making sure that doubt is what? Outnumbered and outworked. And I argue, out staffed, because our inner
circle is going to be strong. I call mine “Team Harris”. Now I am going to get to a second rule, but
Emily will you help me with this one. I need about- how many do I need? 10? I need 10 people to come up here. [CHEERS] Come on up. When I get to 10 I’ll be done. Now every man has gotten up, where are the
ladies? Oh boy, when we get to 10, make sure we get
some ladies in there. Come on now, we get to 10? Oh man, if we get to 11 they aren’t getting
a t-shirt. So here’s the deal. I know at Liberty University I could pretty
much randomly pick a squad because all of y’all are clutch. That’s why you’re here. And those you are hoping to apply on the CFAW,
you better recognize who you’re sitting next to. These people are special. Are they coming? I can hear them, they’re all whispering. “She’s taller than I thought. She does have an 18.” [LAUGHTER] No, they’re not thinking that. Hey! Hi! Good to see you. Alright, nice bowtie. [CHEERS] Hey, come on now. Hey. Alright good to see you. Hello, thanks for being here. There’re the ladies! Hey! Hi! Hello! Alright. Hi! Alright. Here we go.>>STUDENT: Shoe!>>AUDIENCE: Shoe!>>AUDIENCE: Boo!>>FAULKNER: What just happened? Is everything okay? No, no? He’s like, “No, no, no, no.” So you don’t like that?>>STUDENT: The Circle is where it’s at. The Circle.>>FAULKNER: Alright, here we go. The Circle. [CHEERS]>>STUDENT: Shoe!>>AUDIENCE: Shoe!>>FAULKNER: Oh my goodness, look at this! I’m loving this, this is good. Alright, so this is my new honorary squad. Okay? And I’m going to go down the line and I’m
going to ask each one of them a question and I am curious to know how they’ll- and for
coming along you are honorary members of- *holds up t-shirt*. [LAUGHTER] Alright, here we go. Now, these are not going to be easy questions. Do you have a squad?>>STUDENT: No.>>FAULKNER: Okay, so we can help you with
this. What’s your purpose?>>STUDENT: To find a loyal girl.>>FAULKNER: Oh, that’s sweet. I’m the only one wearing a microphone, so. You couldn’t hear it. He wants to- can I tell them? There we go.>>STUDENT: What do you want me to say? [LAUGHTER]>>FAULKNER: To find a->>J.C.: Loyal girlfriend.>>FAULKNER: Oh, that’s not going to be
a problem for you! [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] Alright, now I wasn’t expecting- I wasn’t
expecting such- I wasn’t expecting such a rich opportunity on the first try. Now you know how you do that right?>>J.C.: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: Yeah, you got to audition some
people.>>J.C.: No, I give them the sugar.>>FAULKNER: You do what?>>J.C.: I give them the sugar.>>FAULKNER: You give them the sugar?>>J.C.: The sugar. [CHEERS]>>FAULKNER: Don’t make this go- alright. What is your first name?>>J.C.: J.C.>>FAULKNER: G.C?>>J.C.: J.C.>>FAULKNER: J.C.
Alright, J.C. is trying to make my moment go sideways. So, I dare not ask what the sugar is, because
I know what it is in my house. [LAUGHER] I want to know whether or not you think you
have the right people around you to help you with your goal?>>J.C.: Well there are definitely select
people in my life who I’d definitely talk about this with. Only 2 or 3 people in my life know what’s
going on. But I would say I definitely- a couple people
in this room, I will definitely go to about this.>>FAULKNER: Yeah, consider your squad, right?>>J.C.: I have a squad. I have->>FAULKNER: You’ve got nine other members
here who are like minded.>>J.C.: And the shoe.>>FAULKNER: And the shoe! Oh Lord, here they come again.>>AUDIENCE: Shoe!>>FAULKNER: So part of building your squad-
this is J.C. by the way. We’re getting to know each other. Part of building your squad is so that we
recognize our squad. I get t-shirts for mine, once you figure out
who’s going to help you find this right lady in your life, make sure that you are
the right man. Right? [CHEERS] Alright. So, now normally this goes with like a certain
set of questions and it’s a little bit more generic. But y’all are special so I’m going to
wing it. Do you have a squad?>>J.C.: I believe so, yeah. [CHEERS]>>FAULKNER: Yeah? What’s your first name?>>MARK: Mark.>>FAULKNER: Mark. Alright. What are something that you require of your
squad? Just a couple.>>MARK: Oh, trustworthiness.>>FAULKNER: Okay.>>MARK: Yea, I’ve got to be able to trust
you.>>FAULKNER: What else?>>MARK: Got to be over 6 feet. I can’t trust no short people. [LAUGHTER]>>MARK: No. I’m joke- I’m joking, I’m joking. I’m sorry. I’m joking. I’m joking. No, I’m joking.>>FAULKNER: Okay, so Mark’s squad comes
with a height requirement.>>MARK: I’m just playing. Uh, you got to take your relationship with
the Lord seriously.>>FAULKNER: I like that. Right?>>MARK: Yeah, you got to. You got to. [APPLAUSE]>>FAULKNER: Okay, so, the point of this exercise,
and I encourage all of you to do it probably with a number smaller than 10 because that
could be time-consuming. But these are your unbreakables. Right? And what I get from you, and I know this is
true, you are focused and you have a mission. Your squad needs to know what your mission
is, and so you’re ready to share. Right? Trustworthiness, trustworthiness is important,
but that leads to what? Loyalty. And they have to seek the Lord. And they have to be over 6 feet tall. Good luck with that.>>MARK: Thank you. Thank you. [CHEERS]>>FAULKNER: I mean, I am 6 feet with heels. Hi, what’s your name?>>EMILY: I’m Emily. [CHEERS]>>FAULKNER: Emily, do you have a squad?>>EMILY: Yes I do.>>FAULKNER: How many members are on your
squad?>>EMILY: Probably about 6.>>FAULKNER: That’s a lot.>>EMILY: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: Right. What are- are you on like a team or something?>>EMILY: I’m on the debate team.>>FAULKNER: Oh, okay. Because really, I mean, when you get north
of four or five, you must be in something organized. [LAUGHTER] Because that’s a lot of work. Right? Have you ever had to renovate your squad?>>EMILY: All the time.>>FAULKNER: Ooh. [SURPRISE]>>EMILY: Not really here, but in like high
school I definitely had to like all the time. It was like, nope, you got to go.>>FAULKNER: And give me just some constructive
words for when it’s time to renovate.>>EMILY: It’s kind of like breaking up
with someone. It’s like, “It’s been great. I’m going to go.”>>FAULKNER: Really? That works, right?>>EMILY: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: And you can do that with all
kindness. I like that. Good to meet you. Good luck with that. Hi, what’s your name?>>MARY: Mary.>>FAULKNER: Mary, do you have a squad?>>MARY: Uh, I’m working on it. But I have a few close friends.>>FAULKNER: Yeah, it is a lot of work isn’t
it?>>MARY: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: Yeah. Do you have a dream or a purpose that you
can identify? You don’t have to share it, but I just want
to know if you do.>>MARY: Um, I’m trying to just live a life
for God, and just try to follow His plan for my life. [APPLAUSE]>>FAULKNER: Amen. Amen. Does your squad know that?>>MARY: I think that’s what we’re all
aiming for, so.>>FAULKNER: Yeah?>>MARY: That’s our goal to stay in God’s
plan for our lives. And when we’re all seeking the same goal
then that’s what makes a good squad. [APPLAUSE]>>FAULKNER: You’re a good member to have
on a squad too. I picked some good ones. Yeah, thank you. What’s your first name?>>MARACHI: I’m Marachi.>>FAULKNER: Hi, nice to meet you. Uh, let me see. I want to start with how many members are
on your squad if you have one?>>MARACHI: I do not have a squad.>>FAULKNER: You don’t?>>MARACHI: I used to before.>>FAULKNER: We can help with that. Yeah. You used to have a squad.>>MARACHI: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: Let me not miss the story.>>MARACHI: It was like just me and my two
other close friends, but the one girl she->>FAULKNER: Well we don’t want to get too
into the vine. [CHEERS] Let’s not name her. What happened?>>MARACHI: She kind of just like lied to
me, and kind of stole from me in a way. Yeah. [SHOCK]>>FAULKNER: And you know where that comes
from, right?>>MARACHI: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: Yeah. And it’s, you know, the Lord only made a
list of 10 things for us to pay close attention to. And “Thou shall not covet” is one of them.>>MARACHI: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: And I know it talks about the
wife. But it can be whatever situation is important
to you. So to you, this person was probably jealous.>>MARACHI: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: Yeah, I’m guessing.>>MARACHI: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: Jealousy is the opposite of squad
membership.>>MARACHI: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: So, good job. And we will pray, and you will find a fantastic
squad. I think there’s some candidates up here. Well hello, Mr. Bowtie.>>SAMUEL: Hey. Well, thank you very much Liberty University. [CHEERS] Do you want the mic? Do I->>FAULKNER: I’ll hold it. What’s your first name?>>SAMUEL: Samuel.>>FAULKNER: Samuel, do you have a squad?>>SAMUEL: Oh, most definitely.>>FAULKNER: How many people are on your inner
circle.>>SAMUEL: Oh the inner circle, well, I mean,
definitely the gentlemen on my hall in Commons 3.>>FAULKNER: Okay.>>SAMUEL: Thank you.>>FAULKNER: Oh my goodness.>>SAMUEL: They’re great guys.>>FAULKNER: Did he just say “common sense?” What did he say?>>SAMUEL: No, no, no, in Commons 3, on my
hall.>>FAULKNER: Oh okay. I was like, common sense? I got you. What are your requirements of your squad?>>SAMUEL: Oh wow, well I mean you got to
love to laugh. I mean we can’t be too depressed now. Just have fun. Got to laugh a little bit. [CHEERS]>>FAULKNER: Okay.>>SAMUEL: And then- it’s a big requirement. Come on.>>FAULKNER: It is.>>SAMUEL: Making people laugh is one of the
most special things if you can do it.>>FAULKNER: That is true.>>SAMUEL: Truly. And then, you know, you got to believe that
hard work pays off.>>FAULKNER: Ooh.>>SAMUEL: That’s a big one for me. Like, ooh.>>FAULKNER: Have you ever had to fire anybody?>>SAMUEL: Have I had to fire anybody?>>FAULKNER: Yeah, from your squad?>>SAMUEL: Just between you and me?>>FAULKNER: Oh, well me and 12,000 people.>>SAMUEL: Just between you and me and 12,000
people?>>FAULKNER: Yeah, have you ever had to do
that?>>SAMUEL: No, you just go through your life
and you learn different things. It’s like what Shakespeare said, that the
world’s a stage, and all the people- entrances and exits.>>FAULKNER: That’s true!>>SAMUEL: It’s true. It’s a refining process.>>FAULKNER: I like this. I like this.>>SAMUEL: Always happening.>>FAULKNER: I am never leaving Liberty. Hi.>>CHRISTIAN: Hi, how are you?>>FAULKNER: What’s your first name?>>CHRISTIAN: MY name is Christian.>>FAULKNER: Christian. [CHEERS]>>FAULKNER: Christian, do you have a fan
club?>>CHRISTIAN: I think so.>>FAULKNER: Yeah.>>CHRISTIAN: Can I hear you guys again? [CHEERS]>>FAULKNER: Alright. So this is good. This is a good teaching moment. Fans are great.>>CHRISTIAN: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: But your inner circle is tiny.>>CHRISTIAN: Is it?>>FAULKNER: So we love fan-ship- it’s not
a question Christian. We love fan-ship, but what we really love
it that group that can help lift us through and to our dream zone.>>CHRISTIAN: Oh yeah.>>FAULKNER: Yeah, so you got that?>>CHRISTIAN: I believe I do.>>FAULKNER: Okay, how many people are in
your squad.>>CHRISTIAN: I wouldn’t say it’s a finite
amount of people.>>FAULKNER: Okay.>>CHRISTIAN: Definitely am seeing some people
that God has been placing in my life.>>FAULKNER: Okay.>>CHRISTIAN: or some really awesome guys
and gals.>>FAULKNER: Alright. I love your voice, you should do broadcasting.>>CHRISTIAN: I’m a little- I’m a little
congested right now.>>FAULKNER: Oh really? [LAUGHTER] Tell me one unbreakable. Something that if this does not exist or if
it does it’s got to be in spades, what is it in your squad?>>CHRISTIAN: That needs to be there?>>FAULKNER: Mm’hm, it’s a deal breaker
for you.>>CHRISTIAN: You have to be driven.>>FAULKNER: Alright, I like that. Look at that. [APPLAUSE] Your first name?>>FRANZ: Franz.>>FAULKNER: Franz, good to meet you. [CHEERS] Thank you very much. Y’all are- I love this! Nobody at my job does this. We should take this back to FOX. You have a squad?>>FRANZ: Yes I do.>>FAULKNER: You know, I’m curious. Are all of your squad members the same age,
or are some of the different.>>FRANZ: Different ages.>>FAULKNER: Yeah, what are some specialties
in terms of special forces civilian wise that a squad or two member had.>>FRANZ: I’d say- I-I treat them all as
speedsters.>>FAULKNER: As speedsters, oh I like that. Okay. I mean, do have somebody who- [CHEERS]>>FRANZ: They all have their individual,
specific->>FAULKNER: Okay.>>FRANZ: Things about them that they thrive
about. And so when I->>FAULKNER: And you let them know that?>>FRANZ: I try the best I can.>>FAULKNER: I like that. So they have a purpose in your life, and they
know what it is.>>FRANZ: Yes they do. [CHEERS]>>FAULKNER: Amen. Hi, what’s your name?>>QUIN: I’m Quin.>>FAULKNER: Hi Quin. [CHEERS] Good to meet you. Tell me about your squad. Are there people just like you? Are there men, women? What’s your squad like?>>QUIN: I have- there’s 8 of us in my family
and so that’s the core of my squad.>>FAULKNER: Oh wow.>>QUIN: And so->>FAULKNER: That’s a lot of people in one
family. [APPLAUSE]>>QUIN: It makes for a good squad.>>FAULKNER: Yeah.>>QUIN: And then besides that, I have some
really strong friends around me that will tell me the hard things too.>>FAULKNER: Yeah, that’s important. Yeah. Alright, last one. I’m Harris, you are?>>HANNAH: Hannah.>>FAULKNER: Hannah! [CHEERS] Hannah’s so excited to be her. I mean, your smile is contagious. Have you ever had to fire somebody who’s
in your inner circle?>>HANNAH: Yes.>>FAULKNER: It’s tough right?>>HANNAH: Yeah, it’s really hard.>>FAULKNER: Here’s a question I haven’t
asked anybody yet. Is there somebody right now today that you
may go up to and fight to be on your squad? You don’t have to tell us who it is. It’s okay. I mean I’m dying to know but you don’t
have to tell me.>>HANNAH: I mean->>FAULKNER: But I mean maybe somebody that
you’re like motivated now, yes I’m going to go check out that person.>>HANNAH: I mean, yes.>>FAULKNER: Yeah, and maybe volunteer to
be on somebody else’s?>>HANNAH: Yeah.>>FAULKNER: Okay, great to see you guys. Emily, let’s do the shirts. Give them an applause, please. [APPLAUSE] You get shirts. This is- this is Emily by the way. She traveled from New York City with me. [CHEERS] And she’s doing some social media about
all of this here today because we’re live on Facebook. So let’s say hi to the world, and she’s
going to give up some Team Harris t-shirts. Guys, open them up. Meet my new honorary, on the road, Liberty
University squad. [CHEERS] I look lost back there. You guys, thank you so much. God bless, I appreciate it so much. So the purpose of that exercise is to show
you that you can do this among yourselves and for each other. Let’s get to the next rule while we still
have a minute or so to talk. It’s important. It has to do with social media. Thank you. Once you get your special forces together,
how you go forth is really important. I want you to unleash the power of integrity
in your lives. Now that’s easy to have on this campus because
you have lots of reminders to walk in the name and the shadow of the Lord and to follow
His example. And I think that when a lot of us are gathered
together the Lord blesses us with lots of reminders. But when we get outside those conclaves that-
those protective areas for our belief system we see temptation. I love social media, but it does rob us of
a couple of things. Eye contact. When you don’t keep eye contact on a regular
basis you lose accountability in a society. So we have to remind ourselves to look up
from our phones and our devices every now and then, lovingly to those people in the
world around us so that they see our light. Collectively our purpose is to show our light. We cannot be outshone by the light on our
phones. Okay? You got to get that. That’ll keep you from making mistakes online. And I don’t care what anybody tells you
if you put out a post that you wish you could take back, you can’t. You can delete it. You can be an IT expert. But I’ve got guys FOX news that can find
it in 15 seconds no matter what you did to scrub it. Integrity. Who would you want to judge you based on what
you’re putting out on social media? And employer, future potential employer, a
professor? You better not run into Harris Faulkner. She’s going to hold you accountable. And you got to do this for each other. I guarantee you that there is nothing online
right now that can replace your ability to look at one another and say, “I believe
in you.” Do it right now.>>AUDIENCE: I believe in you.>>FAULKNER: I believe in you. I believe in you. I believe in you. I believe in you! I believe in you. You know what that is? That’s belief outnumbering and outworking
doubt. That’s what that is. Alright. Thank you. Let’s move on. Integrity is necessary because it is a non-negotiable
in every situation. It is power-fulling and powerful. If you chose to take the high road, it is
so empty, and it never rains there either. You can drive down the middle of the highway
in your convertible on the high road. I invite you all to take it at every opportunity. And I know that we are faith-filled and faithful
in this room, but temptation, woo, it’s tough. And online when somebody picks a little twitter
this-or-that with you, don’t you bark back at somebody who has fewer followers than you
do. That just doesn’t make any sense. Don’t punch down, look up. Are you getting this?>>AUDIENCE: Yes!>>FAULKNER: Because some of you are on your
phones right now, and I encourage you to look up. [SURPRISE] Emily’s got this. The world wants you to keep your head down
and buried, so I guess no one rises. What would be the point of that? Why would you have a squad if you’re all
going to text each other at dinner? You could have done that at home. When we get together we are powerful. And there’s a place for social media. Like I said, I love it. Instagram is my thing. I do find that Instagram is a little bit,
like more positive than the rest, so I’m kind of into that. But all of it can be a useful tool. You can’t be a tool though. That’s the difference. [SURPRISE] Uh oh, I made somebody mad. I do have a microphone, but I can hear you
too. Yeah, you can’t be owned by your phone. You decide when it’s time to put a little-
what’s your name in the bright yellow shirt here?>>MIRACLE: Miracle.>>FAULKNER: Your name is Miracle? Now see, you know what? That’s right, God told me I would meet a
miracle today. That’s wild. [CHEERS] That’s really wild. Alright, Mr. Miracle. You decide when you’re going to put your
miraculous notes out. I can’t even say that without laughing. That is fabulous. What is your first name?>>MIRACLE: Joshua.>>FAULKNER: Now you see how Joshua leads
with his last name because he knows it gets a rise out of everybody. [LAUGHTER] But that’s what I’m talking about. Like I just had a moment with you and we’re
looking at each other. And later- Emily, get a picture of his shirt
because later I will Instagram about you. There is a place for social media, and I’m
going to tell everybody that I met my miracle today. [“AWWW” and APPLAUSE] Oh! Are you- woah! Y’all are funny. Am I out of time? I’m okay. I’m checking because the clock stopped. And when the clock stopped I didn’t know
if I could continue to talk. Y’all are funny. But you know what I love about that? You won’t forget it. So think whatever you may think, and I encourage
you to be kind and necessary with those thoughts, but I won’t forget it either. So, integrity is that part of you that no
matter what happens, you’re on a battlefield, you’re with your squad, something incoming,
a challenge comes, and you do not get distracted by the stuff people say and do. If you are going to live with integrity and
unleash it in your life these things happen. I’m just going to give you a couple of examples
that have happened to me and I’ll sure you’ll understand. So, I was big in Brownies when I was little,
but I couldn’t tie anything. And to get to the next level of Girl Scouts
you had to be able to make all these knots. So I thought maybe I’d do the 4-H thing,
but I’m allergic to anything with fur. So- and my husband’s pretty furry. [“EWW” AND LAUGHTER] That’s more than you needed to know, but
you would see it if you met him. He’s 6’4” and he’s a hairy dude. So I had to try to figure out, well how am
I going to find my place? I’ll just go for it with my knot tying and
I’ll do a little farm time and see I can be part of that. I’ll take some antihistamines, that’ll
help. But I never got chosen to get to that next
level of anything. And I would say my prayers at night and I
would be like, “Why don’t I ever get chosen?” And there were times when as a little one,
a young one, I was really tempted to be jealous of the other girls. And that’s when you sew those seeds of really
mean things and sometimes untruthful things, and I was starting to get practiced at that. And my mom pulled me aside one day and she
said, “I’m looking for somebody. I need somebody strong, I need somebody smart. Have you seen my daughter? Because I don’t know who the heck you are.” [“OOOH”] And she said, “We need to get back to a
place where I can call you mine, and you can call me Mom, and we’re on the same page. Let’s pray,” she said. And I was thinking all sorts of things about
Patty and Debbie. I still remember their names, all those girls
who got picked over me. And my mom could tell I want really into the
prayer moment. And she said, “Look, whatever you’re feeling
right now will not help you. Put it aside. You cannot covet and you cannot hold anybody
accountable for going for their dreams just because you feel sad inside. Let’s find another thing to focus on. Let’s work on you. What can you do? What do you bring to the table? And when you see that person, I don’t care
how it makes you feel inside, congratulate her, and mean it.” It’s tough not to be picked sometimes. Those are the little places where we don’t
unleash integrity because we think nobody sees it, but just because someone doesn’t
see an action or a thought doesn’t mean it’s not there, and the true meaning of
integrity is who we are in those moments when people cannot see what’s going on with us. Who we are in those moments when the only
thing somebody can offer us is their company. They can’t give us a job promotion, they
can’t do what we want them to do in that moment, but they can be with us. Be thankful, openly grateful, congratulatory,
thrilled that God is blessing another. And you know what we do as believers? We wait. We’re judged on how we wait. You’re going to do a lot of waiting in your
lives. Some of you are waiting for my speech to end. [LAUGHTER] I love that that gets claps. [LAUGHTER] We’re going to do a lot of waiting. And while we wait at the stop light, in line
at the grocery store, behind the person who just got the job promotion that we thought
we were going to get, whatever, unleash that integrity. And say these words to yourself, “Oh, I
am going to see another day. And one of those days would be marked for
me.” We got to do that. Now there’ll be some bigger times when. Your integrity is stressed or stretched. I want you to continue to take the high road,
on the smaller ones, on the everyday ones. Because when it’s your opportunity, and
we know this from Dr. King because it was one of his deal breakers, don’t you stay
silent when you know something bad is happening and you could make a difference by speaking
up. That’s a huge integrity test. You’re laid bare, everybody’s seeing you
take the side of a group of people that nobody else believes in. I’m brown and a woman so I could check a
couple of those categories. I have a lot of LGBT friends. We can check more box- we can check boxes
all day long for all the people who some people they can’t get along with, or don’t like,
or judge, or whatever. When you step up for those people, that is
unleashing your integrity, and sometime the portal will come against you. Just stuff just come flying at you. Sometimes that’s my indication that I’ve
made the right decision. But not everybody can take that kind of heat. Stay on the high road. Let it be your reflexive position when things
test you. You know, some people reflexively lie. Have you met any of them? “What did you have for dinner?” “Oh, um, bacon and eggs.” It’s like, why can’t you tell the truth
about dinner? [LAUGHTER] I dated a guy in college like that. I remember him. His name was Erick. With a C and a K. [SURPRISE] How many consonants do you need to make the
“cuh” sound? [LAUGHTER] I never could spell it. I couldn’t remember. Is it- does the K come- is it the C- anyway. Erick would lie to you about what he had for
dinner. And I never could get that, I’m like what
are you- well it turns out he was lying about a whole lot of things. [“OOH”] Including his hometown, like I wasn’t going
to find that out? So strange. That was his reflexive position whenever he
was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. The nine rules of engagement require that
your reflexive position be filled with integrity. That no matter what’s going on, you’re
like, “Oh wait, there’s the high road. Let me get on it.” *honking* No traffic. [LAUGHTER] Convertible Maybach? VW? Doesn’t matter, never rains. I’m there. Alright. So I’ve given you two of the nine rules
of engagement, recruit your special forces, unleash your integrity. With the final few minutes that we have, and
I mean very few, I’m going to give you a bonus third because it comes with a song that
I want you to sing. Please sing loudly, because I don’t sing. Well, I used to, but I don’t know because
I talk too much. I used to be an anthem singer for the NFL-
let’s move on. So- yeah, but when you talk you stress your
vocal cords. And so they finally retired me. But one of the rules has to do with when things
don’t work out. When things fall apart, believe that you have
enough in you for victory. Because you’ve done all of these other things
by getting the right people around you and making the right sorts of decisions, and devising
your mission, and owning your moments, with love, not pride. It’s okay to take credit for what you do. I’m hitting some others here just to get
to this last one. Think like a general. Now that’s an interesting one. I hope you guys will pick up the book so you
can learn some of the other ones. All about the military, lots of Dad’s military
stories. And thinking like a general on a key one. You’ll figure out what that is. But when things fall apart, and on combat
missions they did, my Dad had to, in a cockpit by himself, figure out how to get back to
base in Vietnam. They had gone a little bit too far out on
that mission, and there was some incoming. And there were too few of them, and they weren’t
all going to make it back to the 210th Aviation Squadron, a very special army group of pilots. Because we had been in Vietnam for so long
they were training guys who were coming into all of the divisions of the military to fly. We had to hit them from the air. They were taking our people into P.O.W. camps. We couldn’t do much on the ground. So when things would fall apart, my Dad would
know for sure that he was enough. That whatever the training had been, he had
incredible special- today with his eyes closed he could park a car better than I can with
8 mirrors and some guides outside the car. But he believed that he’d been blessed to
be enough. All of you are enough. Life is not going to be perfect, and remember
where I started. Sometimes because we are strong in our belief
it’ll feel like the world is pressing against us. You are enough. You know why? Because we have God’s light in us. So I in these last couple of minutes want
to sing with you what I sang to my mom 14 months ago when she passed. She used to sing it to me every day that summer
that I was having a hard time unleashing my integrity. We’d start the day out with “This Little
Light of Mine”. Would you guys sing it with me? [CHEERS] Show the world your light. Now that’s a great use for your phones! Ah, I love it when a plan comes together. Liberty University, thank you. From my family, Danika who’s 8, Bella who’s
11, my husband Tony- I won’t shout out his age, and my inner circle, we salute you. [APPLAUSE] Please don’t make me sing first. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]>>NASSER: Thank you.>>FAULKNER: Thank you so much.>>NASSER: Thank you. Let it shine. Amen, let’s do that together. Come on. Hey, can we thank Mrs. Faulkner for being
here and giving up her valuable time? [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much. Fantastic job. Man, go out to the world and make your light
shine for Christ’s glory. Amen? You guys are dismissed. We’ll see you at the TobyMac concert tomorrow
night. Thank you.

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