Hauraki iwi receives Treaty advance of $53m to buy dairy complex
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Hauraki iwi receives Treaty advance of $53m to buy dairy complex

January 21, 2020

Five Hauraki iwi are now owners of the largest dairy operation
on the Hauraki Plains after purchasing the Pouarua
dairy complex from Landcorp. The purchase follows
the government’s agreement to provide an advance payment
ahead of the Hauraki Collective’s comprehensive Treaty settlement. Peata Melbourne has more. An advance of over $52m
of Hauraki tribes’ Treaty settlement has enabled the purchase
of the Pouarua Farm. Landcorp will still manage
the 2200 hectare farm but iwi appointed board members
will oversee farming operations. The five iwi are Ngati Maru,
Ngati Paoa, Ngati Tamatera, Ngati Tara Tokanui
and Te Patukirikiri. The area on which the farm
sits on the Hauraki plains was one of many taken from the iwi. For the iwi, this was more
than a business transaction, protecting the environment
was an important factor as well as developing
the land and iwi. The largest farm
on the Hauraki Plains is now in the hands of iwi. They are expecting
Treaty negotiations and settlements to conclude by 2015. Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.

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